Her Dirty Secret

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Alyssa Dimitri is a Manhattan's princess, enjoying the view from her penthouse suite in New York. That is until she meets the mysterious Mr. Pierce. Known to participate in almost all type's of perversions, Alexander Pierce has become the press' favorite topic. Bewitched by the sophisticated Ms. Dimitri after their encounter he has made it his life's mission woe her. Will she be capable of turning down his efforts at seduction or will she bend to his will?

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Everything seemed so unreal. If someone had told Alyssa that she'd become the CEO of her own company at age 28 then she wouldn't have believed them. The tall brunette sat down with a glass of wine, Sauvignon Blanc, as she enjoyed the cityscape.

She was the second born child of the Dimitri family who owned the largest oil company in Russia. Born with a silver spoon in her mouth, Alyssa had access to the best things that their money could offer. Soon after she finished her MBA at Harvard University she decided to branch out from her family to create a name for herself.

She stubbornly avoided her family's attempts at making her work in their family business. So when her father, Stephano Dimitri, found out her love for fashion, he bought out a whole fashion house for his princess. However, Alyssa refused to take a high position and even insisted on working her way from the bottom up. Knowing how hard-headed her daughter is Stephano finally relented to her plea.

And after five years she can finally say that all her hard work has been worth it.

Everything was quiet until a loud knock echoed in her room. Alyssa went to the door wearing only her bathrobe thinking it was the room service that she ordered. The door suddenly sprung open only for her to see her annoying neighbor, Alexander Pierce.

She used to be a huge fan of the blue-eyed actor until she found out how much of an animal he was in bed. Seeing as she has had a "few" awkward encounters with some of them in their elevator. Alex always seemed to have female company with him every weekend as their moans could be heard through the walls in all of its intensity.

She had to hand it to the him, the guy definitely knew how to please his women but what was he doing here? Alyssa cleared her throat, tapping her foot on the floor trying to feign annoyance. But before she could say anything Alex drew her in for a kiss.

Alex stalked forward closing the door as he made his way into her unit. In a desperate attempt to keep her balance, her hands clutched on his massive shoulders.

What am I doing? Why am I kissing him back? And what is he doing inside my unit?

"No," Alyssa rasped. "Alex stop it."

She just about combusted with frustration.

"What do you mean?"

She finally had the strength to push him back allowing more space between the two of them

"This isn't your unit and I'm not one of your whores."

"Sweetheart, don't you think I'm perfectly aware of that?" Alex says flashing his perfect set of teeth with that all-knowing smirk of his.

His eyes gravitated towards her body, stopping to look at her flush chest and her legs until he finally found her eyes. Alex walked past her and made himself comfortable on one of her chairs.

"Now that I'm comfortable, you should know that I have some fantastic news for you sweetheart," Alex says. "Come take a seat."

"I should get dressed first."

"Trust me sweetheart you won't be needing clothes anytime soon."

Alyssa sat down across him placing her palms on her robe trying to conceal her legs.

"It has come to my attention that I have a fiancée," Alex began while staring at me.

Do I look like I give a damn about his love life? I feel sorry for his fiancée she really got the short end of the stick on this one.

"... the woman is you," He finished.

"I beg your pardon?" Alyssa blurted out surprise clear on her face.

"We're engaged to be married by the end of this year. Our parents thought it would be a great idea if I gave out the news myself," He answered. "Saves them from the drama."

Alex sauntered to the kitchen to retrieve a glass and returns to his seat. He pours himself a glass of wine and raises his brows as if he's ordering her to speak up.

Alyssa grabs her phone and dials in her father's number. The call gets forwarded to voicemail on the first try but goes through on the second one.

"Hello," her father's voice answers.

"Dad, explain yourself. A man came into my unit and he claims to have been engaged with me for quite some time now. How is it that I don't know anything about this fiancé that I'm supposed to have?" she finishes fuming mad.

"Princess you know that we have to protect our business so we have to control who we take into our family. So when my good friend, Cedric proposed that we should have you two engaged, I couldn't refuse. Besides Alexander is a good man," her father explains calmly.

"A good man? Ha... don't make me laugh. Even the press knows how much of a chauvinist pig this man is. How can you let me marry him,"Alyssa protests in exasperation.

"Calm down Alyssa. You know the press loves to make up stories and you for one should know that. I've seen how this boy grew up and I have no doubts that you'll grow to love him," her father added with finality.

He called me Alyssa. Dad must be upset he hasn't called me by my name since we got into that argument five years ago.

"I don't know Papa, I'm only 28. I don't have plans to start a family any time soon."

"Alex's father isn't getting any younger, princess. It is both our wishes to see our children settled down before we die. And if we're lucky our grandchilden"

"Okay Papa, I'll talk to you later," Alyssa says ending the call.

"Now that everything's clear, I think you should hear me out on my proposal," Alex says from behind her guiding her to her seat.

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