Shadow's Of Despair Volume 2

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Chapter 20

They arrived back in Roseland as Andrea waited by the front door tapping her foot saying,

“What took you both so long? It is near seven p.m. And you were quite a ways from home.”

Scarlett couldn’t sit still on the way home she had excitement all over her body she finally replied,

“We went to Grandville, visited River Town Crossings it is a beautiful location.”

Andrea shook her head responding,

“Me and Angelique will be heading to bed in a couple hours, we need you to listen for Lance, understand?”

Scarlett nodded replying,

“Yes mom.”

She hugged Jana goodbye than went inside with her head down than Angelique gave her hug and kiss on her cheek saying,

“Glad you are home, safe and sound. Did you have fun?”

Scarlett nodded yes responding,

“Sure did. I met a woman too, she is so beautiful and I can’t wait for you all to meet her.”

Angelique chuckled replying,

“Honey, you can’t be in love with this woman already, that is near impossible.”

Scarlett shrugged responding,

“I knew that.”

Scarlett went around Angelique going to her room with not saying another word about Amanda. She needed to sleep, she felt so exhausted.

Scarlett woke back up in the hospital she must’ve been dreaming again as Hannah smiled saying,

“Hello sleepy head. Welcome back to reality. Whoever that Amanda girl is must be wonderful.”

Scarlett rubbed her eyes replying,

“How is it that I have gone from twenty-thirty back to twenty-nineteen, I don’t get it?”

Hannah chuckled responding,

“You have a wild imagination. You never went anywhere been here the whole time.”

Scarlett sighed replying,

“Did you sleep with you’re boss?”

Hannah laughed out loud responding,

“I am married to my boss but what does that have to do with now?”

Scarlett shrugged replying,


Hannah smiled checking her vitals again though Scarlett spoke,

“How long had I slept this time?”

Hannah touched her shoulder replying,

“A couple weeks, you’re mom came and saw you but she didn’t know how bad off you were.”

Scarlett sighed responding,

“Did she have a African american with her?”

Hannah shook her head no replying,

“Not that I saw but she seemed very lonely.”

Scarlett nodded understanding, so that meant she didn’t have a brother yet or even a step mom. Hannah left the room leaving the curtain open to see she had a neighbor next to her a small fragile woman that seemed to be deathly ill, the woman’s cough came out badly and she spoke to Scarlett,

“You are a beautiful young lady. I remember being so young. Why are you here?”

Scarlett shrugged replying,

“I am not completely sure to be honest.”

The elderly woman nodded responding,

“I am Gretchen and you are?”

Scarlett gave a small smile replying,

“I am Scarlett.”

Gretchen nodded again responding,

“Pleasure to meet you. I am in here because I am dying slowly from natural causes.”

Scarlett frowned replying,

“I am so sorry.”

Gretchen coughed badly again than closed her eyes. Hannah came in the room once more closing the curtain saying,

“Before you fall asleep again if you do that is. You aren’t cursed but sadly you are dying of cancer. We have only been letting you sleep due to the pain and everything else. We have been giving you chemo medication to relax every tension of you’re body.”

Scarlett had a tear fall down her face replying,

“What kind of cancer?”

Hannah bowed her head shuffling her feet responding,

“Leukemia, it is a blood-forming tissue, hindering the body’s ability to fight infection.”

Scarlett wiped her eyes replying,

“Does my mom and friends know?”

Hannah nodded yes responding,

“It wasn’t you or Angel’s fault or anyone else’s but you only have a few weeks left to live.”

Scarlett shook her head no replying,

“I am not destined to live longer.”

Hannah shook her head no than left the room though Scarlett wasn’t sure how to take the information, she wanted to meet Amanda and be with her though she didn’t even know where she was or anything at the moment besides a hospital.

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