The Gem of the Romano Dynasty (Romano Dynasty - Duology - Book One)

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Chapter Five: Just A Kiss

“Hello, Aurora,” the woman said as she stared at her.

“Do…Do I know you?” Aurora stuttered.

“No, but I know your father,” the woman said with a smile.

“My father is dead,” Aurora said as she looked for a way to escape the woman.

“Not really,” the woman said as she crept closer to her.

Aurora looked at the space under the wall, separating the stalls and dove towards it. She got halfway under the wall when the woman grabbed her legs and pulled her back into the larger stall. Aurora screamed when the woman lifted her to her feet and slammed her into the wall.

“Just where do you think you’re going?” The woman asked as she got into Aurora’s face.

Aurora frantically tried to remember some of the moves her brother had taught her. But she was never the fighter type. He’s the fighter. And the move she knew in this position wouldn’t work, the pit bull; didn’t have balls.

Well, not the kind between the legs.

The woman pulled a knife from her belt and held it to Aurora’s throat. “Too bad this has to end. You’re fun,” she said as she started to press the knife to Aurora’s throat.

Aurora screamed as she used her hands and slapped both sides of the woman’s head, making her ears ring.

“Damn, bitch, what the hell,” the woman said as she let Aurora go and flung her hands up to her head.

Free of the woman, Aurora pushed past her and headed for the door.

“I don’t think so!” The woman hollered as she threw her knife at Aurora.

Before Aurora got to the door, it opened, and Ren stepped inside. It felt like slow motion as he pushed her behind him and caught the knife the woman had thrown. The woman stared at Ren as he flipped the knife in his hand and looked at her.

“Delilah,” he said between gritted teeth.

“Lorenzo,” she purred as she smiled at him, “I didn’t know you were on this case too.”

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me,” he said as he glared at her.

“I have invited you to share,” she said as she moved closer to him.

“Sorry, I don’t deal with Trev’s sloppy seconds.”

That made the woman angry, and she hissed at Ren.

“What do you say we split the money?” She said as she pointed to Aurora, who was peeking out from behind his back.

Ren snorted, “not my style,” he said, then threw the knife.

The knife hit the woman between the eyes, and she stared at Ren in shock as she fell to the floor, her eyes hollow.

“I knew I shouldn’t have let you come in here alone,” Ren said as he turned to Aurora.

“You killed her,” she said as she stared at the woman on the floor.

He sighed. “Are you going to say that about everyone I kill?”

She looked up at him, “maybe.”

He chuckled as he took her by the arm and led her out of the bathroom. “Let’s pay our check and get the hell out of here.”

She nodded as she went to the table and grabbed her bag. Ren lifted his bag over his shoulder, then paid the ticket and led her out of the café. They walked across the road to the car lot and rented a car, then loaded their bags inside and drove away.


Ren watched Aurora as she stared out the window of their hotel room. He needed to call his boss and tell him what has happened since last night. But he hated to leave her like this.


She turned and looked at him. He could see the fear in her eyes, the uncertainty. It made his heartache, and he rushed to her. She let out a whimper when he pulled her into his arms. She didn’t pull away, but she didn’t wrap her arms around him either.

That was okay, as long as she let him hold her.

“I’m sorry you’re going through this,” he whispered as he held her.

“Whey it ip apen meet.”

He chuckled. “What did you say?” He asked as he pulled her away and looked into her eyes.

“Why is this happening to me?” She asked as she looked up at him.

He sighed, “downfall of being a Romano, I guess.”

“Yeah,” she said with a sniffle.

He smiled, “I need to make a phone call, it won’t take long. Okay?”

She nodded as she pulled away from him. The ache in his heart deepened at the look on her face. He was going to make it quick, so he can get back to her.

Ren went into the bathroom and closed the door, then pulled out his phone and dials his boss’s number.

“Hey, boss. Uh, we have a problem.” He listened for a minute then shook his head. “No, she’s okay, for now. But uh, sir, they keep finding us… Yeah, I take care of them… But sir…. Okay, I’ll do that. Can you figure out how they’re finding us? - Yeah, I know - Okay, bye,” Ren said with a sigh as he hung up the phone.

Okay, so he has to keep her safe for a while longer. Dom has the means to find out how they’re finding his daughter so quickly, but it will take time. Which is something they have plenty of. As long as he keeps her safe and at his side. He heard the outer door open, then close and swung the bathroom door open. The room was empty.

Where the hell did she go?


Aurora stared up at the stars. Why was this happening to her? Who are these people, and why do they want her dead?


She shivered when she heard Ren’s voice. And why does this man do things to her body?

“You shouldn’t be out here alone,” he whispered as he stepped closer to her.

Aurora felt a tear slide down her cheek. “I needed a moment to myself,” she whispered.

“I can give you that,” he said as he stopped moving, “just don’t run off alone again. Do you want what happened in the women’s bathroom, to happen again?”

“No,” she whispered, “I don’t want any of this.”

Ren watched Aurora’s back as she quivered with her cries. What was he supposed to do with this? He’s used to women like Delilah. Tough, no-nonsense, I don’t cry, women. This was a whole new experience for him. He sighed as he moved over to Aurora and wrapped his arms around her, from behind.

Memories of his baby sister flashed through his mind. She had been a crier.

He closed his eyes. He hasn’t thought about Emma in a long time. Because when he thinks about her, his mother isn’t far behind. Nor is that day, so long ago.

He had gotten home from school and found his mother crying on the couch. She never cries. He has never gotten along with her, but she was still his mother. He had asked what was going on, and she gibbered about something to do with Emma. He had asked where Emma was, and she had pointed down the hall.

He had gone to his sister’s bedroom and knocked on the door. When he had gotten no response, he had opened the door and found her lying on her bed, naked. He had rushed to her when he had noticed her eyes open wide and staring up at the ceiling. He had shaken her, but no response.

She was cold as ice.

Who could harm his sweet, baby sister? After crying for the first time in his life. He had rushed to the living room and demanded his mother to tell him what had happened. After plenty of shakings, she had finally said that they needed money. They were about to be thrown out.

He had asked what had happened to the money she got for child support from their father. She had said that his father had stopped paying months ago. He screamed at her that she should have let him know that he could have gotten a job.

She had just scoffed at him like he couldn’t handle a job.

He shook her again. ‘What happened to Emma!’

She told him that a man had paid her a thousand dollars for Emma’s virginity.

Without thinking, he had slapped his mother across the face.

Then he had shaken her again.

‘What happened to Emma!’

The man had strangled her as he raped her. Ren had shoved his mother onto the couch and ordered her to give him the man’s name. She had, and that was the first time Ren had ever killed anyone.

When he had gotten home from the man’s house, he had found his mother dead, suicide. He had gathered his belongings, said his goodbyes to his sister, then left, never looking back.

Less than a year later, after he had turned eighteen, Domenico Romano had found him and shaped him into his second in command.

“Ren?” Aurora whispered when his body stiffened.

“Sorry, was down memory lane,” he said as he relaxed.

“Penny for your thoughts?” She asked as she turned in his arms to face him.

He smiled down at her. “They’re not worth a peso.”

She laughed, and his heart sang. What is it about her, that she could shove him off the edge, and at the same time, pull him back up?

“I’m ready to go back in now,” she whispered as she studied his face.

He looked down at her. But was he ready to go back in? The look in her eyes had him hypnotized. He leaned forward, and her intake of breath penetrated his thoughts, but only for a split second. He could hear both their hearts beating, as he slowly and gently touched his lips to hers.

Fireworks erupted through his body. He pulled her closer and deepened the kiss. When she moaned against his mouth, he used his tongue to open her to him. When she obeyed, his body shook when his tongue met with hers.

Aurora groaned as his tongue played with hers. She has never felt these sensations before. Sure, she has kissed a guy or two. But nothing like this. She slowly wrapped her arms around his neck as he held her against his rock-hard body.

Speaking of hard.

She could feel his arousal against her stomach, which made her shiver. Could she really do it? Sleep with a man she doesn’t know. But she does know him, doesn’t she? He has been saving her ass for the past couple of days…

“We shouldn’t,” he said out of breath as he broke the kiss.

They shouldn’t? Really? She thought with despair.

She knows he wants her; she could still feel his arousal against her. But he backed away from her, which made her heart plummet to her feet.

“Get a girl all riled up, then turn her away,” she said as she watched him back away from her, “that’s really great for my ego,” she mumbled.

He took in a long breath. “You’re my boss’s daughter.”

She grunted, “I told you, my father is dead.”

“And I told you…” He stopped and shook his head. “I don’t want to argue with you, Aurora.”

“Then don’t,” she said as she moved towards him. What the hell has gotten into her? She has never been this brazen before.

“Aurora,” he said with a warning in his eyes.

“It’s just a kiss, Ren,” she said as she stopped in front of him, “just a kiss,” she whispered.

Ren grunted as he pulled her back into his arms.

His mouth was on hers so fast she took in a shocked breath, then relaxed as his mouth explored hers, once again. She wrapped her arms around his neck and reveled in the feel of him in her arms. She knows she shouldn’t be doing this, but she has never wanted anyone like this before, not even her last boyfriend.

Maybe that was why it hadn’t worked out.

Ren held Aurora in his arms as he devoured her mouth.

She’s right. It’s just a kiss. Right?

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