Shadow's Of Despair Volume 2

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Scarlett passed on silently in her sleep though it is dreadful, she didn’t have a reason to live on anymore her heart been ripped to shed though Angel Knight got back her life and remarried to Harley Quincy since Jana Johnson married Tamera Wormwood. Scarlett did fight to survive longer though her clock was ticking even when time went on.

Though Scarlett passed on August, Twenty-Third, Two Thousand Ten her legacy lived on Angel forgave Scarlett for the agony that she endured during their time together. Scarlett never had a child or children either, she lived life happily by herself.

Rest In Peace

November 6th,1988 to August 23rd,2010

Scarlett Myra Thomas

Beginning of hope for now Angel , Jana, Jonathan and Avery will begin in book three since I have no idea how the start of it will go this is where I leave off for the next book. We will look into Jonathan Bowman and Luther Eckert life along with Avery Bowman and Brianna Grier. Prepare for another twist, romance and life.

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