Shadow's Of Despair Volume 2

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Chapter 18

Entering this massive mall called River Town Crossings it was a beautiful location with a waterfall in the center right in view. Jana looked at Scarlett with a smile saying loudly,

“This is a mall you wouldn’t forget. Let’s go to Spencer’s or Hot Topic.”

Scarlett shook her head replying loudly,

“I need to find a newspaper.”

Jana raised a brow responding,


Scarlett smiled replying,

“I need to know what Month,Day and Year it is.”

Jana chuckled responding,

“It is June Eighteenth Twenty-Thirty.”

Scarlett’s eyes went wide replying,

“Two Thousand Thirty, holy bajeesus...I went from Twenty Ten to now Thirty this is unbelievable.”

Jana raised her eye brows responding,

“Twenty Ten, Wow! Quite a road trip.”

Scarlett laughed replying,

“You’re telling me, so why do we need to go to Spencer’s or Hot Topic?”

Jana shrugged responding,

“Maybe finding you a girlfriend would be easier in there.”

Scarlett laughed out loud replying,

“Chick, there is women everywhere in this mall, so it shouldn’t be hard.”

Jana and Scarlett walked to the map finding Spencer’s on the other side of the mall and down the escalator, luckily their was one by the front door and they went down to Spencer’s. Scarlett wasn’t paying attention when she ran into another lady saying,

“I am so sorry, are you okay?”

The lady chuckled replying,

“I am fine and don’t worry about it, we all get clumsy most days.”

Scarlett lifted her head looking into the woman’s eyes responding,

“I...I am glad, you are very beautiful by the way.”

The woman blushed than scrambled to pick up the rest of her stuff replying,

“Thank you but I must go.”

Scarlett nodded seeing that the lady with light blonde hair and curves of a angel made her shiver when Jana whispered,

“She’s married, good try though.”

Scarlett sighed heavily replying,

“At least she’s gorgeous. We better get to Spencer’s.”

Jana nodded in agreement responding,

“Yes we should.”

They walked a little faster than made it inside Spencer’s, she looked around seeing barely anyone inside the store. A lady came to Scarlett with a grin since she was looking at ball caps saying,

“What hat would like?”

Scarlett looked down at the small woman that was half her size replying,

“I am just looking no need to get me a hat.”

The lady nodded with a smile responding,

“I noticed you have no wedding band on your hand, are you single?”

Scarlett chuckled replying,

“Whose asking?”

The lady shuffled her feet responding,

“My boss over in the corner.”

Scarlett looked over her shoulder seeing a beautiful woman with brunette straight hair with brown eyes, a light pink dress with black high heels that showed her thighs that looked so marvelous. She had perfect size breasts about a C or D cups. Scarlett licked her lips as the woman did too than she told the small woman,

“Give her my cell number to call or text me later.”

Scarlett pulled out pen and paper from her purse with her name on it than gave it to the lady as she said,

“I will, thank you.”

Scarlett nodded seeing as she followed the woman handing her boss the phone number explaining to text or call than the woman winked at her that moment Jana came over clearing her throat saying,

“Well looks like someone has taste in you.”

Scarlett sighed replying,

“With hopes she isn’t married or to be married.”

Jana tugged Scarlett out of the store without anything, Scarlett didn’t know what to think about a woman approaching her without knowing her it is usually her friend’s hitting on her to make it all happen. Not this time a gorgeous brunette had wanted her attention she just hope it is in the right frame of mind.

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