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CHAPTER 9 : I M In Love

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Finally,the moment we all have been waiting for.

This chapter contains different p.o.v's

Grayson Osborne's P.O.V


That is what you say, when you see something like what I'm looking at right now....

Holy shit..Is she even real.?

My brother's and I decided to reveal the secret behind the door,when we heard the sound of someone playing violin inside.But this is not what we expected. Once Xander opened the door,the sight of a very beautiful girl playing violin,caught our sight and breath too.

She was sitting on a stool in a shot yellow sleeveless dress,with her eyes closed, completely oblivious of our presence.She has very long black hair flowing in the air,which was complementing and giving extra glow to her pale white skin.Its like the full moon is shining in the dark night.

The dress is perfectly hugging her hour glass figure.she has the curves at the right places.Nothing is out of place except a stray of hairs,which is stuck between her lips due to the wind.

Holy..cow..Fuck me.

I want to kiss those full lips and would die to see what her eyes look like right now.I have never feel so alive before.She's like a rare flower with a rare fragrance,that pulls you to her.

I love fooling around with women,but never felt so attracted to someone ever.I put a hand on my heart to calm it down a bit,who had decided not to listin to me any more.

Is this why my heart was beating so fast.If that is case, I'll totally agree with it.What I'll not do to get her attention right now when she opens her eyes.

Fuck I sound totally whipped.

But I don't care.If she's the one ruling my world,I would not give a fuck what other thinks.I'm gonna rock her world like no one has ever done.The music she is playing,is out of the world....Which is a bonus to her flawless beauty..... And pulling me more towards her.

I think I'm finally in .....Love.

Roman's P.O.V

For the last few minutes,we are watching her like everything around us has suddenly faded.I can't take my eyes off her.My heart is beating faster than it usually do. I'm trying my best to calm my nerves,but no use.Is this why I was getting anxious all the way here? I'm The... Roman Osborne,What do I have to lose?..O yae....My mind.

As soon as my eyes caught her sight,my heart stopped for a few seconds.

God she is so beautiful.This is what I call perfaction.Look at her.She is like.... Every men's dream come true. Everything about her screams attention. Suddenly,like a man possessed,my feet started on his own towards her.

I was standing just a few feet away from her,still she was oblivious of my presence.And the way her fingers ware playing on the instrument,I wish, I was the one,she was playing with right now.

What the fuck? I'm jealous of a fucking violin right now....

Great just great.When I took a closer look,I saw how innocent her face is. Her nose,her ears,hers closed eyes and those lips....I licked my lips and gulped.I so want to touch them with my lips.

I was trying to fight my control but the small black spot under her lips and the stray of hair stuck in between her lips are making it almost impossible to not touch them.....

God I'm a goner.

She has defeated the Roman Osborne.If this is what devotion means,then I officially declare by devotion and submission to her.....I think I have finally found the owner of my heart.

Xander's P.O.V

My mind was foggy.Is this really happenings?I have never seen Gray so speechless.I never thought we would ever see Roman on his knees looking so helpless.Hell I never thought,I would be so dumfounded.My emotion are on overdrive.I don't know,what is real and what is illusion any more.

I know my brothers are never gonna believe me,if I say she the woman of my dreams. I have seen her , touched her and kissed her so many times in my dreams,that the one infront of me feels ..unreal.

Whats happening to me.Is this the sign I was waiting for all along?Is she the one my heart craves for?Is she the one that would complete me....I don't know...I think I'm in love with the woman in my dreams.But now that I'm looking at her, I'm confused.

I already feel a strong pull towards her. The urge to love her,protect her and create a new live with her by my side is very strong.I want to give her the world.

Will see except me?Am I worth it to have this beauty.I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn't realize,she has stopped playing.Slowly,her eyes opened and by breath hitched in my throat and I found answer to all my questions...

Those are the same eyes which are haunting me for months now. The big brown doe like eyes.Most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.And when they finally met mine,

I knew I have already fallen in love.

Maya's P.O.V :

Does anyone know what love at first sight feels.I have no idea but I think,it's must be exciting.

In Twilight,when they said something about imprinting on someone,it sounded so romantic.Uncle Ben said it's rare but not impossible.

I wondered,if I was someone's 'imprint',will they treat me like I'm there one and only?...But the next moment it was suttered, because it only happens in movies and novels.We are so desperate for love,that we create someone imaginary to sathe our inner desires.

If you ask me,it's better not to expact anything from life.Because with love comes betrayal.With hope comes disappointment.I have learned it the hard way.There is nothing called true love.

Its been a week since Rose and me came here.Im not supposed to go anywhere outside the house to avoid danger. So Rose has arranged each and everything inside the house itself, for me to avoid boredom.

Uncle calls me every day to check on me and Rose which is also an assurance that he is safe.Rose warned me not to answer the door for anyone, because according to her, nobody knows she's in the town. I can only open the small kitchen window to let the wind pass.

She has converted her store room into my entertainment room.which I'm really glad.Its like a gateway to me. She stuffed it with loads of books, snacks,a Small t.v with lots of CDs..Not that I like to watch them.I spend most of my time reading,cooking or finding my heaven in music.

Today Rose would be out whole day.She will be back for dinner.I was quite bore today,so decided to play violin for sometime.That is where I'm right now.I was playing a tune, I learned last month.When I'm usually playing it,I make sure all my work is done because once I start playing,I forget the entire world.I like it that way.

But like Uncle always warns,I should not be so oblivious to things happening around me.I wish I would have taken his words seriously.

After putting all my effort to the tune I was trying to play,I was happy with the outcome. I opened my eyes to regret the next moment. How could I be so careless.....stupid..... Stupid... Stupid girl.I scolded myself internally.My eyes were wide looking at the three men standing very close to me.

How did they even come inside?Did Rose let them in.When I look carefully,I realized they are the boys from on of pictures hanging on the living room wall.Althought they are not boys anymore. They look very intimidating.I can't even look directly into their eyes for more than a second.

They are so tall and muscular like some giant. OMG,and the way they are looking at me,are the thinking of killing me or something.

O god o god please help me.I'll do anything to escape this situation.Im definitely not welcome here.Where is Rose when I need her the most? Why are they even here? Suddenly one of them approached me and Like on instinct,I got up from the stool scurring away from them.

I'm now standing at the corner of the wall,far away from them.When I raised my head to take a look at them,they looked.... Worried?.. Han..Why do they look worried when it's me who is being cornered.

“Don't worry we are not here to hurt you.” said the other man with the dimples.He look cute and less scary when he's smiling.“My name's Roman Osborne, What's your's?”Asked the 1st man.Should I tell them?I don't even know them?I thought.

I avert my eyes to avoid his question.Then my eyes found the third man.He has curly black hair, sharp jaws lines and the bluest eyes I have even seen.He looks more intimidating then all of them.Not knowing what to do,I looked down at his shoes.Then they were moving...Toward me?.

O no.... Nonononono, please stay away.Dont come near me.I clutched my violin tidely to my chest closing my eyes in fear. When there was no movement for few seconds,I opened my eyes slowly to meet the blue once.He was bent to my eye level and had an amused look on his face.Suddenly my chicks reddened with embarrassment. God I'm acting like a scary cat right now.

“I'm Alexander Osborne, They are my brothers.”He introduce himself “this is Grayson and You already know his name.” he said gesturing toward Roman.“We are not here to harm you little one.Dont be afraid.”he assured.Even if he was not smiling like his brothers,I could sense the assurance in his voice.

“You can call me Gray”said the one with dimples offering his hands toward me to take it. I clutched my violin again.Noticing it,his hands retreated. Roman sighed audibly..Why are they not leaving me alone?What do they want ? “Can you at least tell us your name darling?Asked Roman with pleading grey eyes. I looked to my side again,avoiding his intense gase.

“Alright let's play a game.” Suggested Grey rubbing both his hand.“What if we guess two alphabets of your first name.Would you tell us your name then?”he asked expecting me to answer,but I looked here and there which he took as an yes.

“A” said Roman..I jerked my head up meeting his eyes.he smirked at his small victory...ok? “N”said Grey excitedly. His face fall when there was no reaction from me.I wanted to laugh but pressed my lips together to control it.

“Ok last chance.Xander you wanna try?”Asked Roman. “M”said Xander confidently.Did he figure my name out?.He raised one of his brow at the surprise look on my face. “Ok it's your turn...You lose.I think we have guessed the two letters.”I shighed audibly,clearly giving up.

When I was about to say my name,there was a sound of opening and closing of the main door.Every one's attention went that way.Then suddenly,Rose called my name out loud enough for everyone to hear.


Then the Brother's head turned my way totally amused.

'Maya' they all uttered my name at the same time,as if they were trying my name.

“Suits her”said Gray to his brothers,as If I was not even there.

“Perfecto”said Roman looking into my eyes with a small smile.

“I always knew,you are an....Illusion”

Said Xander with an emotion in his voice,I can't read.But I guess his brothers Understood.They all exchanged a knowing look.

The door to the store room was wide open now.“What are you three doing here?” asked Rose with her hands in her hips and a 'dont try with me' look on her face. They again had some kind of silent conversation before Roman scratching his head spoke.

“We can explain.”

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