The Gem of the Romano Dynasty (Romano Dynasty - Duology - Book One)

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Chapter Sixteen: Think Fast

Ren, Sofia, and Nicola walked through the lobby of the hotel and straight to the elevator.

“I’ll go in first,” Ren said as he pulled his gun out and checked it for the third time.

“Good idea,” Sofia said with a nod.

“We’ll be in the hall,” Nicola said.

Ren nodded, the elevator doors opened, and he stepped out into the hall. He found the number of the room Andy is supposed to be staying in and knocked on the door.

Andy answered the door and stared at Ren. “Where’s the princess?”

Ren smiled as he pushed the door open. “Tied up in my trunk.”

Andy laughed as he stepped back. “So, how are we going to do this?”

“Well, since we both found her at the same time, I figured we’d split the money,” Ren said as he turned to face the man.

Andy snorted, “I found her first…”

“Who do you think she was running from; when she ran into you?” Ren said with a sneer.

“That’s good.”

Ren turned to the voice and almost grunted. “Angelo,” he said with a nod to the man, “I didn’t know you were coming this way.”

Ren watched the older man as he studied Ren. Trevisani’s second in command, hardly ever got his hands dirty. That’s what the others were for.

“I would like to see the girl, make sure you two found the correct woman. I mean, if she was out for a walk and you two just jumped her, then we will have trouble on our hands.”

Ren looked at Andy. “You called it in?”

Andy grinned, “you didn’t think I would trust you, did you?”

Ren grunted, “I don’t have the girl, I only told him that I do, to throw him off,” Ren said as he nodded at Andy.

“I knew it,” Andy said with a growl.

Angelo took a step towards Ren. “What are you playing at, boy?”

“I would like to talk to Trevisani about it,” Ren said with a smile.

“You would, would you?” Angelo asked with a grin.

Ren nodded, “I have been working on this plan for months now, and Andy almost ruined it for me today,” he said as he glared at Andy.

“Is that so?” Angelo asked.

Ren nodded, “I can either talk to Trev on the phone or in person, up to you,” he said as he watched Angelo.

Angelo laughed, “I’d like to see what Trevisani thinks about your plan, in person. Let’s go,” he said as he took hold of Ren’s arm and led him out the door.

When they got to the elevator, Ren looked to his right. “He’s all yours,” he whispered before he followed Angelo into the elevator.

When the elevator doors closed, Sofia and Nicola came out of hiding.

“Guess Ren has a plan,” Nicola said as he looked at Sofia.

Sofia nodded, “I just hope it doesn’t get him killed.”

Nicola nodded, “let’s go see what information this Andy guy has to offer.”

Sofia grinned with a nod, and they headed down the hall to the man’s room.


Ren followed Angelo into the office of Luigi Trevisani. He has been here plenty of times before, but this time, his life hangs in the balance. He had come up with an idea, while he had stared at Angelo in the hotel room and hoped Trevisani bought it.

If not, he’s a dead man.

“Ah, my favorite spy,” Trev said as he walked out from behind a shelf. “What news do you have about the Romano Princess?”

“She’s there,” Ren said with a nod, “I’ve been keeping an eye on her. Dom trusts me with her.”

“I see,” Trevisani said as he studied the boy. “Do you know anything about my men coming up dead in the past few days? One of my men who survived said that they saw you with the girl…”

“They were mistaken. I was left behind when Dom sent several out to bring his daughter home. They can’t find her mother, but she’s there. As soon as they brought her in, I attached myself to her. She only just got in last night, but I’m gaining her trust…”

“Why not just kill her?” Trevisani asked as he folded his arms over his chest.

“What is there in just killing her?”

“A satisfaction that Domenico Romano feels the loss of his child,” Trevisani said with a growl.

Ren nodded, “true. But what about if you could break her in the process?”

Trevisani paused as he watched Ren. “Go on.”

Ren nodded. “What if I got close enough and made her feel for me? Then when she’s hopelessly in love with me and trusts me, as her father does, I bring her to you, and you break her; before you kill her. Then you can watch her despair and tell Dom about it. And see the same look in his eyes, before you put a bullet between them. Because you know once you kill his family, he won’t give up on trying to destroy you.”

Trevisani laughed, “you have given this a lot of thought.”

Ren shrugged, “no more thought then it took to make Dom trust me.”

“Or me?” Trev asked as he stepped closer to Ren.

Ren shook his head. “You, I had to work much harder for. It’s always hard when you’re gaining the trust of your idol.”

Angelo snorted as Trevisani laughed. “You do have a silver tongue on you.”

Ren smiled, “only speaking the truth.”

“We will see,” Trev said with a flick of his hand, “take him back to the hotel so he can return to the Romano’s. He has a princess to woo.”

Ren laughed as Angelo led him out to the car. He felt sick to his stomach as the man drove him to the hotel and left him out front, with a warning.

“Screw this up, and you won’t see it coming.”

Ren watched the car leave and breathed a sigh of relief. Well, he’s still alive, for now.


Ren turned to Sofia’s whisper. He quickly moved to where she and Nicola stood, waiting for him in the shadows.

“How did it go?” Nicola asked as Ren joined them.

“I’m still alive, aren’t I?” Ren asked as he spread his arms out at his sides.

“We got enough information from Andy to stand here and worry about your safety. Apparently, someone saw you with us during one of the firefights,” Sofia said.

Ren nodded, “I convinced Trevisani that the person was mistaken. That I was at the mansion, waiting the whole time, and that I am wooing the girl, to break her heart…”

“This is dangerous, for you and Aurora,” Nicola said as he watched Ren.

“Don’t you think I know that?” Ren asked, annoyed. “It’s the only thing I could think of to keep them from killing me right now. I have a couple more ideas that I can put into play, but for now, I’m working on this angle. They’re buying it, and it gives Dom enough time to get everything together to take Trevisani down.”

Sofia nodded, “don’t you dare let Aurora out of your sight. This will get them to back off for a while, but Trevisani won’t wait forever.”

“Agreed,” Ren said with a nod.

“Let’s go home,” Nicola said with a nod as he headed towards where they had left Paolo and the van.

“Is Andy dead?” Ren asked.

Sofia laughed, “of course.”

“What kind of Torture King do you take me as?” Nicola asked with a grin. “I am not one to torture, then leave them alive.”

“No. He’s one to torture and put them out of their misery,” Sofia said with a nod.

Ren nodded. And that was what made him the best in the field. His torture technique was so great that the person asked for death.


Ren crawled into bed with Aurora and held her close. He hoped his plan worked, and they would be able to settle everything without Aurora getting hurt. And as he promised, he’s not letting her out of his sight. If he has to sleep outside her door in the mansion, she’s not getting rid of him.

“You’re back,” Aurora whispered as she opened her eyes and stared at him.

He smiled as he kissed her lips. “I told you I would be back.”

She sighed as she curled up closer to him. “Did you get the guy?”

He stared down at her, then laughed. Of course, she had heard. “We did. No one will be bothering you for a while,” he whispered.

She smiled with a sigh. “Good. Now kiss me.”

He grinned, and his lips came down on hers.

She moaned as she slid her hand down his body and took hold of his already rock-hard cock and stroked him. He growled playfully, then pinned her to the bed and entered her so smoothly, she purred under him.

This is something he could get used to. Waking up to Aurora and sex first thing in the morning. If only he wasn’t playing both sides of the field, then they could start a real relationship.


“Do you love her?”

Ren practically jumped out of his skin as he turned to face his boss. What does his boss know?

“Excuse me, sir?” Ren asked as he watched Domenico Romano.

Dom stood beside a shelf in the training room, buffing his favorite sword. Ren tried to swallow past his dry throat.

Dom looked up at Ren with a smile. “I was asking my son if he loves this girl he met at his last competition.”

Ren took a deep breath as Jayme turned and smiled at him. Ren smiled back at the boy, then turned back around and placed his hand to his forehead. He had forgotten that the boy was in the room as well. He needs to watch what he says and does around them.

Dom looked from Ren to his son and winked at Jayme.

Jayme chuckled as he went back to polishing the sword Dom had given him, the first day they had come to this room. It had apparently been passed down from father to son for several generations.

“Why are you here and not watching out for my daughter?” Dom asked as he looked at his second.

Ren looked at his boss. “She’s with Sofia and Mrs. Romano. Something about a girl’s day.”

Dom chuckled as he nodded. It has been two weeks since they had brought Aurora home to them, and this was the first he has seen Ren away from his daughter. Everyone has seen how those two look at each other, hell, even Jayme has seen it.

He had had a long talk with the boy, and Jayme had made it his mission to get to know Ren.

“You want to spar, Ren?” Jayme asked as he stood and set his sword on its shelf.

Ren turned to the boy. “No, thanks, kid.”

Jayme snorted, “I’m not a kid…”

“Sorry,” Ren said as he turned back around, “it wasn’t an insult.”

Jayme looked at Dom then back at Ren.

“Come on, Ren, instead of moping as you wait for the women to get back, come spar with the boy. You will find that he has had decent training. Maybe you can teach him a thing or two,” Dom said as he replaced his sword in its sheath, then placed it on the wall.

Jayme snorted, “yeah, right. Him teach me a thing or two?”

Ren turned at the tone in the boy’s voice and grinned. “All right,” he said, then nodded to his boss.

Jayme grinned as the other man walked towards him.

“Rules are the same,” Dom said with a nod as the two faced each other, “nothing below the belt, and no pulling back your punches.”

Ren nodded as he pulled his jacket off and tossed it aside.

Jayme nodded. This is going to be fun.

When Dom said for them to start, Jayme went for the first shot. As his foot came up in the air to hit Ren in the chest, the man grabbed hold of his foot and twisted him off his feet. Jayme fell to the mat on his ass and stared up at the man.

Okay, that was just the first try.

Ren blocked the kid’s every move as they circled each other on the mat. When he spun to throw in a surprise kick, Ren caught his foot, then ducked and spun the kid around and let him go. Jayme flew across the mat and grunted when he landed on his side.

“Damn,” Jayme grumbled.

No one has ever had the upper hand on him before. This guy is good, no wonder he’s his father’s second in command.

“What do you call that move?” Aurora asked as she watched her brother lying on the mat; after Ren had tossed him across the room.

All three men turned to find the women standing in the doorway, loaded down with bags.

Ren smiled as he looked at Aurora.

Aurora smiled back, then looked at her brother again. “I think you have found someone better than you, Brother.”

Jayme laughed, “I think you’re right, Sister.”

“I’ll help you with that,” Ren said as he walked towards Aurora.

Jayme noticed the man only had eyes for his sister and grinned as he found his moment. He moved his body so fast that no one saw him as he flung his leg out and toppled the large man over.

“Jayme!” Isabella screamed as she watched Ren fall forward and land on top of her daughter.

Aurora stared up at Ren as he laid on top of her. Had her brother seriously just cheated?

“I’m sorry, Aurora,” Jayme said with wide eyes as he stared at the large man who laid on top of his sister on the floor.

“Sorry,” Ren whispered as he looked into Aurora’s eyes.

She felt him start to harden and chuckled. “You may want to think about something else,” she whispered to him.

Ren grunted as he pulled himself to his feet and helped her to hers. He noticed that she still had hold of her bags and laughed.

“You really should get some training Aurora. You have potential,” he said as he looked at the bags still in her hands.

She looked at the bags, then up at him, and smiled. “Nah, I just really like what’s in my bags,” she said as she looked at her mother, who was staring at her.

“Are you okay, Piccolo?” Sofia asked as she looked Aurora over.

Aurora laughed, “I am fine, Sister. Just a little wind knocked out of me.”

“Jayme, you should apologize to Ren. That was a low move,” Dom said as he watched the scene before him.

Jayme walked over to Ren and placed his hand on the taller man’s shoulder. “I’m sorry. That really was a low blow.”

Ren grinned down at Jayme. “It’s never a low blow when it comes to fighting someone who is trying to kill you.”

Jayme nodded.

“But do remember that it’s different when it’s someone you’re sparing with. And I don’t forget easily,” Ren said with a smile as he took Aurora by the arm and led her from the room.

Jayme stared after the man and his sister. “You’re on!” He hollered out to the man.

“What is going on with those two?” Isabella asked as she watched her husband’s second walk-off with her daughter.

“You don’t want to know,” Sofia whispered.

“What was that?” Isabella asked her oldest.

Sofia smiled, “nothing, Mama. Let’s go put our new clothes away.”

Isabella smiled as she left the room with her foster daughter.

“What made you decide to do that?” Dom asked as he watched his son.

Jayme shrugged his shoulders. “I saw an opening and took it. Didn’t mean for him to fall on top of Aurora.”

Dom nodded, “let’s start your sword training,” he said as he pulled his sword off the wall and slid it out of its sheath.

Jayme nodded, “I do have training in swords, Pops.”

Dom laughed, “and you also have plenty of training in karate, yet my second beat you.”

Jayme snorted, “he’s good.”

Dom nodded, “that is why I sent him to your sister.”

Jayme looked at his father. “Are you sure that’s the only reason?”

“I have no idea what you are talking about,” Dom said with a shake of his head.

“Now grab your sword, I’m going to teach you a couple of moves, I’m sure no one has ever shown you.”

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