Shadow's Of Despair Volume 2

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Chapter 2

Scarlett is now in ninth grade first year of High School and the thrills of meeting new people. Scarlett couldn’t wait to see what classes she’s having this year it is a dream to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a police officer if he was alive he would be so proud of her. Her mother Andrea explained what happened to her father when she was about eight years old, he died in a horrible car accident and her mom just lived with a broken heart.

Scarlett kept a hidden secret from everyone she knew that she’s lesbian, she’s been fondly attractive to girls since about sixth grade when she tried to kiss another shy girl named Mary Ellen Norman she had beautiful red hair, freckles that made her so lovely, green eyes, and a complete bookworm. Mary had approached her on a math subject she was stuck on and as they were studying in the library Scarlett tried to make a move since they were in the back of the class and behind one of the bookshelves. Scarlett got close to her lips as Mary whispered between breaths,

“Scarlett, please don’t. I am in love with Carrie, she’s been my crush since seventh grade.”

Scarlett’s eyes open as she looked at Mary just sighing heavily replying,

“You love Carrie but she won’t give you the time of day like I will. Alright, Mary go on what is the next equation?”

They studied for several hours and the only thing she received was raging hormones and a hug. After that she really never really spent time with any girl due to all the talk that she just wanted Mary Ellen for sex and Carrie Johnson, she is everything a girl could want from her gorgeous blonde hair, blue eyes, perfectly placed make- up, stands at five feet seven inches, ninety-eight pounds and wears perfect red heels with her cheerleader uniform even all the guys fall for her.

Carrie came up to Scarlett that afternoon with Mary on her shoulder saying,

“Don’t you dare try to steal my girl from me again, you skanky bitch.”

Scarlett rolled her eyes and walking away without a fight to start like everyone wanted. Now that they are in freshmen year of High School, she couldn’t wait to meet the love of her life even if it meant being hid behind close doors. As the new school year began it is the same routine go to homeroom, get your schedules and then head off to your first class for the day.

Scarlett walked into her English class that afternoon to see another blonde hair chick that wasn’t Cassie but dressed in relaxed clothing and wore tennis shoes. She is a beautiful young lady, Scarlett rushed to the back of the class to take her seat when the bell rang. Mrs. Kline had cleared her throat saying,

“Class, welcome to a new year in High School. I am sure many of you recognize each other from Middle School, so now let’s begin roll call before we go over rules and such for my class.”

The class stayed silent even as Scarlett kept looking at the girl across the room who was so shy to even speak of anything. Mrs. Kline called out names by last name alphabetically which most teachers did every year in Rose County. As soon as Mrs. Kline called out Knight, I looked around to see the young girl speak up saying,


Than Mrs. Kline walked over to the young girl replying,

“I see that you are new in this school from what my paper says you’re name is Angel? Is your mother Angelique Knight that last name sounds so familiar.”

Angel shook her head responding,

“No, I never knew a Angelique but if you are wondering my mom did go here, she was a cheerleader and went by Clarissa Kingston before marrying my father the football star Frank Knight but I am not sure where my father is at all or even if he’s alive, he left when I was two.”

Mrs. Kline nodded her head replying,

“Very well, Angel. Welcome to our school and hope everyone can make you feel comfortable here. I am sure Scarlett Thomas wouldn’t mind showing you around, am I right Miss. Thomas?”

Scarlett smiled responding,

“Oh yes, I will be delighted to show Angel around Mrs. Kline.”

Mrs. Kline nodded then went about introductions on the homework assignments and class rules for the year. Scarlett on the other hand couldn’t wait to get a chance to talk to Angel and get to know her. Classes went on even as Scarlett introduced Angel to her new teacher’s and show her around the school, it seemed like a doomed day when Angel spoke because the girl is over panic about herself right in the LGBT Community and Scarlett would just roll her eyes.

Though right as they took a right hand corner Scarlett ran right into Cassie, Cassie looked between Scarlett and Angel saying,

“Well, what a nice surprise to run into nerds such as yourselves....I swear you two will never cease to amaze me. So, Scarlett what’s with the new girl? What’s her name?”

Scarlett rolled her eyes again knowing this wasn’t going to end well as she replied,

“I am showing her around and her name is Angel Knight.”

Cassie squealed like a little girl looking at Angel with dreamy eyes saying,

“The Angel Knight, Oh My God, you’re mom Clarissa is very popular in the cheerleading squad and you’re dad, Oh My God, he was a hunk back then you’re mom is so lucky to have him. You have to join our squad, you will get any guy or girl you want.”

Angel laughed replying,

“It’s Cassie, isn’t it? My,my,my what can I say? Oh that’s right NO! I will not be a cheerleader, all because my parent’s were popular doesn’t mean I want to be. Plus, my parent’s didn’t stay married long at least as far as I know though I could be wrong. I am hanging out with Scarlett and that’s that.”

Cassie shoved Angel to the ground then kneels down getting close to her face responding,

“You have a week to decide between us or her...see you around Knight.”

Angel looked at Scarlett for help but that didn’t come because Scarlett just stood and watch like the rest of the school.

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