Maya...The Illusion

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(Also Available On Wattpad) "Beauty can be a blessing or a...........curse. people who believe in Faith, soulmates and love are really lucky, because it's proves that they dream,they actually would have crossed path with the big L word...... where as me,I don't know anything about them,because my beauty is a Curse. I really want to HOPE...DREAM.....and LOVE." Maya's life was never easy.She never knew her birth parents who has abandoned her when she was just months old.Even though she wants to know why,she never had the answers.As for family,she only has her uncle,whho is very loving and caring.He is her only friend and philosopher.He found her when she was 10,and took her in from an orphanage. Life was good ,untill she joined Jr high.Thats when life went to hell.Since then,Maya doesn't know want peace of mind is and why she can't trust anyone in her life.How she was going to avoid unnecessary attention and the horror that follows them....will she ever be able to stand for herself, save herself from the cruel world and the unpredictable future that awaits her? While fighting the demon of her past and avoiding an obsessed man,will she find true love in not just 1 but 3 men,who are also brothers or fail to recognize their hearts due to the Loath she has more Men.

Romance / Erotica
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Auther's Note

Hello my lovely readers.

This is my first book.Hope you like it..

I have been dying to write this story.There might be some disturbing or smut scenes😉 in this book later on.. Don't worry,I will warn you in may read it or skip it.

I would really appreciate your support and welcome your comments.Let me know if You find some of my words,or phrases inappropriate .I'll edit it.

Let me declare,this book is written for pure entertainment purpose. Any names, living or dead or incident related to it is pure coincidence.If you find any similarity of actions in this book similar to your personal life..It's just an accident.


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