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Juniper just moved to NY after getting a job at Blackhill Corporation. What will happen when the CEO's emotionally unavailable son declares Juniper his new BFF? Are they destined to only be friends with benefits or is there a chance at something more?

Romance / Erotica
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The Big Apple

My name is Juniper Thorne and I’m 27 years old. I just moved to New York to live with my best friend Charlotte. We’ve been friends since..well, forever. Charlotte has lived here for two years now and I thought it was time to make a change. Try something adventurous so I moved here to the big apple to be with my best friend. Charlotte is a well-established model who frequently gets gigs and has even walked the runway during fashion week here in New York. I, on the other hand, am not a model. Just a simple girl from a small mountain town in Colorado. I got my degree in business and start my new job at Blackhill Corporation on Monday.

“Geeze girl, you ready to go yet? I’ve been waiting for at least fifteen minutes!” Charlotte steps in through my bedroom door leaning on the frame. She makes her red stilettos look easy to walk in after years of experience.

“Yes, I’m almost ready. I want to make sure I look good my first real night out here in the city.” I spritz some perfume on and take one last glance in my full-length mirror before I complete a full twirl for Charlie. She had convinced me to go out to one of the hottest new clubs with her tonight as a welcome to the city girl’s night. Of course, we would get right in because she has all kinds of connections being a model and all.

She eyes my simple white bodycon dress and knee-high boots accompanied by my favorite black leather jacket. My makeup was a little more than what I would normally do, but I figured since my outfit was simple enough it wouldn’t be too much. Soft waves cascaded down my back, my dark hair accentuating the white of my dress.

“Damn girl, you look hot! All the men are going to be checking you out!” She laughed, causing me to blush slightly.

“Yeah right! Let’s go!” We hailed a cab since neither of us owns a car and the club is too far to walk to, especially with the chilly October night air creeping up. Soon we arrive at the club and sure enough, there’s a line going around the block. Charlotte takes my hand and walks right past the large bouncer who only gives us a nod. I look back at all the other girls giving us dirty looks and I can’t help but laugh to myself. Never did I think I’d be getting right into the hottest new club in New York City.

After pushing through throngs of people, we find an empty high-top table. “Let’s get us some drinks!” I shout over the pulsing music, vibrating through my body.

“Of course. What were you thinking?” Charlotte asks leaning in trying to hear over the music.

“How about some shots to start? I think it’ll help me loosen up a bit. I don’t know why but I feel so nervous!”

“Babe, you have nothing to be nervous about. You’re a hot girl with a killer personality to add to it! Let’s have some tequila!” she grins knowing exactly how I feel about tequila.

“No, you know what tequila does to me!” I resist the urge to gag, thinking about my last encounter with that demon liquor.

“Well, what other shots were you thinking? I thought you wanted to loosen up?” She quirks her perfect eyebrow up at me and I know she’s right. Any type of hard liquor is going to make me crazy, so it might as well be tequila.

“Oh, for fucks sake, why not.” I shrug, rolling my eyes as I attempt to hide my smile. I wait at the table, not wanting to lose it while Charlie goes to the bar quickly grabbing the attention of the cute bartender. My hips sway to the beat absentmindedly as I wait. When makes her way back she places down four shots, a jack and coke for me, and cranberry vodka for herself.

We toast to my new life in the city and down the first shot, the clear liquid burning smoothly down my throat settling deep in my stomach. “Wow, I remember now why I don’t drink this shit.” My eyes water with the second shot, tilting my head back letting its warmth flow through me. After finishing our drinks, we make our way to the dance floor letting the vibrations from the bass flow through us. It’s hot, crowded, and smells like sex, but I couldn’t care less as I become tipsy, the alcohol swimming into my bloodstream.

With all the grinding and sweating, I decide I need another drink, looking toward the bar as I try to figure out which end is less crowded. As I scan the crowd, my eyes meet with a gorgeous man in a black fitted dress shirt, sleeves rolled up showing off his tattoos. Fuck, he’s hot!

I turn around to Charlotte to get her opinion, only to find her tongue locked with some guy. I decided I might as well give it a shot since I know I’ll be on my own for the rest of the night. I take a step toward the bar and as I’m walking over, a petite blonde woman clings to his arm, him turning toward her. I immediately make a beeline for the opposite side of the bar feeling deflated. That must’ve been his date or girlfriend, and I am not about to approach someone who is taken.

Well fuck. I guess I’ll get one final drink, then let Charlie know I’m going to head home. Knowing her, she won’t be back tonight and I’m feeling all those drinks. I feel stupid for even thinking about approaching him. I’m not the type to put myself out there, but clearly, the tequila was doing its thing.

Once I get the attention of a female bartender, she pours me another jack and coke. I down it, setting the glass on the bar and try to find Charlotte, snaking my way through the crowd. I find her against the wall, the man she was making out with pressed against her, sucking on her neck. I gesture I’m leaving, trying not to interrupt them. She shoots me a wink and I pull out my phone to order a rideshare, heading home for the night.

After arriving home, I wash off my makeup and throw my hair up in a loose bun. I change into my favorite pajamas, falling back on my white comforter. The whole ride home, all I could think about was the sexy man at the bar and how he stared at me. The way he looked at me made butterflies shoot through my stomach like a cannon, but it doesn’t matter. I’ll never see him again. New York is a big city with millions of people.

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