Her Dirty Secret

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Chapter 3

Alyssa was way over her head. She could not concentrate on the current situation. Her fiancé was about to eat her out and as much as she would like to deny that she was liking her current predicament, her thighs were wet with the evidence of her lust.

Gosh, Alyssa! How can you get turned on at this moment! He is probably going to think that you are easy because you are letting him get his hands all over you. What should I do?

“Relax, Lyssa,” says Alex.

Alyssa opens her eyes to find blue ones staring right into hers.

“This isn’t going to hurt. On the contrary, I think you will find it pleasurable,” Alex continues.

Alyssa blushes and tries to avert looking at his eyes by checking out the vase in the corner of the room all the while pretending as if it was the most interesting thing in the room.

I want to slap that shit-eating grin out of his face, or I could have stormed out of the room and called security on him. I should have done that minutes ago, but I still did not. Do I want him?

Alex loosens the belt of the bathrobe and drags his hands up her thighs to her soaked center. He could not help but let out an inward grin.

Alyssa could not take her eyes away as he softly lifted her leg, hooking it over his shoulder. His eyes do not stray away from her as he begins to dot kisses along her legs, fingers dipping into her more than ready core.

She tries to bite her lip to muffle the moans but a few of them escape her as Alex continues with his ministrations.

Alex does not speak as he buries his head in between her thighs, lapping up her juices as Alyssa cries out quietly. He plunges both of his fingers inside the heiress causing her to arch against him. “Shh… easy princess.”

He grins as he notices her flushed face, eyes growing dark with what can only be lust. Alex runs his tongue over her clit down to her opening, his strokes only getting faster and rougher as time goes by.

Alyssa could only curl her toes, knuckles turning white from how tightly she had been holding the edge of the counter. Her eyes roll to the back of her head, about to go over the edge with a silent scream when he pulls his mouth away.

“Please,” she begs as he looks up at her while licking his lips.

“Please what?” he asks in mock confusion while he tilts his head to the side.

What a complete bastard. This is embarrassing enough as it is.

“Please Alex…” Alyssa bites her lips and shuts her eyes. “Please make me come,” she says in an even louder voice.

With that Alex returns his mouth to her mound. His tongue alternating on nibbling her clit softly and stabbing it with the tip of his tongue. With each stroke, Alyssa keeps getting higher and higher, on the brink of orgasm, only for her to crash back down as he deliberately stops.

“I have a gift for you Lyssa,” he begins.

“Can’t it wait Alex.” To her shame, she begins to rock her hips as she tries to ride his fingers.

“I believe it can’t,” he says as he brings it out of his pocket.

God! Is that what I think it is. The bastard brought a bloody plug and a pack of lubricant.

Realizing what the gift was Alyssa tries to cover herself with her hands but fails miserably as Alex flips her on the counter.

“Alex that thing won’t fit. I haven’t had anything that big go down there before,” she explains as she tries to get away from him.

“Relax and just breathe or else it will hurt more. Now spread yourself open for me. I am not going to ask again,” he says with finality.

With shaky hands and a racing heart, Alyssa reached behind her and did what he asked, sucking in her breath as the cold air hits her lower half.

“That’s it, princess. Stay like that,” Alex says rubbing soothing circles along her back.

She tries to shoot up when she feels something applying pressure on her ass but his hand stops her from doing so. “Relax I’m just trying to get you ready that was my finger.” He pushes forward and Alyssa’s muscle clenches not liking the intrusion. “I said relax.”

I am relaxing. Your finger just feels impossibly big even though I know it’s small.

Alex finally gets a finger in but he doesn’t stop there. He pumps his lubed up finger a couple of times causing Alyssa to let out a few screams.

“Please Alex,” she begs. “Take it slow.”

Alyssa finally sighs with relief when he removes his finger inside of her but he doesn’t stop there. He spreads the lubricant around her anus pushing some of it in to try to coat her inner passage.

Alex’s ministrations finally started to feel good so Alyssa can’t help but push back on his invading finger trying to get more of his touch. But as she was getting into it, he pulls away.

She stiffens as she feels a much larger object at her entrance. “Relax,” he instructs again. The object was much wider than his finger and Alyssa can’t help but whimper whenever he pushes it in.

“That’s it, baby. Breathe through it.”

She hisses at the burn as her muscles stretch even wider but she bites down on her lower lip to stop herself from crying out.

Alex continues to push the plug further into her bowels, the widest part finally disappearing into her as her muscle seats itself firmly at the flared base. The brunette shamefully moans at the feeling of fullness after she releases her cheeks.

Alex playfully takes the base between his fingers and he twists and tugs it causing Alyssa to let out a loud moan. “Now where were we?”

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