Shadow's Of Despair Volume 2

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Chapter 8

After a day out with Annabel, Scarlett wanted nothing more than to sleep but her mom had a request that she needed handled involving her that means being grounded since she got a text from Annabel saying that she’s grounded too for missing school on her first day. Scarlett laid in her room until she heard a knock on the door as she said,

“Come in.”

Shane came in with dinner and a drink replying,

“I heard you didn’t go to school today, so why weren’t you there?”

Scarlett rolled her eyes responding,

“I don’t need to tell you, you aren’t even a parent figure here.”

Shane sighed shaking her head replying,

“I guess you wouldn’t want your mom to settle down with a woman, is that it?”

Scarlett laughed responding,

“Ha ha! Very funny, no it’s because I don’t think my mom actually is into women.”

That moment Shane lost it in laughter replying,

“You don’t know you’re mom very well then. I am planning on taking your mom’s hand in several weeks, I am hoping you would be okay with that?”

Scarlett looked wide eye at Shane responding,

“You are going to marry my mom! No, no, no this can’t be happening. Shane, why would you want to marry mom?”

Shane sat down in the computer chair replying,

“I love her, she means a lot to me and you do too even though you don’t like me now, you will in time.”

Scarlett never thought about her mom remarrying but she knew it’d come so she replied,

“Alright Shane, you can marry mom.”

Shane smiled leaving Scarlett’s room without another word as Scarlett laid there without touching her dinner which is fried cod fish and mashed potatoes not much of a appetite but it is food. Scarlett kept thinking of how she would love to have Annabel here with her they had such a wonderful bond. Scarlett became lost in thought when her mother came in the room saying,

“Scarlett, why did you and this girl Annabel skip school?”

Scarlett shrugged replying,

“You didn’t care when me and Angel, so what’s the difference with Annabel?”

Andrea rolled her eyes responding,

“I got to know Angel and I have no idea who this girl is.”

Scarlett sighed replying,

“We were going to her place first but I didn’t want to risk her getting in trouble, so we came here second, well you and Shane were here, so we snuck off to the woods to build a home for us both.”

Andrea chuckled responding,

“You are so much like me when I was a teen, I did the same with my first girlfriend Kaitlyn Macabre she was a beauty in every way. We didn’t work out due to her Christian belief’s.”

Scarlett laughed out loud then went serious replying,

“Mom, I am meant to be with Annabel Hudson instead of Angel Knight, Angel falls for a woman name Jana in the future.”

Andrea scratched her chin responding,

“I still want to meet this girl before you think of running off from home and if I get married again I want you at my wedding, understand?”

Scarlett nodded giving her mom a hug replying,

“Are you grounding me for two days of skipping of school?”

Andrea nodded in agreement responding,

“Most definitely since Annabel is grounded too, I will take your cell phone and you can go back to being my smart girl and work on that back log of homework for two weeks.”

Scarlett sighed heavily replying,

“Alright mom, here is my phone,laptop,tablet and my game systems. I need to catch up soon before I fail my freshman year for skipping two days of school.”

Andrea took everything to her room than came back saying,

“You do know Shane is staying right?”

Scarlett looked at her mom wide eye replying,

“She is?”

Andrea nodded responding,

“I love her very much and I hope in time you will appreciate her as much as I do. She isn’t Kaitlyn or Angelique but she makes me happy and that is all you’re dad would of ever wanted.”

Scarlett didn’t think her mom would fall in love again though she knew Shane had a way to appeal to her mom without trying. Scarlett slumped her shoulder’s replying,

“I am glad you and Shane love each other mom, I will give her a chance since dad would have wanted that from his baby girl.”

Andrea hugged Scarlett responding,

“Finish your dinner and get some school work done before bed because sweetheart when you two are released from being grounded, you will be introducing me to her.”

Scarlett hugged her back replying,

“Okay, oh yeah her parent’s are in the dark on this because they will move her away if they found out we are together that is why we are building a home in the woods for when we graduate.”

Andrea shook her head responding,

“I will not tell her parent’s and you will need to inform classmates and teacher’s too, so that way Annabel is staying here because if I have to I’ll take her in before they took her but you two won’t be sharing a room, understood?”

Scarlett nodded as her mom left the room, Scarlett ate her dinner than got to studying before it got to much later.

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