Shadow's Of Despair Volume 2

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Chapter 7

First class of the day Scarlett’s lost in thought not even focusing on the subject at hand as she drew Annabel on her notebook and put her name across everything, she didn’t care if she failed or passed. Then about mid-way through the lesson the classroom door opens Scarlett looks up to see and it’s her, her as in Annabel Hudson a god sent angel that has devoured her heart in less than twelve hours. Scarlett saw that Annabel blushed looking right at her, made her heart leap even more.

Her teacher assigned Annabel next to Scarlett making her giggle a bit. Scarlett knew her prediction’s were a joke there is no way that she destroyed Angel. Scarlett got excited when Annabel passed her note that read,


Meet me by my locker #128 it’s downstairs after class.



Scarlett passed the note back quickly before their teacher saw which wasn’t hard to get caught in that school. After the bell rang Scarlett sat their still finishing up her assignment she still fell behind a bit even after all the commotion of Annabel in her school now. Scarlett quickly gave the teacher her assignment than walked fast to Annabel’s locker before the next bell and luckily when she arrived Texan Sweetheart stayed put with a smile saying,

“Took you long enough, that assignment had it’s challenges.”

Scarlett nodded happily replying,

“That it sure did, so what did you need?”

Annabel came up closer to Scarlett whispering in her ear,

“I am hoping this Gothic girl would be my girlfriend, she goes by Scarlett.”

Scarlett felt chills down her spine as she went to reply their lips met and they were in such a deep kiss that neither of them heard the bell. Annabel backed away from the kiss with a smile saying,

“So, what do you say? Do you want to be my girlfriend?”

Scarlett quickly stood straight up with a nervous smile replying,

“Yes, yes I do.”

Annabel giggled responding,

“Good, so you know my parent’s have no idea I am lesbian because if I tell them anything they’ll send me away to this horrible camp for Gay and Lesbian kids and teens. It’s a place where they throw the bible at you where you have to learn to abide by them. Do you’re parent’s know you are lesbian?”

Scarlett nodded yes replying,

“My mom figured it out since I never brought home guys and well Angel was the first girl over, we never did anything, so I am still a virgin too.”

Annabel raised a eyebrow responding,

“What about your dad?”

Scarlett looked down at her feet shuffling them against the floor replying,

“I wish not to talk about that.”

Annabel curiously wondered what had happened to her dad that she didn’t wish to speak about it but she didn’t pressure the issue. Annabel gently grabbed Scarlett’s hand whispering,

“I am thinking about heading to my home for the rest of the day, you want to join me?”

Scarlett giggled whispering back,

“I missed school with Angel the other day, I don’t think I can this time.”

Annabel winked whispering,

“We will have some fun, come on, you weren’t going to graduate anyways.”

Scarlett agreed on that since she has been failing miserably so Annabel took Scarlett out of the school and down to her house when a flashback came back this time a change from Angel,

“Annabel, you can’t leave, we promised to be together, where are you going?”

Annabel sobbed replying,

“I have no idea my love but please remember my parent’s can’t control what my heart believes and I know you will find me again some day.”

Scarlett held onto Annabel tightly responding,

“I hope they don’t send you to those evil christian camps you told me about. Please remember to write me and keep me in your thoughts, you are my everything.”

The flashback cut off on Scarlett as she had tears flowing looking at Annabel saying,

“This can’t be repeat no,no,no not this time.”

Annabel raised a brow replying,

“You had another vision, what about?”

Scarlett wiped her tears responding,

“You moving away from here because of us as a couple, I can’t let your parent’s do that and I won’t let you go.”

Annabel hugged Scarlett tightly replying,

“My parent’s can’t control anything, not even us.”

Scarlett knew that she returned the hug responding,

“I don’t think we need to be here in case your parent’s come home, let’s go to my place or something.”

Annabel thought about it replying,

“Alright, I am not wanting my parent’s to freak over us anyways and the way that vision sound that sounds like they would be punishing me more than just skipping school.”

Scarlett grabbed her hand and guided her quickly to her mom’s house as they made it to the property without being seen by the law Scarlett saw that Shane’s truck was their as she whispered to Annabel,

“My mom’s girlfriend is here, so that means my mom never went to work again. We will need to find a hiding spot away from school and everyone else.”

Annabel leaned over whispering back,

“As long as we don’t get caught by any adults, I don’t care, I want to be with you for the day.”

Scarlett grinned as they ran off hand in hand to find some place sacred for the rest of the day and hope the school doesn’t call their parent’s because they were going to be in some deep trouble if it keeps happening. They needed a hide away for weekends that were late at night without Annabel’s parent’s freaking out.

Scarlett and Annabel ran as fast as they could through bushes and trees without getting caught even with heavy backpacks on their backs. Annabel huffed and puffed saying,

“Where are we going babe?”

Scarlett huffed and puffed herself replying,

“Anywhere that we can hide until school let’s out because I am not letting your parent’s see you with me and I lose you for life.”

Annabel took a deep breath responding,

“Scarlett, we don’t have a fort or anything to hide from everyone. I have no idea what Michigan has to offer in their wild life.”

Scarlett chuckled replying,

“I do though, I have watched shows that show you how to build a fort or a treehouse to keep safe. I have to know for my sake, are you willing to trek with me as we accomplish this?”

Annabel gave a sheepish smile responding,

“Of course, anything so we can be together without your mom and my parent’s freaking out.”

Scarlett and Annabel rushed to the near by woods without another word on how to live without any help from her mom or anyone else. They decided that they didn’t need school anymore either that they can make a living out of food and water found near by in the woods of their location. Michigan has everything they could of ever wanted together even for rebellious girls like them.

Though Annabel knew they would have to go home some times especially so their parent’s wouldn’t send police or any other authority out on them for leaving school and home without knowing their location so she said to Scarlett in a shy voice,

“We can’t live out here at least not yet, we do have to finish school and make a living for ourselves. We can build on our new home daily than when we turn of age we can show our parent’s because I don’t want to be taken from you but at the same time I don’t want to lose my education either.”

Scarlett scratched her chin thinking about it than finally responded,

“Alright, Annabel you got it, we will skip school today just to justify our new home for future work and we will also stay in school though I hate it right now because I am failing at everything.”

Annabel clapped in her cheerful squealing voice replying,

“Yay!! I will help you, especially so we can graduate together. I will just let my parent’s know we are friends as for your mom, well she probably won’t care.”

Scarlett knew her mother wouldn’t say anything to Annabel’s parent’s that they were going out but to be on the safe side she’ll just say they are friends in case they do end up meeting in the near future.

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