The Billionaires Fight

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Time to Relax

“Now that’s done. What would you like to do now love?” Danny wraps me up in his arms.

“I want to get relax in the hot tub and swim some laps. I need to unwind a little after today.”

“Go and get ready then and I will join you shortly. There’s an e-mail that I’ve been waiting on and I need to see if they have responded to it yet.“I nod and go grab a suit.

I head out the door and Bailey comes rushing up to me. “Give me a minute please! I want to go too.” I walk with her and she turns into Cory’s room to get her suit. I had forgotten that he moved her in there with everything that has gone on lately. Everything with Ericka and now these babies, has my mind in places that where I forget things. “Ok, I’m ready, let’s go have some fun. It’s been a few days since I went to the pool.”

“I’m glad to be going myself. I enjoy being able to do this whenever we want to.”

“Can you believe that this is our life now? I mean really?" she links her arm with mine "We have men that love us unconditionally, they spoil us at every turn and now we are like movie stars. Everyone wants to talk to us, take pictures with us and everything. I love this life so much” running her fingers along the wall as we walk.

“It is nice. I have to say that I am very happy with everything that has happened. Your getting better and your surgery is soon thanks to the medication that they have provided.”

“The doctor said that the growth has stopped and is actually shrinking. That’s a good sign also, he said it will be easier to take out in the next month” she rubs her stomach.

“Crap! It’s that close? Ugh, I need to make sure I quit forgetting things” tapping my temples lightly.

“You have had a lot going on. Keeping up with this life isn’t easy for anyone plus I forget things all the time. Thank God the guys are so well organized that they remind each other of things and then they tell us” she pulls my hand away and makes me drop it at my side.

We get to the pool and slide in and it feels so good due to it’s heated. We have chosen the indoor pool that has a glass wall that connects to an outside one. I walk around for a minute and then start swimming laps. Bailey is right there with me as we make our turns and just take our time swimming together.

Cory yells as we lift out heads “Cowabunga!”

Bailey squeals as she sees him flying through the air at her “Ah!” Cory does a huge cannonball right next to us and we stop.

“Oh, your so dead!” looking at him as the waves crash over us. We launch at him and grab his shoulders. Bailey climbs on top of him as I try to dunk him. He may be the smallest and youngest of the brothers but he is just as strong as they are.

Cory laughs as we try our hardest “You can’t dunk me ladies, but I can throw you!” He takes Bailey off his shoulders and launches her through the air. She squeals as she hits the water then he grabs me and hoists me up to throw me.

Danny”s voice flows through the room in a gruff tone “If you value your life right now brother, you had better put my pregnant wife down!” Danny slides into the pool while glaring at his brother.

Cory holds me close while looking at him “It won’t hurt her, I’ll do it gently. I promise.” He has me against him bridle style and I have to say, he is very strong and feels just like Danny skin wise. Soft, but his chest is hard as a rock. Danny slowly stalks towards him and he moves away with me still in his arms.

Cory yells over his shoulder as he runs around the pool “I have your wife man, you can’t hurt me with her in my arms. I may just keep her like this.”

Danny jumps at his brother and he drops me, taking off moving through the pool as fast as he can. Danny scoops me up and pulls me to his chest.

“You belong in no man’s arms but mine. Now, if you will excuse me I have a brother to murder for touching my wife” looking at Cory who is at the edge of the outside pool looking over the infinity edge.

“It’s fine, we attacked him first after he did a cannonball on us. Don’t kill him, my sister would be sad.”

Cory yells out keeping a close eye on Danny “Yeah listen to your wife man. She’s telling the truth.“We both laugh as we see Cory on the other end of the pool hiding behind Bailey. We shake our heads and Danny puts me down then he pulls me in for a long, hard kiss.

Steven gags when he walks by us “Get a room you two! Oh that’s right, you have one here. How about this, go use your room.“Steven walks to the other end and jumps in the pool as he says that. Danny sends a wave of water at Steven and we all laugh. We spend the next hour or so acting like kids in the pool. Trying to dunk each other, of course us girls can’t move the boulders of men at all, playing Marco Polo and having swimming races with each other. I start to get tired and climb out, sinking into the hot tub for a short time. Danny gets in and sits beside me.

“Are you feeling fine love?” looking down at my stomach.

“Yeah just a little tired” putting my arms on the outside of the tub behind me.

I look at him and smile. He pulls me onto his lap and pulls me in for a kiss. He deepens it and I wrap my legs around his back. He has scooted to the edge of the seat as he pulls me in close as he can while kissing me passionately.

“I love you so much” as he looks me in the eyes.

“As do I" placing my hand on his cheek.

SMACK! Danny looks around while rubbing the back of his head “Ow, mother fucker.”

Cory laughs as he backs up “Got you.”

Danny eyes go dark “Oh, your dead now man. You smacked me in the back of my head, you should know better then that.” He sets me down and jumps out of the hot tub. Cory takes off and runs around the backside of the pool. Steven steps out from behind the rock grado and grabs Danny.

“DON’T YOU DARE!” Danny struggles as the two guys wrap him up in their arms.

Cory pokes him in his chest “Oh yeah man! We got you this time.” Cory grabs his feet and they throw him into the pool. They both take off before he can get out and chase them.

Danny sputters as he comes back up “Oh you both just wait! I’ll get you back!”

We laugh at their boyish ways and shake our heads. He comes back over to me and helps me out of the hot tub.

“Let’s go get cleaned up. I have a surprise for everyone.”

“Oh? After they just threw you into the pool, you still going to give then something?” raising an eyebrow at him.

Danny chuckles and kisses my cheek “Unfortunately yes, but I will get them back.”

“It’s just all in fun baby” running my finger slowly up his chest.

“I know. We all do things to each other all the time. I guess I was owed that for what I did last time to them” he smiles big.

“What did you do?” looking up at his smiling face.

Danny chuckles as he thinks back “We went to a meeting down at the building. After we got done, I jumped in the car and left them down there. It took the driver two hours to pick them up due to I had told them they were not allowed to pick them up. They tried to get cabs but no one would stop. I had set it all up like that.”

“That was mean. They had to stay at the building for two hours?”

“Well, kinda. I was down the street at a restaurant so they had to walk down there to eat and then we all went home together. They were not happy having to walk thirty minutes down the road to eat.”

“So they had to walk to the restaurant and then it took another ninety minutes to eat?”

“I was sitting there drinking wine and waiting for them. They were tired and drank some before ordering. We had a long day at the office and the meeting was stressful. They haven’t got me back for that yet so I guess I was owed that one”

Steven steps out from a corner smiling “Yeah and we will be getting you back for that too. Did he mention it was raining to top everything off?”

“NO! That was mean, very mean” slapping his chest softly.

“We had a private table and so they sat there dripping wet for awhile” Danny smiles at them.

“Not exactly” Cory points a finger at him “We got to the car and got a change of clothes after we ordered and got changed. The rain had stopped by then.”

Steven shakes his head and then walks towards us “That was a long night. We were so mad at first but we laughed and talked once we got cleaned up and changed.”

Bailey looks at all the brothers with a hard look “So, you guys play hard jokes on each other huh?”

“Yes, we do. We have done it for years. Each time we try to up the jokes on whoever we pull it on. They just wanted to embarrass me back there” Danny nods over his shoulder.

I look at him with a small smile “Did it work?”

Danny looks at his brothers with a murderous look “No, they just pissed me off. Now everyone go get cleaned up and meet in the living room. I have something I want to tell you.” Everyone says fine and we split off to our rooms. Danny and I jump in the shower. He pins me to the wall and picks me up.

“Where was I before we got interrupted?” He kisses my neck as he slides into me. We both groan as he slowly pushes in and out of me. “God, you feel so good" he whispers. Slowly picking up speed and shortly after we release together. He kisses me deeply as we do the we then get cleaned up and dressed for whatever he has planned.

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