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CHAPTER 12 : Indescribable Feelings

Roman's P.O.V

Since Rose disclosed the real reason behind Maya's hiding,we are restless.So we decided to run a criminal background check on this Mafia guy.While one of our friends in FBI was doing the job,we choose to decorate the house a little bit to surprise Maya.

After all it was our princess's B'day.

After working for almost 2 hours,the entire living area looked very enticing.It was almost Midnight,when Rose asked one of us to go and check on Maya as we didn't see her after dinner.Me and my brothers walk up the stairs towards her bedroom together.

Before going inside Xander knocked at her door.We waited but there was no response.We exchanged looks before opening the door. As soon as we entered her room,her sandlewood mixed with wild flower scent hit us.I inhaled it with my eyes closed. It was pure bliss.

Someone tapping on my chest,bought me back. Grey was pointing at Maya's sleeping figure. She looked just like a kid right now.Her legs hanging down the bed,without touching the floor.Both hands lying lazyly on either side. Her mouth slightly ajar.

I don't know how to explain this undescribable feeling. On one hand,I want to kiss her senseless and on the other hand,I want to hug her tite. Sometimes I have a urge to ravish her body and at the same time want to cradle her to sleep.I want her to wimper beneath me but I can't see her in pain at the same time.

I just know One thing.Its real.Everything I feel for her since I saw her is real. And It's getting stronger.Is this how people feel when they fall in love?

We stood near her bed towering her.

"Want to wake her up or let her sleep?" Gray wishpered.Xander shaked his head."No,she looks peaceful.Let her be.We are coming back in the morning anyways."he said ushering us out but not before stroking her hair tenderly with a small smile.

Grey did the same but to her face.

"She is so soft"he said tilting his head with his signature smile."Goodnite Princess."He muttered before heading towards the door.

I slowly put my hands underneath her and adjust her head on the pillow.She didn't even stir. I covered her body with the duvet and kissed her hair lightly. Before I lose myself and do something stupid I decided to leave her room.

I was about to take my last step downstairs,when my phone buzzed.

I pulled it out to check and froze.

You were gone the entire day. I hope you're not in a process of going against the contract.

"This bitch is crossing her limits."I speak to myself with gritted teeth and dialed her number.She picked up after a few rings."O missed me already?"she said with an amused tone.Rage filled my eyes.I closed them and answered .

"You listin and listing well Sophia. What I do,Where I go,Who I see is non of your fucking business. You better read the contract very carefully because I'm afraid you might break some of the rules."I said laughing.But there was no humour to it.

I know that did the job."You know I didn't mean it that way Rome."she said trying to change my mood."You weren't picking my call nor Grey. I was worried for you.You never avoid my calls. I just wanted to know what happened."She said with a fake sweet concern.

"Stop your act,if you know what's best for you Sophia."I spat with disgust. "You and me,we both know what you meant.So stop playing innocent as if I'm not aware of your games.

Understand?"I warned her.She need to know her place.

"Answer me Sofia."I asked with malice dripping my voice."Y..yes,I understand."she stutter.I have a satisfying smirk on my face now.

"Good. Now do what you usually do,when you can't sleep and don't bother others."I said disconnecting the call.

When I finally get where my brothers were sitting,they gave a look.I sighed and plopped down beside them.

"Care to explain brother?Asked Xander licking his lower lips."And please,we would prefer the details."said Grey folding his hands.Having no choice,I explained,about the contract Sofia and me signed.

"Soooooo....You mean to say that,if you are found sleeping with any other women within next six months,You would have no choice but to marry Sofia?"asked Grey blinking his eyes in disbelief."That is exactly what I say Grey"I answered him with irrigation.

"And now you regret."said Xander, shaking his head."That woman played you Rome.Can't you see it ? She definitely have something planned.Or else she would not dare to provoke you."he finished. "Don't I know that already?"I asked rubbing my face.

"So how are you planning to court Maya and avoid sophia's hawk eyes at the same time?"asked Grey with an amused tone. "Sofia is not a problem Grey.The problem is Mom."I said looking at both of them."She'll raise hell,if she finds out, we're no longer together"

"And I'm afraid they would blame Maya in the future,if they found out,we're all pursuing her together while we were into some kind of arrangements With their choice of daughter in laws."said Xander.

"Not me.I'm not in any kind of arrangements."said grey happily."I'm free to woo anyone I want."he teased us,laying on his back with closed eyes.Me and Xander exchanged a knowing look before,I jumped up my feet and sat on his leg holding him in place while Xander hold his shoulders trapping him.

"What the hell are you doing."he said panicked."Reminding you that we don't make fun off someone in trouble"I said smirking.Then Xander and me together turned him so that his face was downwards and hand folded to his back.

"Come on...Ow..Ow.ow...It's hurts.Rome... Xander..Plz..Ok ok I'm sorry...I get it..Just let me go guys."he said clearly in pain."And why would we do that Roman?" Xander asked completely enjoying the torment.I bend his fingers backwards to torture him more.

"Fuck you"curse Grey loudly,not able to take it any more.We let him go because we didn't want to wake up poor Maya or worse,Aunt Rose. "You would keep that in mind next time.Won't you brother."I said laughing while Xander pushed him back on the couch,when he was trying to get up.

"Bloody hell","Shit",he said rolling his shoulders."What the hell is going on here?"Said Rose standing behind us with not so impressed look."Don't you have time sense?" She rebuke angrily."And what was that cursinng when we have a minor at our place.Take the guest bedroom or go back home."she said glaring at all of us while leaving the room.

I saw the time.It was almost 1am.

"Shit We spend the entire day here.Wow."said Grey totally forgetting what happened few mins back." So are we staying or leaving?"I asked.

Letting them to decide.

"Leave.We do not have change of clothes and I have some work which needs to be done" said Xander with his usual blank face.

"Alright,then let's go" I said walking towards the door.They followed.After getting into the car we decided to go to Xander's place as our car was still there.By the time we reached his place,it was around three.

"Hey we didn't inform Rose,we left"I said typing her a msgs to tell just that and hit send.After that we each say our goodnight to each other and took different rooms to crash.

When I finally relxed on the bed and closed my eyes,the only thing I could see was Maya.Her posture, playing the violin,lost in her own world.Her smiling face.God she's going to be the death of me.

I tried to sleep the night with difficulty.I was already missing her.After sometime,I let the sleep take over.Next when I woke up,it was to Gray shaking me up."What the hell dude?Get up."he said."What do you want?" I asked with my one eye opens."Really?Maya's Birthday.Does that rings a bell?"He asked frawning.

I jerk up on my bed to check the clock.It was 9 already.I cursed my self for not getting up early.We were planning to buy her a gift on our way back to Aunt's house."Give me 10"I said running toward the wash room.

After exactly 10 mins I came out of the room only to find Grey munching on something on the kitchen table alone."Where's Xander?"I asked.

"He started early.He's done with his work though.Want some?"He pushed his plate of sandwich towards me. And I took it."He'll meet us at the jewelry shop in 20 mins.let's go."He said Wiping his face with a tissue.

We went toward my car and next minute we were out of the parking.

When we reach there, Xander was already there.After searching for very long time we found the thing,we were looking for.We asked to gift wrap it and started on our way to Rose's.

We knocked at her door,once we pulled over.She opened her door with a big smile."What took you guys so long?"she asked ushering us inside.

"We're selecting a gift."I said."Great,I hope it's not expensive.You would be disappointed,if she refuses to take it."she said eyeing us all.

I wanted to ask her Why,when Maya climb down the stairs into our view. She was looking sexy and beautiful at the same time with a short and short sleeve T shirt.The first thing attract my attention,was her long pale legs.I really want those legs wrapped around me.while I take her hard and fast on the wall.

"And here comes the birthday girl."said grey loudly,nudging me to bring me out of my daze.

'Thanks brother'.

I smiled at her and wished her birthday along with my brothers.Then we offered her a small hug each.She hesitated but didn't say anything.

When she started avoiding our eyes,I decided to divert her attention to something else."So Maya we have decided to celebrate your birthday,the way you like it. So tell us what would you like to do today?" I asked her.She was taken aback by my words.

"For real?"she asked shock all over her face.After Rose nod her head to confirm it,she said"Well.....I would like to go out for a while,if that's ok?"she asked nervous.

It's not safe to take her out but I think if she stays hidden inside the car,we can work something out.I confirm with my brothers and said .

"Ok.But,you will not come out of the car untill I say so,I said in a serious tone."She nod her head excitedly.Then she pointed her fingers toward my car with big eyes."Are we taking that"she asked astonished.I knew she would like it.I turned at her with a smirk."Yes we are"I said.

"Can we go now?"she asked eageress completely obvious. She watched me walking towards the door.I held it open for her."Are you coming"I asked her with an amused smile.My brothers were holding their laugh.


She jumped with enthusiasm and followed me out of the door.Rose and my bothers couldn't hold it any more and started laughing.

I hold the door for her to get in.She took the passenger seat without wasting any time.I went around and get inside as well."Are you ready?" I asked her when she was eyeing everything inside the car except me."I was born ready"she said looking straight ahead.

That was my queue to go.I still remember,when I entered the car race for the First time.And my partner asked me if I was ready to go.I told him same thing.It kind of made me proud that my girl thinks like me.'My' girl.That sounds good.My engine roared and without wasting any time I hit it.

"Whoo",she started laughing.She like the speed,I guess.But I don't know,If she would be ok with me increasing it.I realized I underestimate her,when her next word hit me."Is that all you got Mr.Osborne."she said challenging me. Her words did something to me.I was turned on.I hope she doesn't see it.My aderline was now on fire.

That's it."You asked for it"I warned her,turning my beast mode on. The car was crossing its speed limit now.But what surprised me more was,she was enjoying it more than me.After something I showed down and we decided to go back.

On our way back I looked her way and asked."You like car race haan?"She returned it."I like thrill" she answered.That kind of made my day. I like car race because it's thrilling.I silently thank God for making someone like me.

"Can we do that some other time"she asked pleading.Which idiot who say no to those doe like eyes."Any time baby any time."I said pulling at our destination.As we we're walking towards the door,She thanked me for the ride.

When the door was opened by Grey,I noticed he was little tense.Why is he tense."Had fun?"he asked both of us.

"Very"we answers together.Then laughed it out."What did you do to our shy Maya."Said Rose.with a happy face.She shaked her head and went inside,I guess to get some water.

"Where did you take her for so long?"Asked Xander."Her uncle is here."he said next with a wishpering tone.My eyes widened.Why am I nervous all of a sudden.That explain Grey's behavior at the door. Grey and Rose came back with the cake just before Maya entered the room.She walked towards it happily.

She was about to blow the candles when Xander stopped her and asked her to make a wish.She closed her eyes smiling,but as soon as she did,her smile changed into frawn and jerk opened her eyes."What happened" asked Gray."Nothing"was her short answer.

When next she closed her eyes,Ben,I guess that's his name came into her view.We were all anticipating on her reaction when she opens her eyes to find her surprise.

She opened them finally and the shock on her face was priceless.She fumbled with her words,untill Ben opened his arms and invited her for a hug.

She ran towards him,and literally jumped on him.I guess the man was expecting it.He catched her with a oof.He said something to her that bought happy tears and a big smile on her face.She hugged him in a tite hold as if he would disappear,if she losens.

I wish I could hold her like that.With those eyes full of love,just for me.But we only want something desperately,when we can't have it.Right?I sighed.It was going to be a long day.

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