The Gem of the Romano Dynasty (Romano Dynasty - Duology - Book One)

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Chapter Thirty: The Wedding

“I don’t know if I can do this,” Sofia said as she paced back and forth in front of the standing mirror in the master bedroom of her suite.

Aurora chuckled, “sure you can.”

Sofia stopped pacing and stared at herself in the mirror. The wedding dress she had tried on and loved, all those weeks ago, still looked good on her. She has tried hard to not see Martina prancing around in this dress, but it has been hard.

The sleeveless dress held her breasts up high and gave her plenty of cleavage. The material had floral designs that were hard to see; unless you were up close. The skirt of the dress clung to her hips and gently flowed down to her feet. She wore white slippers, made of the same material, which had taken them forever to find. They fit her feet to perfection, and are so comfortable, she felt like she was walking on clouds.

“You look beautiful,” Aurora said with a smile.

Sofia looked at her little sister. She hasn’t been out of the hospital for very long, but she looked good for what she had been through. She was wearing a long-sleeved dress, to cover the bandages, down her arms and across her chest. When Sofia thought of what that bitch did to Aurora, it made her want to go to the cemetery, dig the woman up, and kill her all over again. She had seen in Ren and the other men’s eyes, that they felt the same.

“I don’t know if I can walk down the aisle in something that has touched that woman’s body,” Sofia said with a shiver of disgust.

Aurora wrapped her arms around her and gave her a warm hug. Sofia sighed as she closed her eyes and hugged her back.

“Martina never tried on the dress,” Aurora whispered.

Sofia took a step back, her eyes open wide in surprise. “But why not?”

Aurora laughed, “I don’t know. I guess to get back at me. I told her about the pearls,” she said as she touched the strand of pearls around her neck.

Sofia smiled as she looked at the pearl necklace. She, Ren, and Nicola had worked hard on getting the pearls from that hideous dress, which is now a pile of shredded material. They had given up on being gentle.

It was an ugly dress, anyways.

Once the pearls were retrieved, Ren took them to the jeweler, and they presented the necklace to Aurora when she got home from the hospital.

“She thought she was hurting me by ignoring the dress we had picked out, then decided she would get her own. And when I wouldn’t give her a card to do just that, she had gone to Papa. He wouldn’t give her anything, either. He had told her the dress had already been paid for, and he wasn’t buying a new one. She’d said something about trading the dress in, and Papa refused. After that, I hid the dress,” Aurora said with a laugh.

“Why did you hide it?” Sofia asked.

“Because when Papa refused to trade in the dress, she talked about shredding it, so Papa would be forced to buy a new one. Savana overheard her mumbling about it when she’d left Papa’s office. So, I asked Savana to hide the dress,” Aurora said as she grinned at her sister. “Martina got angrier and angrier every day she couldn’t find the dress.”

Sofia laughed. Her little sister has a devious side to her, she is definitely a Romano.

“Where had you hidden it?” Sofia asked.

Aurora chuckled, “I don’t know. I asked Savana to hide it in a different place every few hours.”

Sofia held onto her side as she laughed so hard, she couldn’t breathe. Aurora laughed with her.

“So lovely to see both my girls so happy,” Isabella said with a smile as she entered the room.

Sofia and Aurora looked at her, still laughing.

“May I be let in on the joke?”

Aurora replayed to her mother, what she had just told Sofia.

Isabella chuckled, “served her right.”

The room got eerily quiet as the laughter stopped, and they stared at each other.

“Please don’t let her ruin this,” Aurora whispered as she pleaded with them with her eyes.

“Right,” Isabella said with a nod as she cleared her throat. “You look beautiful,” she said with a smile as she looked at Sofia.

Sofia smiled, “thank you, Mama.”

“We must put your veil on, your father will be here soon,” Isabella said as she picked up the veil and Aurora helped her situate it on Sofia’s head.

Sofia pulled the veil to cover her face and sighed.

“Too bad your beautiful face has to be covered,” Isabella said with a sigh as she straightened the veil around her eldest’s face.

“We have to pretend that I’m Aurora,” Sofia whispered, “can’t let the guests see my face.”


Aurora stood to the left of the podium with a large bouquet of puce and white flowers in her hands. Sofia has no clue that she is going to be up here, waiting for her. Everyone still thinks she’s Nicola’s sister, except those closest to them. The heavy veil over Sofia’s face was something that everyone assumed was because Aurora Romano had been cut up pretty bad and was hiding it.

Of course, who would want to look ugly on their wedding day?

And Sofia looked anything but ugly.

Everyone knows there had only been the maid of honor, for this wedding, which was Aurora’s sister Sofia, who is at this moment, ‘On assignment.’

Aurora looked over to the other side of the podium, where the groom and best man stood. Ren looked over at her and winked, and she felt hot flashes throughout her body. He was going to get it later tonight. It will be the first time in almost a week that they were going to be able to do something, and her body tingled just thinking about it.

Her doctor had told her that as long as they are careful of her stitches, she can have sex. And she was jumping Ren, as soon as they were able to leave the party. It will be tricky, because they will have to switch partners, but they have been planning it for weeks…

The music changed to the wedding march, and everyone stood and turned to the bride, who was clinging to her father’s arm as they walked down the aisle.

“I shouldn’t be doing this, Papa,” Sofia whispered to Dom.

“Why not?” Dom asked as he looked down at his eldest. It was hard to see the emotions on her face, with that heavy veil covering it.

“Because it should be Aurora walking down the aisle to Ren, not me,” she hissed.

Dom grinned, “I’m sure your sister is happier that it is you, rather than Martina.”

Sofia huffed, “that’s beside the point. It should be Aurora here, and you know it! Why haven’t you told them that you know? Those kids live in constant fear.”

Dom chuckled, “I am waiting for them to come to me.”

Sofia snorted, “you like putting the fear of God into them, admit it.”

Dom’s grin widened, but he didn’t admit to anything.

“Look,” he said when they got closer to the podium.

Sofia turned her head from her father to look down the aisle and sucked in a breath. The first thing she noticed was the Priest from their church.

“It is real,” she whispered. But why would Dom do this to them?

The second thing she noticed was her little sister standing to the left of the podium with a brilliant smile on her face. She looked so beautiful in the long-sleeved dress. Was it puce? Why hadn’t she noticed that before?

Probably because she’d been distracted by her nerves. Thinking about how this should not be happening, especially now.

They should have used Martina’s body and faked Aurora’s death. But her father had been right, that would have just made things worse and more difficult for Ren.

The third thing she noticed was Ren standing to the right of the podium, all grins.

What the hell was going on here? She wondered as she stared at Ren.

She sucked in a breath when Nicola peeked around Ren and grinned at her. When she and Dom approached the podium, Nicola moved in front of Ren and walked towards them.

“Who gives this woman away?” The Priest asked.

“I do,” Dom said as he handed Sofia over to Nicola.

“What’s going on?” Sofia asked in a whisper, as Nicola led her to the podium.

“We’re getting married,” he whispered as he leaned towards her, “that is…if you will have me.”

She stared up at him. She knows he can’t see her face, so she impatiently pushed the veil up, so only he could see her.

“Are you screwing with me?”

“Not until tonight,” he whispered into her ear.

Sofia felt hot all over as her body responded to his words.

“So, will you?” He asked as he pulled back and smiled at her. “Have me, that is.”

“You idiot!” She hollered as she smacked him in the chest with her flowers.

Everyone behind them laughed uncomfortably, not sure of what was going on.

“Is that a yes, or a no?” Nicola asked with a laugh, as he held her hands and the flowers, against his chest.

Sofia snorted, “you’re supposed to ask me before you plan the wedding, not during,” she hissed.

Nicola laughed, “this was all Dom’s idea.”

“So, then you don’t want to marry me?” She squealed the last words, and Nicola pulled her against him and kissed her.

The surrounding area became deathly quiet as everyone looked from the couple kissing, to Ren and back again.

Ren looked out into the guests and groaned inwardly when he spotted Angelo in the back and felt the blood drain from his face. That’s good. Maybe that will help with what he was about to do next.

“What the hell, Nic!” Ren hollered as loud as he could. “Get your hands off my bride!”

Nicola lifted his head, then turned to stare at his best man.

Aurora stared at Ren. He must have seen something, no one else has seen.

“What the hell, Ren?” Nicola bellowed as Ren yanked him away from the bride.

“I’ve had about enough of you; I have seen the way you look at Aurora!”

“What the hell?” Nicola asked with wide eyes, as he quickly glanced at the real Aurora, then at Ren. He saw the look in the man’s eyes and knew something wasn’t right.

“You have been fooled!” Nicola said as he pulled himself from Ren’s grip.

“I am no fool,” Ren growled.

“This is supposed to be my wedding day!” Sofia yelled as she yanked the veil off her head and threw it onto the ground.

Everyone took in a shocked breath, including Ren.

“Sofia?” Ren asked as he stared at the woman.

“Can we please get on with this?” Sofia asked as she tapped her foot.

“Does that mean you want me?” Nicola asked as he moved towards her.

Sofia grinned, “of course, I do.”

“Wait, we’re not done here,” Ren growled as he took hold of Nicola’s shoulder.

Nicola ducked Ren’s fist. Ren was glad that the man had predicted his moves.

“Enough!” Dom hollered as he got to his feet. “Ren, go stand by the Priest, you will participate in this wedding, and then we will have a nice, long, chat.”

“I was promised a wedding today!” Ren hollered. “Where’s my bride?!”

“Did you really think I would let you marry my daughter? There is a reason I never let you see anything to do with her title.”

Ren sighed with silent relief. He knows that Dom had caught on; because he has indeed seen everything, there is to do with Aurora’s title. And what it means to carry that title, other than the money that comes with it.

“If I don’t get your daughter, then I will take what I really want,” he said with a growl, then marched over to Aurora. Aurora’s eyes widened. “Sorry,” he mouthed to her before he pulled her into his arms and kissed her.

Nicola reacted as Ren knew he would.

“Get your hands off my sister!”

Ren winked at Aurora when Nicola pulled him away from her.

“Enough!” Sofia hollered as she stomped her feet.

Both men turned to her.

“I’m getting married today if I have to kill both of you and marry the next man I see.”

Ren almost laughed when several men stood up from their seats.

“Sit down!” Dom hollered.

The men quickly sat back in their seats.

Dom took a deep, calming breath. “Please, Father,” he said, then pointed at Sofia and Nicola.

Nicola shoved Ren over to his position, then took Sofia by the hand. “Shall we?” He asked as he gestured towards the Priest.

Sofia grinned, then walked with him to stand before the Priest.


“Did you notice the Priest hadn’t asked if there was anyone who disagreed with their union?” Aurora asked with a laugh as they waited in Dom’s office after the ceremony.

As crazy as it all was, it had been beautiful.

They had initially planned to fake everyone out. Ren was going to stand in front of Nicola, as the priest married Nicola to Sofia. But Nicola had gotten too, whatever had come over him when he’d seen Sofia in her dress.

“Everything would have gone fine if you hadn’t kissed her!” Ren said, annoyed.

“Sorry,” Nicola said with a grin, not really sorry at all.

Aurora chuckled. She knew he wasn’t sorry, and he proved it with his next words.

“I couldn’t help myself, I just had to have her in my arms, damn the consequences,” he said as he pulled his new wife into his arms and kissed her.

“What the hell was that?!” Dom bellowed as he and Isabella entered the room.

Everyone except Aurora; started talking at the same time. Dom held up his hand, and everyone went silent.

He looked at Ren. “Ren?”

“Angelo was hiding in the shadows in the back.”

“Shit!” Sofia and Nicola hollered at the same time.

Everyone started talking at once again, and Aurora covered her ears.

“Piccolo, you do not look well,” Sofia said as she stopped talking and looked at her sister.

Aurora smiled, “I am fine, just have a headache.”

“I would too, after the way Ren grabbed and kissed you,” Nicola said with a laugh.

“I knew you would react the way you did,” Ren said as he looked at Aurora.

Aurora smiled, “I’ll be fine,” she assured them.

“Well, things are going to be escalating soon,” Dom said as he moved to his deck. “They’re going to want to know where Aurora is.”

“Papa,” Aurora said as she looked at her father.

“Yes, Piccolo?”

“Aurora was mugged along with her friends, remember? So, she’s not feeling so well…”

“Of course,” Sofia said with a grin.

“But what about the fight you all had?” Isabella asked.

“Papa is starting to see Ren for what he is and doesn’t want him to marry his daughter,” Sofia said as she looked around the room.

“Or Aurora changed her mind,” Ren grumbled.

Aurora looked at Ren, and when he looked at her, she smiled a smile just for him. “Never,” she mouthed to him, then winked.

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