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CHAPTER 8 : Something Missing

Alexander Osborn P.O.V

I'm tired.Damn people can't even do their work properly.I'm gonna fire all of them.They keep fucking things up..

As soon as I reach my living room couch,I sat their lazyly, closing my eyes.slowly a soft hand started messaging my shoulders.Hmn....That feels sooo good.I said. Her giggling sound,bought a small smile to my face.

You are so spoiled Mr.Osborn.she said.

When she was about to leave,I caught her hands and pulled her closer watching her upside down, She has the most beautiful brown eyes. And is it not your duty to please me Mrs. Osborne.I hold her by her nape and pulled her closer to kiss those luscious full lips.She let's me.....God how I love kissing her....we pulled away and then smiled.

I love you.she said

I opened my eyes to reality.Fuck..It was the same dream again...God how I want her to be real. I rubbed my face with both my hands.I'm hard again.Need to take a cold shower.I got of up and went straight to the bathroom.Finished my daily routine.Took and 'long' shower and got down the stairs towards my kitchen.I live alone.

Originally,I planned the house for all three of us,me and my brothers.But then My unplanned engagement,Gray's constant moving and Roman's “girlfriend” happened.So we decided to have our separate houses.

It really pains how,we no longer spend time together because of the 'women's' in our life.But still me and my brother make sure to spare some time for each other everyday.Even if we see our parents ones in a month.

I love my family very much,but my brother are my life and vise versa.

I thought if I find a good wife, I'll learn to fall in love eventually.But Desiree is nothing I imagined.She wants to be labelled as Mrs. Osborne.She's the biggest Opportunist,I have ever met. I don't blame her.She was raised in an environment, where money is everything.Emotions, Feelings.. Doesn't matter.

For her everything is business.You see profit,you jump in,You see loss,you withdraw.I want someone to fill that gap inside me.Wife or not,I don't care.There's Something missing in my heart.

People say I'm heartless.But that's not true.I just don't like to open up and let people see the real me.I don't want them to judge me. There is only 3 people,who know the real me.My brothers and best friend Nathan,who is married to my baby sister Emily. She's the youngest of us all and that why very close to our hearts.

Everytime,I see my sister and Nathen,there is this nagging feeling in my head,I just can't put my finger on. Is it jealously?I don't know.Can a brother be jealous of his sister?.. Never...Can a person be jealous of his friend... Maybe?

I always wanted what they have.I always dreamed of a better half.A soulmate,what people call it.I don't think I'm jealous of what they have but I have this longing look in my eyes,which Nathan has pointed out several times.Nathan's word not mine.

“Dont hide them inside.There is nothing wrong to express how you feel.Everyone needs love in their life. You are no different.”

Every one need love....But only a few like Nathan finds it.

People like me,are not capable enough to express how we feel...I tried but I just couldn't.I need something,...A motivation..Maybe?...If I ever get that lucky.But the only emotion I can get out is .......Anger.

Like right now my so called fiancé is wasting my time,asking for forgiveness.I know she's faking it.... She's not sorry at all.I have to stop her.“Desireee?If you're done,can you just leave my office.I have lots of work to do.” I gave her a bore look..

“Fine I was leaving anyways.I came to see my dad... He's still lecturing me about what happened last week at dinner.So if he asks you..Say we're fine..Ok?”she said getting up from the chair.“Ok bye”I said, whitout even looking her way.

She scoffed and stormed away.

Once I heard the door shut,I looked up.Finally.I took out my phone and dialed Nathen.“Hey boss” he joked,even though we are running the company together.“Up for lunch?”I asked.“Sorry boss, already having lunch with my beautiful wife.”Then There was a sound, followed by “aao that's hurts.”I chuckled.They must be having fun.I decided to let them be.“Enjoy.”I said disconnecting the call.

Then I dialed Rome's number. He picked up at once.“I was about to call you.”he said.“What is it.”I asked.“Lets meet somewhere”he insisted.“Sure let's talk over lunch.. see you at our usual in 15.”I said.“Sure see if Grey could join?”he said.“Ok” I said and dialed grey's number.

Little smut ...I warned you.

His phone rang and rang.there was no answer.When I was about to end it,he answered...He was panting..“h.h..hello”,he said breathless. I sighed because I know exactly why he is breathless.

“Can you make it to our usual in 15 min.”I asked “hold on..come on baby,ride me.I have to take this call.”Really,I thought.I put the phone a little further to avoid the moans and groans.But they were still loud.“Fuck baby,you feel so good.”I literally face palmed myself.This boy is impossible.

“Gray,can you make it or not?”I asked with a irritation.“20...Fuck fuck fuck... shit...Give me 20.”I can clearly hear the flesh hitting flesh sound.“15..Get there in 15 max.”then I heard a girl voice “O umn...I gonna cum....m.. cumming...Aaaaaaaa baby...Yes just like that.cum all over my cock...babe..O ya.. Milk it baby..Milk my cock..”zi can't take it anymore.I disconnected the call.

Why was I even listening to it? O yes because when ever I have that dream ,It takes everything in me not to get hard .I'm hard.....again,imagining her beneath me,riding me and moaning when I take her hard and fast.I didn't realize,I was stroking my self. “Shit”I cursed out loud. I can't go out like this.

I ran to my private toilet and unzipped my pant.Took my junk out,which was hard like rock.I started stroking myself slowly first,I was imagining her standing under the shower,with her small hands on the wall supporting her weight.She is bend over and her wide ass facing me.

Her flawless,soft, pale white skin is very smooth comparable to my rough hands.Her long hair is in a tight hold in my hands.I can't control my self any more.I have to take her.She is impossibly perfect in her own way.She is unreal. I started stroking myself faster, imagining my self fucking her from behind and she, taking all of me and asking for more and more.

Suddendly,I was on the edge and came with a loud groan..Once I calm down a little,I cleaned my hands,fixed my pants and face .Then went out of my office like my pants are or fire.Actually it was a few minutes ago. What is she doing to me ?How come a dream effect me so much?Fuck she's not even real....She is just an..... Illusion.

That kind of hurt a bit.Shit I sound like a love sick puppy.Serously does women that perfect even exist? I'm going crazy.

Opening my car door,I closed it behind me. I went straight to our usual meeting point.When I parked my car and went inside,both my brothers were already seated and munching on something they ordered.

“You'r late.What took you so long.?”asked my brother.“Desiree”I lied.Well it wasn't a complete lie.but they don't need to know about my obsession over an imaginary girl.“Did you ordered already?”I asked taking a seat.Yes they said in Union.Wow we are doing that a lot now a days.Funny.

“So, what do you have to say”I asked Rome.He showed me an envelope.“This came today. Those photos were taken One week back,which means she was in the town.That's the Walmart near her house.

I opened the envelope.It was Aunt Rose,loading a lot of groceries in her truck.“Why does she need so much stuff when she hardly stays here.” I asked. “Exactly my point.”said Rome. “And she was in the town but still missed the gathering.which is odd.”Grey concluded. Rome nod his head.

“Something is not right.” said Rome. “I have a feeling,she is hiding something”Gray said narrowing his eyes. “Or someone” I guessed. We all shared a look.“Let's find out.”.we decided. After our lunch, we decided to take my car to my Aunt's place.

As we were driving,I have this feeling like something strong is pulling me to ward her house.I don't know if it's good or bad.I saw Rome playing with his thumb.A habit he has when he's anxious.“What is it?”I asked without looking his way. He sighed and said.“ I don't know,I feel really excited all of a sudden.My heart is beating so fast.I can literally feel it in my throat. I can't explain it.”he confessed.

I was about to say that I am getting a similar feeling,when Grey cut my thoughts by taking both mine and Rome's hand and putting it on his heart.(my right and his left hand)It was beating so fast,as if it will jump out of his chest.“Whats happening ”.he asked

“I remember having that kind beatings when I was about to propose my crush.” Said Grey. “I remember being this anxious when I was about to have sex for the 1st time”said Rome.I think it's my turn to confess. “I am feeling pulled toward her house.And a very strong one.I don't know if that make sense.”I said gripping the wheels tite.

“I guess we will find out once we're there” said Rome. Me and Grey nod our heads in agreement.It took another 30 mins to reach her place.. I parked the car a little far from her house, because if there is something wrong, we don't want anyone to find out we were there.

“Her car is not there.”said Grey.I noticed the kitchen window was open..“Are we Sure about this?”I asked.“Lets do it.” they said in union.than looked at each other and chuckled. “Go check through the kitchen window Rome.I'll watch the living room window and Grey keep an eye.I said turning towards him.They nod their head and went their respective ways.

I tried looking from the living room window,but there was no moment. After five min we reached each other disappointed. What were we actually trying to find out.Then Grayson smirked for some reason.“What”I asked. He pulled both of us toward the back door. Then I recalled,Rose use to hide a key in her secret place.Grey took it out.“I don't think it's a good idea” said Rome.“I second that” I said “O come on,we came so far for nothing?” asked grey.

We exchanged looks.“ We are so getting busted for this.”I said taking the keys from Grey and after taking a deep breath opened the door with it.I pushed the door inward and closed it slowly,without making any sound to alert anyone. We slowly went to every room to see if we find anything,but there was nothing suspicious. “I think we just have to wait for aunt to come and explain”I said.

“we didn't check the store room.”Said Rome.“lets go said Grey already taking the stairs to the left.We followed him.We were about to open the door when we heard music coming out of the room.We were right.There is someone aunt Rose is hiding.

It's time to find out.

With a determination look on our face,we slowly open the door and froze.

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