The Gem of the Romano Dynasty (Romano Dynasty - Duology - Book One)

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Chapter Fifteen: Punishment

Ren and Aurora walked out of the woods, hand in hand. He walked her towards the mansion, and she shook her head.

“I still don’t want to go back there,” she whispered.

He looked at her. “We can go to my place,” he said with a nod as he led her towards the small guest house he lived in, alone.

If Dom asks, he’ll just tell him that she didn’t want to go to the house. Instead of leaving her out in the night, alone, he let her sleep at his place, he took the couch of course, even though he knows he will be sleeping with her in his arms, tonight.

“This is cute,” Aurora said with a smile as they entered his house.

Ren smiled, “I like it.”

“Where’s the bathroom?” She asked as she looked at him.

“Down the hall,” he said as he pointed to the hall.

She smiled as she slipped her hand from his and headed down the hall.

Ren sighed as he pulled his phone out and pressed a button. “Yeah, boss, I got her. No, she got out of the compound and ran down the street. Yeah, someone was out there waiting for her, they knew she was here. Or at least they guessed it. No, sir, I let him go…” Ren held the phone away from his ear as his boss hollered at him.

“Sir, I had to, there were witnesses. Yes, sir… No, I will take care of him tonight, while Aurora sleeps. Yes, sir… Okay.” Ren hung up and took a deep breath.

“Aurora!” He called as he walked down the hall.

Aurora stared at her back in the mirror. The tree had done a lot more damage than she had thought it had. She quickly placed her shirt back over her head when she heard Ren’s voice. She flushed the toilet, then walked out into the hall and smiled at him.

“Want something to drink?” He asked with a smile.

Aurora nodded, “sounds good.”

He pulled her into his arms and kissed her lips. When his arms wrapped around her back, she sucked in a sharp breath and backed away from him.

He eyed her. “What’s wrong?”

She shook her head and smiled. “Nothing. I would like that drink now,” she said as she headed back down the hall towards the living room.

She found the kitchen and opened the fridge. It was stocked with all kinds of food and drink, she found a soda and pulled it out. When she turned from the refrigerator, he was standing in the doorway of the kitchen, watching her.

“Soda sounded good,” she said with a smile as she held up the can.

“What is wrong?” He asked as he watched her pop the can and take a drink.

“Nothing,” she said with a shrug.

“I thought we were over this, the not trusting me, bit,” he said as he studied her face.

She grinned, “I do trust you. That is why I am at your house.”

He shook his head. “Then why did you pull away from me?”

She sighed, “it wasn’t because I don’t trust you. I’m just sore,” she said as she passed him and headed to the living room.

“Bull shit,” Ren said as he followed her.

“Fine, don’t believe me,” she said with a laugh.

“Aurora,” he said as he grabbed her arms and pulled her against him.

“I trust you, Lorenzo,” she said with her silky-smooth voice as she looked up at him.

A chill slid down his spine as he watched her. When she talks to him like that, all he wants to do is pull her into his arms and do things to her that her father would never approve.

“You’re so sexy when you say my name like that,” he said as he wrapped his arms around her.

She sucked in a breath and pulled away from him again.

He growled, “okay, Aurora, give it up.”

She sighed, “fine,” she said as she set the can on the coffee table, then lifted her shirt over her head and turned her back to him. She had already unfastened her bra when she had looked at it in the bathroom mirror.

Ren stared at her back; his eyes open wide. “What the hell?” He bellowed as he rushed to her and gently touched the scrapes and bruises on her back. “What happened?” He whispered.

She grinned as she turned her head towards him. “I would think you would know.”

He grunted, “the tree,” he whispered.

She nodded.

He leaned forward and kissed a cut. “Why hadn’t you said something?”

“Because during, it heightened everything. But after…”

He chuckled, “you still should have said something.”

“I didn’t want you to stop.”

He shook his head as he led her to the couch. “Lay down.”

She turned to look at him with a confused look on her face.

He grinned, “I have some salve that will help,” he said as he pointed to the couch.

She nodded, then sat on the couch and laid down on her stomach.

Ren went to his bathroom and looked for the salve. He has fixed her up from one scrape or another, more than once now. He grinned at himself in the mirror.

“You like that she needs you, admit it.”

Okay, so he admits it. He likes it. He shook his head as he found the ointment, then returned to her in his living room.

“Found it,” he said with a smile as he knelt on the floor beside the couch.

“Will it hurt?” She asked as she looked at him.

He smiled at her. “Not the way I do it.”

He placed some into his hand and rubbed his hands together to warm it before he gently applied it to her back.

Aurora moaned in bliss. It felt so good. She didn’t know what felt better, him touching her, or the salve on her cuts.

“No more sex against the trees,” he said with a laugh as he rubbed her back.

She moaned, “but it was so good.”

He laughed, “okay, then we put four jackets on you to protect you.”

She groaned, “it won’t be the same.”

“You’re not getting cut up like this again, Aurora,” he said as he leaned over and looked into her eyes.

She smiled at him. “But it was worth it.”

He laughed, “nothing is worth you getting hurt.”

She sighed, “okay, but we will do it outside again. That was exciting,” she said with a grin.

He chuckled, “okay, I will agree to that. Maybe next time we’ll do something in my hot tub out back.”

She stared up at him with wide eyes as she licked her lips.

He chuckled, he thought she would like that idea.

“Okay, all done here,” he said as he twisted the lid back onto the ointment, then placed it on the table. “I’ll go wash my hands, then we’ll head to bed.”

She nodded as she pulled herself to a sitting position. Her back felt better, but she didn’t plan to lay on it tonight.

She got to her feet and picked up her shirt from the floor beside the couch, then headed down the hall till she found his bedroom. She tossed her shirt onto the trunk at the foot of his bed, then slipped her bra off and placed it on top of it. She was crawling into bed, totally naked, when he entered the room.

“I see you’re making yourself comfortable,” he said with a laugh.

She turned her head and smiled at him, her ass still in the air, from her crawling into the bed.

“You didn’t expect me to sleep on the couch, did you?”

He laughed as he jumped onto the bed and took a bite out of her ass.

She groaned, and her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

“Nope,” he said as he slapped her ass cheek.

“Are you punishing me?” She asked as she gave him a wicked grin.

He smiled at her. “You do deserve to be punished, after running from me, again.”

She wiggled her ass in the air at him. “Then punish me,” she whispered.

Ren stared at her, and his dick got instantly hard. He quickly jumped off the bed and removed his clothes as he continued to watch her. She kept her ass in the air and wiggled it back and forth at him. He groaned as his cock came to attention, then jumped back onto the bed behind her and bit down on her cheeks, one then the other.

She moaned and buried her face into the pillow.

He grabbed hold of her hips and slammed into her as hard as he could. She screamed out his name as he held onto her hips and slammed into her. He grinned and slapped her ass as he slammed into her.

“Again,” she groaned.

He laughed as he slapped her ass again.

“Again,” she said with a laugh.

He laughed again, then moved his hand from her hip and leaned forward in search of her clit. She cried out as he played with her and slammed his cock into her. When she tightened around him, he joined her with a loud groan as he filled her.

“Again,” she said with a groan as she buried her face in the pillow.

He laughed as he slapped her ass then slipped out of her.

“You’re a wild one,” he said with a groan as he fell onto the bed beside her.

She looked over at him with a smile. “Again.”

He laughed, then sat up and slapped her ass. “Now lay down, you nut.”

She giggled as she lowered herself to the bed and turned onto her side to face him. He looked her up and down with a brilliant smile.

“You’re sexy as hell, you know that?”

She smiled, “you’re not half bad yourself,” she said as she leaned forward and kissed his lips.

He groaned, then pulled her closer to deepen the kiss.

“Go to sleep,” he whispered as he held her against him.

She sighed as she cuddled into him. It was nice to sleep somewhere that she knows they won’t be woken in the middle of the night; because some crazy-ass lunatic wants to kill her.



Ren opened his eyes as Sofia shook his shoulder. He looked at her as she shook him again.

“What?” He asked, making sure he didn’t wake Aurora.

“Come on, it’s time to go,” she said as she stepped back.

“Go where?” He asked as he looked down at Aurora, who was sound asleep with her head on his arm and her face inches from his.

“To the hotel in town, we found Andy,” she whispered.

“Right,” he said with a nod, then kissed Aurora on the forehead and eased himself out of bed.

“What happened to her back?” Sofia hissed.

Ren looked at her as he slipped his boxers on. “You don’t want to know.”

“I do,” she said with a nod as she glared at him.

Ren laughed, “okay, but don’t say I didn’t warn you,” he said, then told her about their wild lovemaking against the tree by the stream.

Sofia covered her ears with her hands. “No, I do not want to know,” she said as she turned and left the room.

Ren chuckled then leaned down and kissed Aurora on the lips. Her eyes fluttered open, and she looked up at him.

“Ren?” She whispered.

“Sorry, babe. Your dad needs me to take care of something,” he said as he continued to get dressed.

She sat up and stared around the room. “Is he here? Does he know…”

He chuckled, “he doesn’t know. He sent your sister to get me.”

Aurora sighed with relief as she laid back down on the bed. “She already knows,” she mumbled.

He smiled at her. “Right. I will be back soon. If I’m not back before sunup, I had planned to tell your family that I slept on the couch, if they discover you slept here.”

She nodded, “come home before I get up,” she said before she fell back to sleep.

“I will try,” he whispered as he leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek, then left the room.

“Ready?” Sofia asked when he entered the living room.

Ren nodded, and they headed out the front door.

“I can’t believe you let her get caught again,” Nicola said with a growl as Ren and Sofia met him at the van.

“Yeah, well, I didn’t see either of you running after her with me. That girl can run.”

Paolo laughed from his position behind the wheel. “She has long legs, like her mother.”

“Let’s get this over with,” Ren said with an annoyed growl.

“Let’s make this one quiet,” Nicola said as they jumped into the back of the van.

“Let’s make this one quick,” Ren said as he checked to make sure his gun was loaded and ready to go.

“He has a woman to get back to,” Sofia said with a smile.

The first time she has said that, and it be true, it didn’t matter that it was her sister he wanted to get back to.

Her little sister couldn’t do better than Lorenzo Mancini.

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