The Legend Of The Millennia Wolves

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Laurie Wallace is born to a family of werewolf wolves and one day she is attacked by a rival pack of both her family and the family of her boyfriend who she met three years ago and a family of werewolf lions who call themselves the Moore family are the only ones who can help her after one of the wolves bites her but when they find out about her ancestor and what her ancestor has done for their family and her family who has the power to call on the power of the Greek and Nordic myths. Thomas Moore has no other choice but to bite her as well so she has the power of her Greek and Nordic ancestors. The Moore family tries to convince Laurie stay out of trouble. What happens when she falls head over heels for Thomas.

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Zach Scepter as Thomas Moore

Neptune as Nicholas Moore

Salacia as Sarah Moore

Lauren Wolf as Laurie Wallace

Andromeda as Alexandra Wallace

Perseus as Patrick Wallace

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