Shadow's Of Despair Volume 2

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Chapter 10

Annabel didn’t expect that Thomas family would take her in so soon even after her father beat her, she loved her parent’s very much but she’s been abused emotionally and physically by her father since she was four years old. She’s never told anyone that he rapes her when her mom goes out to do errands for the church. Annabel’s father is a bulky guy with black hair,brown eyes, six feet two inches and weighs two hundred ten pounds he goes by Ashton Hudson and her mother a beauty with long blonde hair, blue eyes, five feet seven inches and one hundred thirty pounds, she is a beautiful woman. Ashton and Kaitlyn met right after my mom dated Scarlett’s mom Andrea, they had a really rough relationship at their time in Nineteen Seventy-One right before Grad night with their classmates it fell apart due to Lesbian’s being banned from everything together.

Annabel got warmed up with hot chocolate with Scarlett cuddling in the living room watching a movie that seemed to relax them both after the harsh day. Scarlett paused the movie than leaned over whispering,

“Are you comfortable here? I mean I know it’s awkward since you haven’t been here officially the first time around and I know our school life has been changed again.”

Annabel giggled whispering back,

“I am very comfortable here, Andrea and Shane are amazing that I can’t believe even Shane had abusive parent’s along with relationships no wonder Andrea and her belong together. As for school life, well I wasn’t expecting the big turn around when it happened since you mentioned me moving away in the future it must’ve been because someone would have found out him abusing me and our relationship, I doubt it would be mom but I know someone had to told them.”

Scarlett grinned widely whispering,

“All I care about is your safety, you have made a remarkable recovery around your delicate face and body.”

Annabel turned rosy-cheeked whispering back,

“Thank you darling.”

Scarlett kissed Annabel’s forehead as Andrea cleared her throat saying,

“Alright girls, I know you two love each other very much but you really don’t have to whisper here. I know it was hard to talk privately about anything in school but me and Shane aren’t worried about what you have to say.”

Scarlett chuckled as she replied to her mom,

“It’s a hard habit to break mom, I know you and Shane don’t care.”

Andrea shook her head no responding,

“I have to go back to work at Abbot Action Incorporation, I work the forklift for daily basis getting stuff moved, Annabel I’m hoping you will be carrying on my job or Scarlett.”

Scarlett laughed out loud replying,

“Mom, I have other dreams and so does Annabel.”

Andrea sighed shaking her head no again responding,

“Alright, whatever, I have to go, see you all in the morning, Shane make sure these two get to bed a decent hour and stay in their separate rooms.”

Shane kissed Andrea on the lips softly replying,

“I got them, head on to work, I love you and have a great evening.”

Andrea grabbed her purse than went out the door to work. Shane sighed gathering up the mess around the house as she looked at Scarlett saying,

“Well, looks like I’m not going anywhere with you two home constantly.”

Scarlett rolled her eyes replying,

“Than if you don’t like it here why don’t you go back where you came from?”

Shane looked at Scarlett with a raised eyebrow responding,

“I will deal with the cards handed to me, I plan on marrying you’re mother soon enough than I am sending you both to a Catholic School for Girls maybe that’ll teach you both to be more proper.”

Annabel looked at Scarlett scared as Scarlett replied,

“You think my mom would approve of that, Annabel just got out of hell and now you plan to send us both to one.”

Shane chuckled responding,

“Oh yeah Annabel, poor poor Annabel, I guess there is Military school that you can go to or I switch it up Scarlett go to Military School and Annabel go to Christian school. Oh yes that would be so perfect than you two will be separated with different partner’s because Annabel will be with a male and you will be with a male as well. I do know a couple of single guys in both those departments.”

Scarlett took it her que to hold Annabel’s hand tight replying,

“You really think that once you marry mom that I will be willing to separate from Annabel, Shane this is ridiculous and you can’t take me from here.”

Shane leaned over to Scarlett once she dropped the feather duster responding,

“I will get what I want including marrying your mom and shipping you and that girl of yours away from one another. I heard about you’re prediction’s Scarlett and once you are in Military School that will all fade away.”

Scarlett growled at Shane replying,

“You can’t do this all because I saw the future. I am destined to be with Annabel but as for my mom’s future that is up to her.”

Shane gave a scowl responding,

“I have everything I want here but getting rid of you two is my next task.”

Scarlett held tighter to Annabel’s hand than she got them both up from the couch and ran to the door than to their hide out that they still needed to work on. Scarlett isn’t going to let anyone take her true love though they haven’t been together very long this is her dream girl.

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