Shadow's Of Despair Volume 2

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Chapter 11

They arrived at their spot Annabel shivered in the cold rain saying,

“Scarlett, we don’t have enough shelter here, your mom is going to freak out that we aren’t there this evening.”

Scarlett sighed shaking her wet hair no as the water drips down her face replying,

“I know this is a mess, I can contact Angel to see if she’ll let us stay with her but my mom knows her and she most likely has Harley there with her.”

Annabel raised a brow responding,

“Harley? Whose Harley?”

Scarlett chuckled replying,

“Harley Quincy is a rebel girl who has green, red and white hair, she wears black clothes but with much more class. She’s about our height and maybe ninety pounds soaking wet. You know Batman and Joker, well okay Harley is addicted to the Joker and so she dresses like Harley Quinn.”

Annabel laughed out loud responding,

“Well if it makes Angel happy than we will leave her be with this girl. I hope she finds a true girlfriend in the future.”

Scarlett brushed Annabel’s hair away from her eyes replying,

“She will for sure, she will fall in love with a woman name Jana Johnson.”

Annabel smiled than leaned over kissing Scarlett with passion as their bodies were still soaked as she whispered,

“I love you Scarlett Myra Thomas, I am so glad no one can tear us apart.”

Scarlett smiled with ease leaving kisses on Annabel’s cheeks whispering back,

“I love you Annabel Skye Hudson.”

That next morning Scarlett feeling her numb arm around Annabel as she leaned over leaving a light kiss on her forehead that moment Annabel groaned saying,

“Where are we? What time is it?”

Scarlett chuckled replying,

“We are still in the woods and I have no idea.”

Annabel stretched her arms out responding,

“This is hell, that we have no home now or anything to survive on.”

Scarlett dug out her backpack that she snuck back to the house for and Annabel’s luckily her mom wasn’t home along with Shane asleep with music. Scarlett dumped out all the school work on her bed, leaving her mom a quick note about Shane’s plan and that she loved her very much. Scarlett rushed getting food and drinks plus materials to build their new home. She is grateful they had wood in the woods so she just needed nails,hammer and few other materials.

Annabel looked shocked saying,

“You stole from you’re mom to get everything for us to survive on, wow! I knew you were bad but I didn’t think that bad.”

Scarlett laughed out loud replying,

“Babe, I did this so we could eat daily and get our home here set up. I know this isn’t a great start but we have to do something. Hell, we go back to school in four days might as well take advantage of our time off while we can.”

Annabel struggled to smile responding,

“I wish we could be in a safe home instead of Shane being out to ruin us.”

Scarlett knew her mom would do anything to find her if possible but she knew Shane would convince her mom of anything. Scarlett took a deep breath replying,

“She can’t destroy everything even if my mom would be looking for us.”

Annabel pondered really hard on that as she ate her granola bar than she responded,

“Scarlett, honestly I think you’re mom would be hunting for us or the law would be since we didn’t exactly leave her a note of our disappearance.”

Scarlett slid down on the warm ground that they laid on for the night replying,

“I did leave mom a note in her office before leaving the house last night, I doubt Shane disturbs mom’s office when she’s not there but my hope is mom doesn’t send anyone looking for us and Shane doesn’t make a scene about how we were mean to her when we wasn’t.”

Annabel heaved a heavy sigh responding,

“Until then you will be having us work on our home out here with no other materials to be used besides tree’s,plants and nails. That isn’t enough to work with for a safe place plus we still need sinks,toilets,bedroom furniture and anything else to keep us provided.”

Scarlett wanted to scream but she knew Annabel is right they have nothing prepared for a home in the woods even if they tried to make a fort it wouldn’t be safe, none of them having carpentry to build a beautiful home.

Scarlett sighed packing everything back up as she looked at Annabel saying,

“Might as well go deal with being transferred to new school’s.”

Annabel held Scarlett’s arm replying,

“You don’t know that and even if we are moved to new school’s, we can still keep in contact by mailing letter’s.”

Scarlett took a deep breath responding,

“You’re right, let’s go face mom and Shane before we end up spending more time in these woods.”

They grabbed everything than walked out of the wood’s hand in hand back to Scarlett’s mom’s home.

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