Shadow's Of Despair Volume 2

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Chapter 15

Hannah woke up next to Shannon after making deep love in her bosses office, she couldn’t believe it as Shannon smiled from her desk saying,

“Their is my precious babe, now I am moving you up into my department and we will be together all hours of the day. You will be my lovely assistant getting me coffee,setting meetings and such. That lady in that spot before wasn’t worth the time any how.”

Hannah shook her head from the rush replying,

“Hold up Shannon, you are moving me up here, no, no, hold on. I never said I wanted to be out of the Emergency Room department, I wanted a new patient not for you’re assistant to lose her job. You have to give me my job back.”

Shannon came up from behind her desk than walked over and sat next to Hannah responding,

“So, you don’t want to be my girlfriend either? We made passionate love that even made my heart feel complete.”

Hannah raised a eyebrow replying,

“You’re girlfriend? Shannon, we made love once and our job’s will not be our result here. I admit to be attracted to you but wow, you jumped fast.”

Shannon sighed making her way back to her desk responding,

“Okay,okay so I wasn’t going to move you or even rush to date you, I wanted a reaction is all, we both value our jobs here.”

Hannah breathed out a sigh of relief replying,

“Than what is this between us?”

Shannon looked at Hannah with a teary eye responding,

“I don’t know but leave me you’re cell phone number and we will discuss it tonight, go check on Scarlett.”

Hannah went to Shannon’s desk leaving her cell phone number, walked to the door, turned around looking at Shannon with one last deep look than hung her head down as she left the office and headed back downstairs. Hannah headed back downstairs to her Emergency Room station with Patricia as she said,

“Let me guess got stuck with Scarlett Thomas still?”

Hannah looked up startled replying,

“Oh yeah, yeah I did but it’s okay. How was she?”

Patricia shook her head no back and forth responding,

“Let’s just say this girlfriend, you are in fact the only woman I know who can get through to a psycho path because she flatly asked that you are her full time doctor, she doesn’t want nurses anymore.”

Hannah looked at Patricia wide eyed replying,

“That is shock.”

At that moment one of the ladies from the front said,

“Hannah, Scarlett is calling for you.”

Hannah got up from her desk, walked across the office, finding Scarlett in her room with a smile on her face saying,

“Glad to see you back, I like Patricia but she sure isn’t you. So, what is plans for today?”

Hannah raised a brow replying,

“Um..Scarlett you need to be laying down, we have nothing planned this is a Emergency Room.”

Scarlett laughed responding,

“Oh, so I can leave, great! Let me pack my things.”

Hannah rushed over to Scarlett replying,

“No, you can’t leave here Scarlett, what is the matter with you?”

Scarlett glared at Hannah responding,

“Nothing is the matter Hannah, I just want to go home.”

Hannah looked at Scarlett’s black eyes startled calling out to everyone saying,

“HELP ME! We have a demon on the loose in this hospital. I NEED A PRIEST!!”

Scarlett shoved Hannah against the wall and flew out of the hospital without stopping as Hannah tried to get up with aching pain in her spine. Patricia came in the room seeing Hannah on the ground saying,

“Where is Scarlett?”

Hannah pushed saliva down her throat replying,

“I don’t know but she is a dark demon now and this is going to get very bad.”

Patricia helped Hannah off the ground though Hannah had a feeling this isn’t the last of seeing Scarlett in her new form, this is going to get worse as time goes on.

Scarlett escaped that hospital without a problem, she had ripped off her vitals and everything before Hannah had returned. She had to get out of that white stuffy room before they shipped her off to a mental ward though she knew she needed it, she didn’t want to accept it. Scarlett knew she wasn’t a demon, she just turned her eyes black by not sleeping very much. It was a specialty her Great Aunt Angelique taught her as a kid, it freaked out her mom so much that she is glad that it worked out as a advantage.

According to old photo’s of my mom Andrea and Angelique they were best of friends until my mom spilled her guts about being attracted to her and her sexuality, they haven’t spoken since then but since I knew of her I kept paying her a visit to learn her life which turned out to be amazing as you see Angelique is a dark witch but she knows everything going into to child birth and such. Angelique took in Scarlett because she knew in time to train her as her own witch. Scarlett bowed down saying,

“Goddess Angeline, I am here for another lesson in witch craft. What is on the agenda today?”

Angelique smiled replying,

“My dear child, there is no lesson today as we have to make sure you’re mom isn’t expecting another baby.”

Scarlett startled responding,

“Wait? You two still are friends after that big blow out after dad died?”

Angelique shook her head no replying,

“My lovely princess, you are my daughter, I have adopted you and you are now Yates along with you’re mom.”

Scarlett literally thrown off responding,

“That can’t be, I knew mom and you had a big fight but since when did mom and you work it out? What about this new baby? Did mom have a affair?”

Angelique grabbed Scarlett’s shoulder’s replying,

“Relax, we worked out while you were in a bad mental state with Angel and we used specimen from a lab to have another baby.”

Scarlett couldn’t believe her ears, she never thought her own mom would settle down without her. On top of it she’s going to have a new brother or sister any day now. Scarlett calmly took a deep breath responding,

“Am I having a brother or sister?”

Angelique smiled with pride responding,

“A baby brother named Lance Marc Yates, he’s already showing like a football star and beyond remarkable growth, he’s so far a seven pound baby.”

So much for having a sister Scarlett thought to herself though she will love her new brother the same way. It is going to get challenging with these changes.

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