Shadow's Of Despair Volume 2

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Chapter 14

Scarlett dreamed nothing like before though that would make her cringe this is a happy one, peaceful. Scarlett arrived at her wedding though to her surprise it wasn’t Hannah, Annabel or anyone else she knew it was a mysterious woman. It became a perfect dark wedding with red tint to it. Scarlett couldn’t believe her eyes that she would end up married again this time to someone new.

Scarlett ended up being the bride in this dream, she never liked wearing dresses so whomever she is with convinced her the opposite. Than as she walked forward she could see a face that seemed to belong to Kaitlyn, her mom’s best friend and lover? This dream made no sense why would she marry someone her mom loves. After about twenty minutes, she heard Hannah’s voice in her dream saying that she is taking some blood work and checking her vitals. Scarlett woke up wide eye looking at Hannah saying,

“Why do I keep having crazy dream’s?”

Hannah chuckled replying,

“Must be my medication working, it is exactly what you given Angel when you nearly killed her.”

Scarlett shook her head in disbelief responding,

“So, you are killing me?”

Hannah shook her head no replying,

“Unfortunately no, I would be fired instantly for killing a patient. I am actually not hurting you just showing you what you have caused to Angel. You’re dream’s I can’t explain not unless it is something with these Shadow’s are around you’re soul.”

Scarlett raised her eye brow responding,

“Are you saying, I have a dark shadow in my soul?”

Hannah smiled lowering herself within inches of each other’s lips replying,

“Unfortunately sweet cheeks, you are in what is called Shadow’s Of Despair because Angel witnessed it when you snatched her from that one true love. You are no longer sweet and innocent, I would suggest you learn to love and accept what you have.”

Scarlett felt her hormones raise with Hannah’s lips so close, she had wanted to kiss her since they met, she couldn’t focus on this so called “Shadow’s Of Despair” in her soul. Their was no way she would have hope to survive these dark nightmares of no true love. Scarlett’s eyes stared into Hannah’s eyes replying,

“I believe you Hannah. I did deserve this torture but why isn’t anyone killing me?”

Hannah swallowed a lump in her throat still being inches at Scarlett’s lips responding,

“I can’t answer that for you.”

Scarlett turned away from Hannah’s face replying,

“You can’t answer anything for me at all Hannah..what is the point of me being in a hospital when I deserve to be in a mental ward.”

Hannah grabbed Scarlett’s face, making Scarlett look directly at her responding,

“Scarlett, please listen to me, I will be taking you to my house in the next couple days but you’re spirit’s are in complete demonized. You have no life inside you, all you care about is killing someone that never did anything to you.”

Scarlett calmly looked at Hannah replying,

“Why should I go with you? We don’t know each other and so what if I turn to a Demon no one really cares for me any how including my own mother.”

Hannah moved her hands off of Scarlett’s face putting her hands at her side responding,

“I do understand where you are coming from in this situation but Scarlett their has to be a understanding between us, you can’t be on you’re own and Angel made that clear after you tortured her along with many other issues.”

Scarlett crossing her arms as Hannah took that Scarlett is pissed off, Hannah backed away saying,

“I will leave you alone to think about all this and I hope you come to realize that you will have you’re life back to normal once leaving my home.”

Scarlett rolled her eyes than Hannah left silently to go check on her other patients. Hannah kept thinking she could fall in love with Scarlett though it is a dangerous concept since she’s in a dark poison at the moment. Hannah went to her co-worker that is a friend name Patricia Duvall, she has brunette short hair, sea green eyes, tan skin, five feet nine inches and one hundred thirty pounds.

Hannah sat next to Patricia in their cubby corner in the office of their Emergency Room as Patricia chuckled saying,

“How was it with Scarlett?”

Hannah sighed leaning back in her chair replying,

“That chick is complicated, she’s upset about abusing her wife and than got pissed off because her High School Sweetheart is married to her first girlfriend and married with kids. Scarlett is a handful, I am about to call it quits on trying to get this chick out of here.”

Patricia shook her head no responding,

“Unfortunately you can’t, you told our boss Shannon that you would be able to take her on and her mother is due to show up any day now.”

Hannah sighed in frustration running her hands through her hair replying,

“I have to go talk to Shannon this chick needs mental help badly.”

Patricia shrugged her shoulder’s responding,

“Good luck.”

Hannah got out of her chair and rushed upstairs to go see her boss whose as beautiful as can be with dark red hair, chocolate brown eyes, pure white skin, six feet one inch and weighing at ninety-two pounds. Hannah fell for her boss hard but had to keep herself composed. Hannah reached the fifth floor when the elevator dinged that moment she ran into Shannon, Shannon shook her head saying,

“Hannah, Hannah, Hannah, come on with me to my office.”

Hannah trudged behind her boss not looking at her sexy ass and her gorgeous figure. They reached the office on the far end of the top floor as Shannon opened her office door guiding Hannah in saying,

“Hannah, what is it? I have a meeting to go to soon, so make it quick.”

Hannah looked at her feet replying,

“I need a new patient to work with.”

Shannon came close to Hannah lifting her head up responding,

“Why is that?”

Hannah could feel Shannon’s breath inches from hers replying,

“Scarlett is complicated and needs to be in a mental ward.”

Shannon leaned closer to Hannah barely a whisper coming from her lips,

“I know she does this task would be to see if you can handle her without falling for her and that task is presentably capable by watching you.”

Hannah’s breath hitched whispering,

“Are you---”

That moment Shannon Morris kissed Hannah with deep passion not wanting to let this moment go, Hannah had to push her boss back saying,

“That is intense but shouldn’t we be doing this at a date spot, maybe you’re place or mine?”

Shannon grabbed Hannah by the shoulder’s guiding her to the leather sofa and began to make deep passionate love to Hannah.

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