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Another day at spiritual world that brought the tears and sadness due to the loss of a human girl Pearl Harbor , the mate of strongest and the most feared , and courageous Black lion Jake Holland . This is another story which took a shocking turn and reached the points of strangers , to lovers and then strangers again but it wasn't that simple . It had always been complicated but this one was really different . This time it was fight against themselves . It was called as the golden pair .this time it was love between enemies . No one knew what would happen next minute after the war declared. What do you think was going to happen ? Would love win and stop the war or would hate win and destroy the world .

Romance / Fantasy
Kitty Christ
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Spirit land

Not long ago , lived with humans , spirit lions . This lions were not normal they were spiritual leaders with powers of 5 dimensions of world

The Red lion also the lion of courage and love, power of fire . This lion represents the courage of ora of love and caringness toward others .this are the soldier of the betal field , the leader that shows the feeling of bravery and courage .

The Blue lion also the lion of calming effect and powers of water and skies .this ora is special because of its intentions and decisions that they make . This are the leaders right hand .

The Yellow lion also the lion of wealth and prosperity or happiness . The ora of this lion is coordination and communication . This lions have the power of telepathy and mind reading .

The white lion . this lion is mostly females and are really rare . They belong to ora of calmness , beauty , wealth , communication , bravery , and mating . This lioness are mated with the black lions also the Alphas . This lioness are female alphas .

The Black lion also the gods , leaders and royal bloodline . They are the most respected lion breed and the most feared . No one dares to mess with this lions . They have the power of tribreads , the power of fire , water and air , they belong to the ora of coldness , security , leadership and communication skills . They are the guidelines of lion and spiritual breads .

Here starts the story of two strangers mating and setting the example of love and name as The Golden Pair .

It all started from the members of spiritual world and leaders of different animals called a peace meeting where a treaty was signed among the breeds . There were vampires , werewolves , dragons , lions , witches , faires , mermaids , sirens and demons , angels .

This treaty was Treaty of cooperation where there were 10 leaders and gods involved with 10 different conditions of a creature each .

This treaty was signed among them because of the was declaration between humans and spiritual creatures . This was signed so they could combine and fight against humans and win .

Later the leaders decided they would hide them selfs so they could protect each other .

There were two dimensions created .one dimension for humans and other for supernatural and was guarded with a protection spell and barrier which would not allow a human or supernatural to cross the other dimension .

In the dimension of supernatural powers . The 10 communities made their own places with their own rules and regulations , eqch community had councils which would discuss the details of the community .

The war had stopped but not ended , while the dimension were made there was a curse gifted by humans to the supernatural powers that if any one crosses the barrier the war would begin and end when one of us would not survive .

Afew decades and ages have passed since the treaty signed and dimension created .

Present scenario .

We all our shocked and suprised by the broken barrier , more surprisingly when no one crossed the line and broke the spell .

This was a matter of worry and tension between the two dimensions . Finall decision was taken .A meeting was called where both Humans and spiritual creatures , sat together and made a decision to create another barrier .

To be continued ......

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