Shadow's Of Despair Volume 2

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Chapter 17

Having hope seemed so impossible for Scarlett, she didn’t even know how to handle this dark force inside her. Jana and Scarlett were still standing in the middle of her room not being able to hold a conversation. Jana cleared her throat saying,

“Scarlett, come on let’s go out and do something?”

Scarlett shrugged her shoulder’s replying,

“You aren’t afraid of me?”

Jana laughed out loud responding,

“We spent a whole hour of discussing about you, so no I am not.”

Scarlett sighed as her mom Andrea came in saying,

“You are needing out of here, go with Jana, me and Angelique got you’re baby brother.”

Scarlett looked at Jana speaking softly,

“Let me get changed and look decent to where ever we are headed.”

Jana patted Scarlett on the arm replying,

“You will see, see you in a few minutes.”

Jana left Scarlett’s room as she went to her closet looking for something decent to wear. Jana popped back in the room with her boyfriend Wallace, he smiled at Scarlett saying,

“Hope you don’t mind me joining you two on you’re outing.”

Scarlett shrugged replying,

“I can’t say no, it’s up to Jana obviously.”

Jana rolled her eyes responding,

“He actually isn’t staying with us, he’s heading off to New Jersey.”

Scarlett smirked at Jana replying,

“So, we have to drop him off at the airport?”

Jana nodded yes responding,

“No, he is just visiting here and his buddy is going to take him.”

Scarlett rolled her eyes replying,


Scarlett covered her breasts trying to find a top, she found blue jeans that worked for that afternoon. Jana came up behind Scarlett grabbing a dark blue blouse saying,

“This will work, be sure to wear a bra.”

Scarlett chuckled replying,

“I knew that, thank you.”

Jana shrugged walking out of the room, closing the door and Scarlett removed her hands from her breasts than grabbed a black bra from her top drawer and than urgently rushed to finish getting ready with her dark black hair making curls. She grabbed her boots out from underneath her bed sighing knowing this is taking to long to be ready for a outing with Angel’s true love. Scarlett finished placing her boots on then Jana opened her bedroom door saying,

“Come on you. It took you longer to get ready than I do most days.”

Scarlett laughed replying,

“Let me get my purse and we will go.”

Jana waved the purse in the air responding,

“I have it, now let’s go before your mom’s change their minds.”

Scarlett grabbed her purse as they ran out the door when Andrea yelled out the window saying,

“You are to be home at ten o’clock Scarlett, we still need you’re help with your brother.”

Scarlett nodded replying loudly,

“You got it mom, see you later.”

They left in a hurry taking her boyfriend Wallace home, so he could head out to New Jersey. Jana reached over grabbing Scarlett’s hand after dropping off Wallace looking at Scarlett with a full smile saying,

“You know even being best friend for over twenty years, we still hang out every day.”

Scarlett chuckled replying,

“Jana, I still don’t get how we hang out every day, when we hated each other.”

Jana rolled her eyes responding,

“You are loco chick,we are heading to the mall so hope you are ready to find a girlfriend to get out of this so called “curse” because for one we need to stick together.”

Scarlett patted Jana’s hand than removing it off of hers replying,

“So I can save Angel from the death of my hands in the future or past where ever the hell I have ended up here.”

Jana looked quickly at Scarlett responding,

“Angel dying how?”

Scarlett struggled to breath replying,


Jana shook her head no repeatedly responding,

“No, no, not you! Why?”

Scarlett cleared her throat holding back tears replying,

“Because she wasn’t doing anything I asked her especially keeping away from you.”

Jana held tighter on the steering wheel responding,

“That is being a selfish bitch right there Scarlett.”

Scarlett lowered her head replying,

“I know.”

Scarlett didn’t know what to do to change time for everything including her past or present whatever time damnation she was in. Though she hadn’t looked at Newspaper to tell what year it was or day thinking she needs to when she gets to the mall.

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