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CHAPTER 13 : Loose Control

Graysonas P.O.V

I never thought, Jealousy is an emotion,I would ever feel. Hell I didn't know I'm capable of falling in love ever.But my life went upside down when I laid eyes on her. I never tried so hard to get attention from any women,not that I'll give up on her.

Maya is permanent,if you understand what I mean.When I'm around her,she brings something out of me that I can't explain in words. I want to lose control with her.I want to pull her against me and kiss the hell out of her, while my hands discover every inch and curves of her body.

Again a new emotion......Fear.'What if

She doesn't want me? What if,she likes someone else?What if I'm not her type. Is she into Mature men like my brothers? God I don't know how I would take her rejection.This uneasy feelings are making me nauseaus.

After Maya's happy reunion with her Uncle,she has finally cut the cake.We are currently,sitting on the dining table.Rose and Maya are setting the food and plates around us. I can feel something has changed between Roman and her after they went out.

Whenever her eyes meets my brother's, she's smiling.I sighed.Those smiles.Will you believe me if I say,I crave those. I can only wish those ware for me.I never had this kind of hunger for anything.She even offers a shy smile,when Xander looks her way.

But she doesn't even spare me a glance.

“Careful, he's watching you”, wishpered Rose while serving me the food.That made me sit straight.Fuck,I forgot Maya's Uncle is here. When I looked his way,he was already watching me with pearcing eyes.Busted.

I gave him a small nod, which he didn't return by the way.He was trying to read my mind.O No.Careful Grey... Careful.I warned myself.Then his eyes soften when Maya set beside him.They both exchange smiles and then he put his hand around her and looked my way with a warning look.

'She's off limits'.Fuck my life.Can this day get any better for me?

I shaked my head and started digging on my food while looking anywhere but him.Then something unexpected happened.When Ben and Rose were busy among themselves with food and small talk,Maya passed all her meat into my plate.I raised my head to asked her 'what on earth',when she gave me pleading look.

I look around and saw my brothers exchanging looks as well. What is she up to?Then Rose notice her plate.“Maya, You're done already.Do you want more?”asked Rose.“No”she answered immediately.“I'm full.”she added.I don't understand,if I should be happy or concerned.She didn't eat anything.

Why did she do that? She looked my way again and this time,her lips curved a little.But was mischievous.She mouth a 'thank-you'

and started playing with the leftover on her plate.Oookkk..I let it go for now.I'll ask her later.Before Ben could say anything else,she got up from her sit with her plate and walked toward the kitchen sink.

After sometime,we all gather around in the living room.As usual me and my brothers,sitting together. Rose has taken her easy chair and Ben is sitting opposite to us with Maya sitting on the armrest of his chair. She's shaking her legs back and forth like a kid while nodding her head for everything, her Uncle is asking.I sighed again.What I'll not do to have that kind of fondness from her.

“So let's introduce ourselves formally even though we kind of know each other a little?”sugested Rose,which got everybody's attention.“That won't be necessary Rose.I already know who they are.Let me introduce myself to them.”Said Ben with a smirk.

Why do I have a bed feeling about this?“Sweety,can you go up and get a red file,I have in my luggage and a black pen drive in the same zip.”He asked Maya.She nod her head and left the room.As soon as she was out of the sight,he turned toward us with a serious look.He sent her on purpose.

“Is there something I need to know? Because the way you three were looking at her,it didn't go unnoticed by me.”He attacked us with his first question.“Let me warn you, she's off limits.Even if you have gain some kind of trust from her,I would suggest you all to stop right there.”He warned.

“You Osborne Brother's have a reputation. Especially you.”He pointed my way. My eyes widened. “Do you know what they call you?”he gave me an unimpressed look.“Man whore”, that's what they call you.Keep your disgusted thoughts and hands far far away from my Angel,if you know what's good for you.”He spat.

I bend my head down in shame and closed my eyes.I never felt so broken and ashamed in my entire life.He is right. I'm not right for her.She'll never me mine.Ben will make sure of it.“And you two”,he pointed towards my brothers,“do you have no shame?You are both engaged and still have your eyes on her.“What is the difference between you all and that bastard Leo?” he asked with gritted teeth.

Before anybody could say anything else,Maya came down.She didn't even notice the tension in the air.“Uncle Ben, here's the file but I couldn't find a drive”she said innocently.

“O I'm sorry sweety,May be I kept it somewhere else.”he said taking the file from her.

She looked our way.Her eyebrows frowned.“What's wrong?”she asked.“Nothing we were just discussing.”said Ben without making it very obvious about what's going on.

“So Roman,I believe you would need these to get him behind the bar”he said passing the file to Rome.“Why is He gonna need them?”Maya asked puzzled.

This time Xander took the change to explain.“We are kind of in charge to provide protection to you,while you're uncle is not here.”he said with no emotions.Something changed in her stance.Like she couldn't believe her ears.“You would do that for me?”she asked while her eyes were uncertain.“Yes”we said together.

Even Ben was taken aback my our lack of conflicts.“Even if it mean that you might get hurt in the process.Why?”She asked confused.“We have answer to that question princess,but I'm not sure your uncle would like it.”I said gathering all my courage.That didn't go well with Ben.He looked furious.

“Because,they want something in return.”said Ben daring us to decline his assumption.Its true but the way he put it,I can see,he was trying to create misunderstanding between us.“Oh” was all she said. Maya's face fell.that broke my heart.Me and my brothers exchanged a look.

We want to tell her about our intentions.We want her to know,how much we care about her.We want to tell her how much she means to us.How much we love her and that's why we want to protect her.But right now,is not the time.Hell I don't even know when is the right time anymore.

“Yes they want something in return.”Rose interrupted my thoughts.Is she out of her fucking mind.Why is she making it worse?“Rose”warned Xander.That didn't stop her from continueing.“They want your trust, affection and presence in their life.“Enough Rose” Rome tried to stop her.“No!,she needs to know.”

“What are you trying to say?”asked Maya in a low voice.“They see something in you,Maya which makes them protective of you.They are just holding it back because they care for you. They don't want to hurt you.Their feelings for you are pure.I can assure you that.Don't think otherwise.They....

Ben cut her mid sentence... “Enough Rose.Maya doesn't need to know their intentions.”He stress on the word intention.“She has been through enough shit in her 18years of life,than a normal kid could ever experience.I will not let anyone harm her ever in the future.I will never trust anyone with her in this matter.”

He stood up catching Maya's hand.

“Mr.Osbone,If you decide to help me, putting that bastard behind the bar,please let me know.Or else I have no reason to keep Maya here.I don't think she's safe here.”That was like a hard slap on our faces.He dragged Maya out of the room and she followed him without any question.

It was a complete silence for a while.Nobody moving, Nobody uttering a word.Then Rose decided to break the silence.“Don't hate him.”She said with a sad smile.“He's just an overprotective Father,

protecting his offspring from harm.You would do the same in his position,Right?”

Did we hear her right? “What you mean 'father'?”asked Xander.She looked at her joined fingers and sighed.Then she told us a story,which made me hate Ben.But on the other hand I can't blame him either.If I had to choose like him,I would rather die a thousand times,then bring any harm to Maya's.

“So, I'm guessing Maya doesn't know anything about all this?”Asked Rome.

Rose shaked her head.“And the only one who would tell her about this is Ben.”She finished.“This shit is more complicated then I thought.”I said laying my head on the couch. “So that's it.You guys are giving up already?”Asked Rose.“No we are not.”said Xander.“ It gives us more reasons to protect her and Love her.”

“Don't worry Rose.The moment we layed our eyes on her,we claimed her.No matter what Ben says or do.She already belongs with.Us.”

finished Rome

They aspacted the same thing from me,but I look away.I don't deserve her.A dirty man like me doesn't deserve someone so pure.

“Grey.Dont even think about it.” warned Rose.“I have raised you as my own.I know what your heart is like.Its like gold.All of yours.Dont even let that thought weeken your love toward her.I know what you're thinking.You don't deserve her but it's not true.”I shaked my head because,I don't want to hear anyone right now.

“you're all made for each other. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Don't you all feel complete with her?Don't you feel, she's the missing piece of your puzzle? Don't you feel more alive around her?Don't you feel the spark when you come in touch with her?Dont you feel possessive,

protective and territorial over her?Don't tell me it doesn't hurt,when you're far from her.

Tell me Grey, tell me whatever you are feeling for her,you have felt it before.Proof me wrong,saying that You only want her body more than her heart..Tell me you don't love her.”

We aren't breathing anymore.Each word came out of her mouth was the truth.She didn't say anything else.She left us with our thought and memory.

For the first time in life she left us all speechless at the same time.

We sat there like fools.Nobody saying a word.Nobody even attempting to move from their places.A throat clearing made us all to look up and found Ben standing there acwardly.

What does he have to say now.

“I really apologize for my outburst there.”Xander wanted to say something but Ben raised his hand to stop him. “Its just that,I don't have anything else to live for.I have spend 10 years of my life without her.It was hell.I want to give her everything. She already went through an unbearable heartbreak.And I couldn't do anything to help her.I was so helpless. I almost lost her.I can't lose her.”He said with a defeated look.

She is fragile.She is very innocent for this world.I want her to be secured from the evil of the world.She needs some one by her side when I'm not there anymore.I want to die in peace, thinking she has someone to love her and care for her.” Then he smiled.

“Someone to treat her like princess.Promise me you'll take care of her.”we were socked with his words.Did he just.....Then again his face become hard.“One drop of tear..From her eyes and I'll break your family Jewells.Dont make me regret not seeing my grand children.”he finished and left the room leaving us dumbfounded.

We looked at each other puzzled before realization hit us.Ben has given us his blessings to pursue his niece,I mean daughter.

We hugged each other happily.God Now I feel relieved. I can give control to my Devil mind to give ideas of how to win my girl.Wow 'my'girl sounds good.I looked at my brothers and I can see the excitement on their faces.

“Let's go get our girl”

I said with a smirk and they have the same determination in their demeanour.

“We shall”.

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