The Evil Grand Duke

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Miley is a Duchess who's father promised a marriage arrangement to a very powerful Grand Duke that has a secret side to him that on one knows about. When she tries to have people see what she is going through, they just turn their heads and look the other way no matter how hard she tries to make them see. This true life event happened back in this time and unfortunately when spoken of, was seen as the women that was in the wrong due to they were only to be seen and not heard while in their husband's presence. Men showed off their women like trophies when they found one of stunning beauty and proper upbringing. This story goes through the life of a woman that was put into this situation and lived in fear of her husband and others around her.

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Going to Town

This book is based on true events that happened back in the 1600′s. It is based on a secret diary that was found and also stories that have been told for generations. I will not use their true names but just so you know that the facts are true and then I will also put my own creativity into the book also. If you can not handle the true life of a woman that lived during this time, then this book is not for you! Countless threats and bad things that happened behind closed doors back in this day was not acknowledged and blind eyes were turned. These women lived in silent fear of their husband’s and were controlled daily by them to make sure they acted right and stayed in line.

*Now to the story*

Present Day

It is at night and I am running as hard as I can through the woods. The dogs are closing in on me as I run through the woods barefoot. My night clothes are torn to shreds from running through thicket and thorns. The road is just over the next small hill and if I can make it to that, maybe someone in a carriage will give me a ride so I can get far away from him. I can not go back, I don’t know what he will do to me if I get caught.

My father had him court me for a short time and then was he promised my hand in marriage to him. He was sweet around everyone but in the shadows of being alone, he was demanding and showed me a side of him that I did not like. He said things that made me really wish my dad would break off the engagement to him. I tried to talk to dad, but in his eyes Daniel was the perfect gentleman and a very wealthy one also that would provide for me and looked like I would have a happy life. Climbing the last hill, I finally get to the road and try to catch my breath. I hear the dogs barking and closing in along the the hoof beats for the horses along with men shouting. Not far ahead, I see a light off a carriage and take off running towards it. I am slowly gaining on it when out of no where, a huge gray horse cuts me off and the man grabs me, throws a black hood over my face and then there is blackness.


“Miley!” my dad hollers down the hall “Hurry up and get dressed. We are going to town in about 10 minutes. You said you wanted cloth for new dress. If you want to get some, then you need to put some clothes on!

Rolling over in the bed, I blink as a servant rips the curtains open in my room. I pull the covers over my head and groan.

The servant curtsies as she finishes her task “Good morning Miss. Come now, your dad sent me in here to get you up and dressed to go to town. Now, get up and I will fetch you a gown”.

“Ok, I will get up” pushing myself off the bed.

After making sure that I am dressed, the servant opens the door and we make our way down the long staircase to the main lobby of the house.

Sherman looks at me with a side eye “Well, you look good. Excited about going into the city for more cloth?”

“Yes, there is a ball coming up that I need one for. All the girls that are of age go to the Matching Ball to see if they can find a suit or or find someone to court you and possibly been engaged to within a short time” rolling my eyes at him.

“I have to go also. Been able to avoid it for the last few years but I can’t this year. Dad says I have to see if anyone is worthy of becoming a Duchess or that might catch my eye as a wife” he crosses his arms at my dad.

“I guess we can ride together if you would like” smiling at his mad demeanor.

“That sounds like a very good plan. If Miley finds someone who is interested in her then he will ask to bring her home in his carriage. Then you can escort your interest home in ours.If not, then she can ride with you and then come home” my dad pats our arms as we walk out.

“Do I have to accept the ride from a gentleman?” trying to get out of this anyway I can.

“Yes” my dad says crossly “If he asks then you need to let him escort you home. That way you can talk more and find out more about each other.

“Yes father, if I am asked then I will accept” giving into my father’s wishes

“Good girl. Hopefully you both can find someone that you are interested in tomorrow” he looks at both of us as he says this.

“The seamstress needs the cloth before lunch so my dress will be finished so we need to get going” trying to get them on the move now. My dad smiles and we walk out and get into the carriage. It goes out the gate and rolls down the road until we get into the city. We finally get out and I go to the cloth carts to start looking for what I want. After about a hour of sifting through so many carts, I finally find the perfect colors that I want. Paying the owner, I walk back towards the carriage when a man steps in front of me and smiles.

“Hello. You are not from around here are you?” the tall, handsome man looks at me with a kind smile.

“I don’t live in the city but live just on the outside not far from here” pointing in the direction of where my estate is.

“I thought maybe you were a visitor because I have never seen you at any balls that are thrown” as he studies my face.

“I just turned of age so I will be attending the Matching Ball tomorrow evening” holding the cloth in my hands.

“Your dress will be done by then?” he nods down to the cloth.

“Yes, our seamstress is going to work on it throughout the afternoon for me” trying to step around him but he blocks my path.

“So are you a noble?” looking at me with more interest.

“I am a Duchess and my father is a Duke” looking around for them hoping they will come save me from this man.

“Are you the oldest in your family?” sliding his eyes over my clothes.

“No, my brother is two years older than me. He is the next heir to my father’s estate” finally seeing them walk down the aisle towards me.

What is your father’s name? I may know him” not realizing my dad is now right behind him.

“Mark Adams and I am her father. Who are you?” looking at how he is blocking my path.

“My apologies” turning around towards my dad finally “My name is Daniel Collins VI.”

“Yes, I know your father. Your a Grand Duke also” my dad’s eyes have lit up and I groan internally.

“Yes sir I am. I am also the oldest in our family and the rightful heir to his estate.”

“May I ask why you are wondering the streets today? Looking for something that your wife wanted?” looking around for a woman that might be looking for him.

He chuckles and then looks at my dad. “I have not taken a wife yet. I am still looking for the right one.”

“Will you be at the ball tomorrow?” I see my father’s mind working hard now.

“Yes, and I would like for your daughter to save me a dance also. She is a beautiful woman.”

“That she is and I am sure that she will be happy to save you a dance” looking between him and myself.

“I would be honored if she would” his eyes flick to me.

“Of course. I would be delighted” trying to be the lady that my dad trained me to be.

Little did I know what scheme he was pulling over everyone and exactly how cruel he was.

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