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CHAPTER 11 : Best Birthday Ever

Maya's P.O.V

After dinner,Rose insisted on cleaning the kitchen and do the dishes.I was about to bicker,but my phone vibrated and when I checked, it was uncle.My face lit up.I quickly offered a thanks to her and escused myself to take the call.

I ran to towards my current room without giving a second glance toward the guests. If I wasn't in a hurry to attend the call,I would have noticed there longing face.

As soon as I entered the bedroom,I clicked the answer button and closed the door behind me.

“Hello...What took you so long princess?”asked uncle as soon as I took the call.“I was helping Rose in the kitchen....Did you have your dinner yet.?”I asked siting on my bed.

“No,I just came back from work.I thought I would give you call first before I take a bath.Were you waiting for my call?” Uncle asked.I nodded by head,even if he can't see me.“Yes.I missed you too.”He chuckled...“I miss you all the time sweety.”he said with a dejected voice.

“Whats the plan for tomorrow? I heard Rose ordered a very big cake for you.”he slipped.“Really?She didn't tell me anything about it?”It must have slipped her thought when she found the unexpected guest at home.

“O shoot.Don't tell her I told you.It was supposed to be a surprise I guess.”he said clearly panicking.“I laughed.

“Don't worry.When I see it tomorrow, I'll act surprised.”I said clearly amused by his current fright mode.“Umn uncle Ben?”I asked.Even if I know it's not safe for him to come here.“Yes,cup cake.”he replied.

“Will you be able to....I..I mean,may be not tomorrow...the day a..after may be...”I stuttered.He sighed audibly.I can clearly see his downcast situation but I wanted to try one last time.I really want to see him.“Sweet heart you know,If I can,I would right?You know how much I want to be there with you tomorrow right?”

I can imagine how he must be feeling right now.But I know I cannot enjoy this day without him.I was about to say it's ok for his mental peace,but he stopped me.“1sec princess...I have to take this call.... I'll call You back.”He said before disconnecting the call.

“Ok”I said even if he can't hear me.Without even moving from my sitting position,I laid on my back, looking at the cealing.

I don't remember,when the sleep took over,but next when I got up, my head was on the pillow and the duvet was covering my body.I looked around puzzled.Rose must have come inside,while I was in deep sleep.

A smile spread on my face.She is really caring.I checked the time.It was 6 in the morning. Wow I must have slept like dead, because I don't remember anything after laying on my back.

Even if it's early,I don't think I want to sleep anymore..So I decided to freshun up and go downstairs.I checked my phone and found One missed call and 2msg from uncle.

I sorry princess,...the call took a while.Are you sleeping?

I think you are sleeping...Good night cupcake.

That was the last msg from him...11pm.Ok..Let's call him back afterwards. I took my time in shower and than wore a black short and pink t shirt and braided my hair.

When I decided to go downstairs.I heard Rose's bedroom door open.As soon as I opened My door,she watched me startled.

“O my god,Maya. Don't scare me like that.”she said totally caught off guard.I laughed out loud ,keeping a hand to cover my mouth.She shaked her head at my childish act.Then a wide smile took over her panic face.She opened her arm and hugged me.Now I was caught off guard, because I was not expecting her to be so affectionate towards me.

“Happy Birthday Sweet heart”she said still hugging me.I smiled because I never had a motherly hug ever.“thank you”I said for a lot of things.She pulled back a little and kissed my forehead,like Uncle does all the time.My eyes watered with the overwhelmed emotions.

“Come on I have a surprise for you.”she said dragging me down stairs.And when I did,my mouth was so wide open,it was hitting the floor.“what the.....”I couldn't even phrases the word.I was so astounded.“What is all this”I asked.“This is your Birthday surprise.Did you really think, we'll do nothing to celebrate it.”She said.

I was really surprised by the efforts she made to decorate the entire living room,including the stairs.“But,how did you manage to do all this overnight.Did you even sleep?”I asked worried.“haan..What makes you think,I did all this”She asked with an amused smile.I looked her confused.“Then who did.”I asked.“The boys.They were here till 3 and insisted on decorating this entire thing.”

I was so touched by their acts.Nobody other than Uncle has ever shown this much fondness to me. My emotions were all over the place.I really want to thank them.“When will they come back?”I asked. “Well I'm not sure...Let's check.”she said typing something on the phone and then keeping it back on the table.

“I msgs them to come for lunch.Lets see if they are free.”she said.Of course.How could I be so stupid.They are definitely busy.I can't aspect them to be here 24/7 because Its my birthday...

Rose and me decided to have some breakfast and then watch some movies together, before lunch.I don't like watching TV much but animated movies are exception.So that is what we did.

We are currently watching Mulan2 after finishing the 1st. I was so happy with the birthday surpises, that I almost forgot to call uncle.“I'll be back”I said before rushing to my bedroom where I kept my phone on charging.I pull it out to check if I have any calls from him.My excitement soon turn into disappointment,when I found no calls or messages from him.

Why didn't he call me? It's odd.Is he ok? I saw the time,it was 11 already. Is he busy at work?I decided to call and check.The phone rang but he didn't pick it up.Where is he?A sudden fear took over me.God please let him be safe.I prayed.I went back down after messaging him to call me.

Rose was talking to some one when I came back.Did some one come? When I reach the living room I found the Osborne Brother's sitting on the couch.When did they come? Their face lit up when they saw me coming.

“And here comes the birthday girl.”said Grey with a cheery voice. I smiled wide at them as they all stood there waiting for me to come closer.As soon as I was in their reach,they all gave me quick hug wishing happy birthday. I felt a little panicked but as it came,it was gone.I was glad they didn't hug me longer.

Thanking them all I went and stood near Rose.“So Maya we have decided to celebrate your birthday,the way you like it. So tell us what would you like to do today?” Asked Roman.

“For real?”I asked looking at Rose.She nodded her head.“well.....I would like to go out for a while,if that's ok?”I check the water.

“Ok” said Roman,after having their Brother's 'mindlink',“but”I knew there would be a will not come out of the car until I say so.”said Roman.I nodded my head vigorously. Then looking out of the living room Windows,My mouth and eyes went wide in shock.

“Are we taking that?”I pointed looking at his Red Ferrari.He followed my hand and turn his head back with a smirk on his Face.“Yes we are”he said“Can we go now?”I asked excitement clear in my voice.I watched him walk towards the door and holding it open for me.“Are you coming”he asked with a amused smile .

“Yes‼”I said, quickly wearing my sneakers and catching up with him.I didn't even look back when I hear the others laughing at my excitement.

Roman opened the passenger door for me to get in.I immediately went inside without wasting any time.As his engine roared,I looked at him with anticipation.I'm so gonna enjoy this ride.“You ready?”he asked, looking into my eyes.Something stir inside of me,that I can't put my fingers on.but I let it side.“I was born Ready”I said looking at the road.

That was the green signal for him.He started slow but as we hit the road,he took off like a rocket “wooh‼‼”I said laughing.

I was never in a sports car before,but I like watching car race.Its so thrilling.I was so excited,but wanted more.“Is that all you got Mr.Osborne.”

I challenged him.He looked my way for a Fraction of second than gave me his signature smirk.“You asked for it”he said before giving his everything into it.We were laughing like maniac as his car broke all the records and we're driving at a speed of 370km/ hour. After driving for almost 30 min.we decided to go back.this time slower.

“That was fun”I said not even looking his way.“You like car race haan?He asked.“I like thrill”I said looking into his eyes.There was a certain emotion in his eyes I can't read...But I thing he was happy.

“Can we do that some other time”I asked him with pleading eyes.“Any time baby any time”he said pulling near Rose's house.We got down and walk towards the door.

“Thank you so much,”I said“My pleasure,”he said with a genuine smile. We knocked at the door and after some time it was wide opened.Gray standing there with his eyebrows raised..“Had fun”he asked as we entered the house.“Very”we replied together.then looked at each other and burst out laughing.

“What did you do to our shy Maya.”Said Rose.with a happy face.I shaked my head and went into the kitchen to get a glass of water.

I finished it standing there and when returned to the living room,they were waiting for me their with the cake and lit candles,Which say 18.

I went there without thinking and about to blow candles when a hand block my mouth.It was Xander.“Are you not going to make a wish”he reminded me.I nodded and closed my eyes,.As soon as I closed it,the Brother's faces appeared.

In shock I open my eyes.“What is it” asked Gray, worried.“Nothing” I said giving him a smile.When next I closed my eyes,Uncle's face appeared,I wish he was here.When I opened My Eyes.....“What...Is he?”

“Surprise ‼”They all screamed.My uncle opened his arm and I ran towards him jumping into his arm.“oof”he said before laughing.“Did you really think I would miss my princess's Birthday?”He asked kissing my hair.“no”I said hugging him titely.

This was the best Birthday ever.

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