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CHAPTER 10 : Can't Take My Eyes Of You.

Xander's P.O.V

It's Been few minutes.My brothers and I are sitting on the couch in the living room,Rose sitting on the opposite,hands folded leaning on her back with eyes narrowed Unlike us,who looks like three scolded puppies waiting for their master's retribution.

Shit...I knew we would be in trouble.But who cares.Its a sweet trouble.My eyes kept trailing toward Maya... Who's moving around the kitchen,making something Rose asked.I'm waiting for her to speak something...anything...I hope her voice is as sweet as her.

Then a thought made me frawn.What if she is mute??I have yet to hear her voice.She didn't even respond to things Rose said.I have only noticed her either nodding or shaking her head. Like a word vomit,its out of my mouth,before I could stop it.

"Is she mute?"I asked Rose, without looking away from Maya.That got her attention.She stopped whatever she was doing to look my way,with her mouth and eyes wide open.when she looks at me,I swear,I can't breath.

"No I'm not"she said,like a spoil brat.I took a sharp breath.Nope,she isn't.That clears my doubt.It bought a smile to my face.But decided to hide it behind my palm.But others didn't.Finally getting her attention,bought big smiles on my brother's face.It was a small step,but the idea of her warming up to us was really exciting.

When she heard Rose chuckling,her face went red with realization. She averted her eyes to the side with embarrassment.She looks so cute right now.I controlled my urge to walk to her and pull her into a hug.I wonder how old is she?Is she even mature enough for me to fantasise her.

I don't know how long I have been starring at her,but Aunt's next word bought me out of my daze.

"Maya's life is in danger so I was trying to avoid people for her safety."We all looked her way.She was standing there near the kitchen counter holding plates.When she saw we are looking her way,she gave us a small smile,which didn't even reach her eyes.Why do I have a feeling,that is not all...

"The food's ready "she said setting the table.We all got up from the couch and walk towards the kitchen table.

I was following my brothers with Rose by my side.She was telling me something but my entire attention was on Maya and My brothers,who were trying there very best to charm her.But what surprised me more is they were not flirting.

Rome was desperately trying to get her attention, by asking questions which she was replying with a small 'yes' or 'no',without meeting his eyes.And Grey was looking at her with...Love in his eyes. O No,You are not. I won't let her be your next playmate, buddy...nah..I looked at him with clenched jaws,even if he was unaware.If looks could kill.

"Xander,did you hear a word I said?"Rose asked."Yes I heard" I answered without thinking."Good will talk in my study after she's off to her bedroom."she finished and headed toward the kitchen table.I have no idea,what was she talking about.I guess will find out later.

Roman and Grey were sitting the other side of the table while Maya and Rose's back ware facing me.I desperately wanted to take the sit beside her,but choose against it and set beside Rose. Maya was sitting almost infront of me, because it's a round table.

Rose was serving me,so I watch my Angel with amusement.She was devouring her food, without a care for the world.Her mouth was already half filled with steak,still she took a big spoon of smashed potato and stuffed it in.She must be hungry.That made me smile.She must have felt eyes on her,and while looking around when her eyes met mine,she choked on her food.

I almost got up from my sit.Gray had panic expression on his face and Rome look genuinely worried. Rose patted her back and offered some water."Feeling better?"asked Rose.She nodded in agreement and resumed eating her food.We all did the same.

"You know Maya,you can take my plate too if you want."Rome said,Just to lighten her mood.She looked confused."I agree the food is really delicious but you don't have to stuff your mouth,like that"he gestured his fingers towards the plate and her mouth, pressing his lips together to hold his laugh.I chuckled followed by everyone else laughing.I thought she would take an offence,but her face lighten up with a big smile.God she looks lovely.What I'll do to keep that smile on her face.

"So,Rose what else you like to do other than playing Cello?"grey asked. If I wasn't watching her carefully,I would have missed her eye rolling for that question."Its violin not cello"she corrected."Really what's the difference?"he asked folding his hands over his chest, waiting for her to explain.I have a feeling,he was doing it on purpose for her to open up .She gulped what was in her moth before answering.

"The primary difference between a cello and a violin is size. The cello is normally played from a seated position with the instrument held between the legs. The violin, in contrast, is held between the shoulder and the chin. The cello produces lower notes on the scale than the violin.Cello strings are considerably longer than violin strings.Violin strings are shorter and thinner and are strung up under more tension produces a higher pitch. Increase the tension and you increase the pitch."She finished(I copied it from google..Lol)

Our mouths were wide open.Although We know the difference, it is amazing,how she could pin point the difference with ease,like she has been doing it on a daily basis.

Gray hold his hands in defense."Wow,I didn't... know that.But still ,don't you think,holding something between you legs, is better than holding something to your neck in an award position for so long?"he asked."I would prefer between the legs.I like that position more"he said with a smirk."confortable"he added,when he got glares from Rome and me.

She was genuinely thinking about it.She's too innocent for her own good."You are right but violin is compact.I can carry it anywhere.and regarding the position,well I'm used to it" she said with a small smile.

The rest of the dinner went peacefully without any banter.I was happy that at least, she's not freaking out anymore,like when she saw us in the store room.

After dinner Maya got a call from someone and she excused herself to take the call.I didn't want her to go,but what can I say.Anyways,we all offered her a small smile, before she went up the stairs and after few seconds, we heard the door shut.

We are back to the couch again.When I turned to my brothers, they too have that defeated look on their faces.The feelings are mutual. Are they in love with her too.I won't blame them though.She is irresistible.

She is like a light which attractes the darkness.She is too innocent for us.All of us.

Even if she,by any miracle opens her heart for all of us,are we ready to share her? No doubt,we Brothers never had disagreement.We like to share every thing.But she is an exception.She's not a toy or piece of clothes.I think my brothers are going through the same dilemma.

"I won't mind sharing her,If you guys are ok with it."said Rome, reading my mind. "Me neither,but the problem is not us.It's Maya.We don't know how she would take all this."said Grey

"I'm sure she'll think all of you are a bunch of perverts, lusting over her"said Rose interrupting our conversation.

Fuck...Where did she come from."How much did you hear?I asked exhaling.Im surprised she's not pissed.She sat near Grey and put a Hand on his leg."The part where you said you don't have any problem sharing her?"she said like a question.

We couldn't meet her eyes.Our head down,we waited for her to continue.

"Boys, don't be ashamed of something,you don't have control over."That statement made us raise our head to look her way."We can't help falling in love with someone."she gave us a small smile."Even if what you say is right,how is this.... whole sharing thing works.Its unheard of."I said proving my point.

She put her pointer finger up for us to wait.She pulled out her phone and showed us a picture.

"I have no idea who that is."I said

Roman took the phone from her hands and started reading it with interest."Is this real"he asked."Yes,She is Draupadi,from India,a woman born in ancient times,blessed with both beauty and brain.She had 5 husbands who loved her unconditionaly and she was equally devoted to all of them.

Its an Indian Mythology. "she explained taking the phone back."My point is"she continued "Will you love her unconditionaly?Will you except her flaws and will you be devoted to her,and only her till your last breath."

"Think about it.There is no hurry. Don't stress about,what people will think,or how the society would judge you.People will talk,pass comments, criticism will be thrown your way.You will come across many hurdles,before you even reach her.And the most effected from all this,will be Maya.

"I gulped when the reality hit me.She is too naive for this world."people will call her names.Men will try to take their chances with her.When she would be broken,by the harsh words thrown her way,will you stand guard for her?"She asked us with a challenging look.It was complete silence for few seconds.

"I will" said Grey with a determined voice.

"I Will love and protect her with everything I got"Said Rome.

They looked my way.Its time to confess."Why wouldn't I?I'm in love with her,even before I met her." they gave me confused look.Then I told them about my dream,and how my fantasy girl was right in front of my eyes,this whole time.

"Holy shit....This is unbelievable."Said Grey."Believe it brother, believe it."I said with a sigh."Ok,If you guys are so sure about you feeling,then you need to know a few thing about Maya.

Come let's go to my study."she said pointing her head to the opposite direction.We all exchanged looks and followed her.She held open the door for us to get in and then closed it behind her.

"Ok.First off all,do not interrupt me untill I'm done, Ask me anything after that.Shall we start?"we shrugged our shoulder.

"Alright.Maya is not here because someone is trying to kill her,But she is here because A man name Leonardo,A strong mafia king,is obsessed with her and want her at any cost.So me and her 'Uncle' are hiding her without her, she just thinks,they are after Ben,where as the truth is, we are protecting her from that bastard."She revealed.

I knew there was something more to that story. I rage filled my heard.Juding by the expression s on my bother's faces,the feeling is mutual.

"So what now?How are you guys dealing with him?"I asked.She closed her eyes and rubbed them with her palms. "I have no idea."she confessed.We brother's exchanged a knowing look."Leave it to us.we'll handle it from here"said Rome with a smirk."I second that"I promised.

I'll protect her with my life.Even if it means I have to kill someone for her.I traced my upper teeth with my tongue."I third that"said Gray,pulling his gun out of his waist band,with a serious face, which means business.

Rose looked relieved,she pulled out her phone again and dialed someone's number."We need to talk.....Face to face......I want you to meet someone".She said with a smirk.

"I know,you wouldn't miss her Birthday.See you tomorrow"She said ending the call.

"Who's Birthday ?"I asked confused

"Tomorrow is Maya's Birthday.She is turning 18."she said with a smile.

Me and my brother had big smiles on our faces.So She is an adult from tomorrow.Both of my brother have smirked face while I shake my head in disbelief.Leave it to them to make everything sexual.

So baby girl...Will not be a baby girl any more.....intersating .I smiled.

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