Shadow's Of Despair Volume 2

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Chapter 13

Scarlett woke up from her deep coma as she looked around the white room taking a deep breath knowing it had all become a dream, her childhood now gone and changed in her mental mind. Scarlett wasn’t sure if it was true that her mom had died. She craved Annabel Hudson her future wife that is promise to her soul. Scarlett heard a Texan voice saying,

“Scarlett, Scarlett, it’s Annabel Skye Hudson, I am right here, holding you’re hand.”

Scarlett turned her head slightly from the bed looking at Annabel replying,

“You came.”

Annabel smiled responding,

“Of course, I found out from Angel Knight that you are alive. I did read you’re letter too, how could you have done that to Angel?”

Scarlett sighed replying,

“Because I wanted you and she is the next person I wanted close to you.”

Annabel shook her head responding,

“Scarlett, I am married to a wonderful lady and we have two adopted kids. When I got out of my parent’s home in Utah, I went back to Texas and found my first girlfriend Madison Holmes. I am sorry Scarlett, we can’t be together, I love my life with Madison. You have to move on from me. I have to go now, I am glad you are okay though.”

Scarlett had a lump in her throat holding back her tears that her true love have moved on. Scarlett watched Annabel walk out the door without another word, leaving Scarlett with her thoughts. Scarlett started to drift off to sleep as Angel came in with Harley who did a three hundred sixty turn around on her looks from the dreams she had. Angel cleared her voice saying,

“Scarlett, I am sure you remember Harley Quincy.”

Scarlett nodded replying,

“Good to see you again Harley.”

Harley looked at Angel with a raised eyebrow whispering,

“What does she mean again?”

Angel whispered back,

“She’s been in a coma forgive her.”

Harley smiled at Scarlett saying,

“You too, Scarlett. How are you recovering?”

Scarlett smirked replying,

“I am doing okay Harley, thank you.”

Angel excitedly said,

“How did it go with Annabel?”

Scarlett looked away replying,

“She’s happily married and has two adopted kids, loves her life.”

Angel calm down responding,

“I am so sorry, I am sure you will find love again.”

Scarlett looked at Angel replying,

“Is my mom and her mom still alive? Is her dad in jail?”

Angel raised a brow responding,

“For Annabel’s mom, I don’t know, you’re mom is still alive and her dad I don’t know either.”

Scarlett couldn’t believe her ears that her mom is alive and well replying,

“Did my mom remarry anyone name Shane?”

Angel chuckled responding,

“You’re mom has never been married as far as I know.”

Scarlett still confused as it became her dream that took over her real life, what type of medication did they give her? She looked at Angel again saying,

“How long have I been out of it for?”

Angel sighed replying,

“Eight month’s, you told them that you didn’t want to wake up into reality.”

Scarlett sat up slowly responding,

“Whose my doctor?”

Angel sighed again replying,


Scarlett raised up instantly responding,

“You mean nurse Hannah?”

Angel chuckled replying,

“She was a nurse yes, she graduated and asked to be here at the hospital with you.”

Scarlett didn’t understand responding,

“With me? This makes no sense.”

Angel sighed heavily replying,

“You didn’t get into the mental ward like you asked because Hannah Rosenfeld didn’t want you to be hurt by their output of overdoses so she asked the male nurse transfer you to a hospital--”

Hannah cleared her throat responding,

“I knew Annabel had moved on, I have seen her come here with her family as time went on. So, I took you into my hands so you could be taken care of instead of letting the haunting past taunt you even more. I am sorry about the dreams that I couldn’t control.”

Scarlett looked at Angel and Hannah back an forth trying to understand everything replying,

“Hannah, first off you don’t know me at all and the hell I suffer. What makes you think you can fix me from what I did to Angel?”

Hannah shook her head responding,

“Scarlett, we went to school together, I have ended up being more of a outcast compared to you. I am now “hot” according to our classmates but back then I was a complete utter nerd.”

Scarlett couldn’t believe a beautiful doctor like her was once a nerd she replied,

“I am sorry Hannah, that you went through hell. I know this seems nosy but are you seeing anyone?”

Hannah turned a bright pink responding,

“No, I have been single for so long that I never cared to date anyone.”

Scarlett looked shocked replying,

“So, you don’t know if you’re lesbian,straight or bisexual?”

Hannah shrugged her shoulder’s responding,

“I never care for label’s and no matter who I end up with I will be happy.”

Scarlett nodded in agreement at that moment Hannah went doctor on her saying,

“Alright now it is time for you to rest, no more visitor’s. I will be back later to check on you.”

Scarlett laid back down drifting off to sleep though she heard Hannah whisper,

“Some day, some day, we will both be happy. Shadow’s Of Despair is around you’re soul from a broken heart that doesn’t belong to me.”

Hannah left the door cracked and letting her rest as she went to complete sleep.

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