Her Dirty Secret

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Chapter 2

Alexander’s weekend could not have gotten any weirder. When his father called him this morning he expected another speech on taking over the family business… not a marriage proposal. Yes, at 30 Alex was not in any way looking to settle down but his father had other plans.

Mr. Dimitri and his father had been friends since their university days so he does get why they thought it would be a good idea to merge their businesses afterall their families’ corporate interest often takes over their lives much more so than they would like to admit.

The thing is Alex hasn’t had a long term relationship for the longest time and doesn’t plan to engage in one after what happened last time. And one look at the picture of the beautiful heiress screamed commitment. Who would have thought that the tough Stephano Dimitri could produce something as beautiful as Alyssa or as they call her the Manhattan Princess.

Alex knew her alright. She just so happens to be his neighbor which he’s starting to think is not a coincidence at all. Lucky for him he didn’t try to bed the woman or else there would be grave consequences. Alyssa was always surrounded by people whenever she came to the same social functions while he always likes to keep to himself.

“So what do you say Alex? Do you want to get engaged to my daughter?” Stephano Dimitri asks him. “We’re thinking that you should both get married by the end of the year just so you could get enough time to get to know one another.”

How should I get out of this without making my old man lose face in front of his friend?

“Just think about it son. I’m not getting any younger and Alyssa is such a great girl, anyone would be lucky to have her. I’m even surprised that she managed to stay single for this long,” his father drawled on.

“I guess I’m not in any position to refuse now since you’re both set on the idea,” Alex chuckles to himself. “Does she have any idea about this though, I’d love to hear her opinion.”

“My daughter will go aboard with the plan. She’s always been a daddy’s girl and I’m sure with my stamp of approval we won’t encounter any large hiccups in our arrangement.” the old man states with a grin. “When would you like to meet?”

I’m sure little Miss Independent isn’t so happy about this arrangement. Especially after she’s heard all of the commotions that happen inside my unit.

“I’m sure I can arrange that by myself but thank you for the offer,” Alex answers.


“So what do you propose? Seeing as there’s no way to get out of this mess that you’ve made,” the brunette says with her eyebrows furrowed.

Alex gestured for her to take the seat beside him and offered her a glass of wine while trying to sneak a glance at the fuming heiress.

“Seeing as you've done your reading about me, you know that I am not the marrying type and I don’t plan to be anyone’s husband, much less yours anytime soon,” Alex tells her looking at her exposed thighs every now and then.

Alyssa notices his stares and makes a move to cover her legs while returning his gaze.

Sneaky bastard! He didn’t even point out that my legs were exposed. He was probably trying to get a good show, well I hope he’s had his fill because that’s all he's going to get.

Alex replies with a sarcastic grin and continues on with his speech.

“The good thing about this agreement is that you only have to stay married to me until my father gives me the company and for him to do that I need an heir.”

“So that’s it? I become your baby-maker then problem solved? And you expect me to not have a say in what will happen to my child?” Alyssa says getting angrier by the second.

“Let’s face it you hate my guts and we’re never going to fall in love with one another—”

“And adding a child to the mix won’t help either. How are we supposed to explain this when he grows up!” Alyssa mutters in exasperation as she combs through her lovely tresses.

“We’ll figure it out when we get there. Okay, Lyssa? ” Alex clasps both of her hands in his big ones.

"What will I gain from this?" green eyes meeting his blue ones.

Alex leans forward until his face is inches from hers. Her face starts to flush as she notes the minty scent coming from him.

"Easy. You get me," Alex retorts.

He lingers on her personal space for a few seconds noticing her lips quiver.

She's turned on.

Alyssa stands up trying to get some distance between them but Alex was faster. He grabbed her waist and shoved the brunette into his chest before he slammed her back against the wall.

Alex captured Alyssa's mouth with his own as his arms cage her in, effectively trapping her as his lips ravaged hers. "And I get you," Alex grunts.

Alyssa couldn't help the moan that escaped from her lips and much to her dismay, her lips started to move against his fighting for some control until she manages to bite his lower lip.

Alex pulls his mouth away and tries to stop the bleeding. His eyes darken as he stares down at her.

The brunette shrinks away from him and tries to get away but his arms kept her captive.

"I'm sorry Alex. I didn't mean to hurt you but you just came out of nowhere with that kiss. I was just shock—”

He licks his wounded lip and smiles darkly. "Can't I kiss my fiancée?" he raises his brow as he tries to look at her through his messed up locks.

What an ass! A really confident ass! I won't give in that easily.

Alyssa tries to muffle her shriek when Alex grabbed her by the waist and lifted her to the counter.

"Alex what are you—” Alyssa's voice gets trapped in her throat when she realizes that Alex was kneeling in front of her thighs.

He looks up through his lashes and lets out a bit of a grin. "I'm just going to have a taste and you're going to hold still and keep these legs open or else I'm going to have to punish you"

Alyssa meekly bites her lip and lets out a little nod overtaken by the embarrassment of being in such a position.

Looks like the feisty princess is a submissive lover. This is going to be interesting.

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