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CHAPTER 14 : Secret Revealed

Maya's P.O.V

They want something in return.

They want something in return

What do they want in return?

I don't understand.They're loaded with money. So,that is a negative.

A favour,maybe. But the question is, What kind of favour? Uncle don't seems to be happy about the 'deal'.

Then again, Rose's word rings in my head.

They want me in their life.

Why would they want me in their life?

They want your affection.

They need your trust.

Are they trying to adopt me or something because,they kind of ware very interested in my violin skills and also praised me non stop.

“O my god are they trying to sponsor me? Wow..Maya...Stop stop stop.Hold your horses.You can't be that lucky haan.”

What do they want then?They seemed genuine,when they said they want to protect me.Whatever they want,I think uncle is reluctant about it.

Hmn I think, I'll leave it for uncle to decide.That's what he said. Don't let my pretty little head to worry about it.

Sure ,I can do that.

I don't know how long I have been sitting in my bed,reading this book.

The house seems quite.Where is everyone? When I look out of the window,its almost sunset. Let's go check on them.

I crawled out of bed. I stretched a bit and went out of the room in search of Uncle and Rose.After searching every room, I was about to go down to the kitchen to get some green tea,when I heard uncle's voice coming out of the studies.There they are.I was about to open the door to the study when I decided against it. What are they talking about?

“No, Leonardo is a tough men.I know him for years.When he wants something,he would go to any extend to get it.”Uncle said.But his next word socked me to the core.“You should have listined to the conversation we had. He is so obsessed with Maya,nothing,I mean nothing in the world can stop him from getting to her.”

O My God.That means he lied.He lied about having a rival.He lied about everything.He send me here to hide me from that Crazy men,who I was all along trying to escape.O no. He already reached out to Uncle Ben.

What was he thinking involving all these people's safety while asking for protection.

I should go and confront him.

"But he doesn't know how tough we are Ben.”Roman I think.“He have to go through us, before he gets to her,which I assure you,will be a death wish for him.”Xander said.His voice was on edge.Why are they so mulish on protecting me?

'Curiousity killed the cat.'

When the next words left Grayson's mouth.

I couldn't move.As if I'm Stuck but I couldn't feel the floor beneath me either. “I know Ben,you find it difficult to believe that,we are equally in love with her and fell for her together.But if you ever were in love,you would understand what we are going through right now. How bad we want to be her protector right now.” Wait what?

He is in love with me..No scratch that they are in love with me? Together?

As in Grayson,Roman and Xander. Together. What is this,some kind of claim game? Who do they think they are? And what do they take me as?A stupid naive girl,who is an easy case.

Just because they were blessed with wealth and good looks,they think they can have anyone?No not me.

Enough is enough.I burst through the door.If it was a normal time,I would have laughed at those hilarious faces they are making.But not now. I need answers. I looked at each of them in their eyes and said.“I don't care who the hell you are,and why you want me,but I don't need you. And I won't let anyone make that decision for me.”

I moved my gaze toward Uncle and Rose.“I don't trust anyone anymore.How long were you planning to keep this from me?”I could see how my words

were hurting them but I can't take anymore secrets.“Sweety,Sit we can talk.”I refused to.He sighed and stood up.When he started walking towards me,I took a step back.

“Stop right there”I warned him.I could see the hurt in his eyes.“God how much I trusted you.Even the god must be jealous.”I said with unamused chucle.“You can't protect me anymore.Is that why you are selling me to them?”I pointed my finger at the brothers,without taking my eyes of him. “Maya”he shout at me for the first time.

I flinched from his voice.He never call me 'Maya'. He seems so distant from me right now.“You knew I have trust issues,still you lied to me. How many more secrets you are hiding from me?”I asked him.He was trying to say but something is holding him back.“Are you even my real uncle?”I asked.The word left my mouth before I could stop it.It was his turn to flich.He couldn't even meet my eyes.Did I hit the nail in the head?

I looked around the room. Either their heads were down or eyes avoiding me. No, god please.I couldn't take the shock anymore. I took another step back.Thank god the wall.I slide down it.I was looking at the man standing in front me.I can't recognize him anymore.Who is he?Before I lose my ability to speak,I asked him.

“Who are you?” I asked.I can't even cry.He raised his head towards me and started biting his lips.“Tell her Ben.She has a right to know.”Rose said with a soft voice.The man,I don't know what to call him anymore, looked into my eyes.He gulped and walked towards me.For the first time I feel insecure.

I looked the other way.My toes were curled. He sat in front of me but didn't touch me.I don't want him to.“Look at me darling.”He pleaded.I turned his way but didn't meet his eyes.I don't trust him right now.He sighed.“Its true I'm not your uncle cupcake.”I took a sharp breath and hold it there for his next confession.“I'm your Father.He said 'father' and closed his eyes.

I looked at him with my eyes widened..W..what?"I asked.He finally had the courage to look into my eyes.He took one of my hands and Said. “It's a long story Sweety.I'll tell you everything.I never lied to you.I just didn't know how to tell you the truth.

If it was not for the current situation,I was planning to tell you on your birthday.Rose nodded her head to confirm it.

“I love you more than my life.Never doubt that ever.Promise me.”He demanded.I feel numb right now.Is he telling the truth.Is he my father?I don't look anything like him.As if he read my mind,he reached out for his wallet.He took a small passport size photo and gave it to me.

“That's your mother,My brother and me 20 years back.”he sighed.There is no doubt, she's my mom,She looks like me.“You are a carbon copy of you mom.”said Rose with a sad smile.Then I asked the next question, which was bubbling inside me.“Where is she?”he shaked his head“Dead”was the only answer.

I didn't feel that bad actually.I kind of knew she was.But never expected him to be alive.I mean my dad.“Why send me to orphanage,when you're alive?”I asked with a blank face.“He played with his fingers.“It was for your safety pumpkin.You were supposed to be kept a secret till you're legal.”

“Legal for what?”I asked pissed because he has no idea,what kind of hell they send me into. “Your grandfather was a rich fellow.Even if he and your mother were not in good term,when he heard she was pregnant,Your grandfather declared you his sole successor to his entire property and wealth.It was his idea to keep you a secret.”He finished with a smile.

“And you think, throwing me in that hell hole was your idea of protecting me?” I asked with a disgusting face.

His smile dropped.“What you mean sweety?”He asked with eyebrows frowned,holding my face with both his hands.

“After what I went throught,I prayed to god that,who ever put me in there should be dead.”Both Rose and Ben flinched from my venom filled words.They were speechless now,but not me.Its my time to finally talk.

“I was abused mentally and physically on a daily basis.Everyday I used to get up with a migrane because the nightmares never let me sleep properly.I was so afraid of the warden,that I used to hide from her in a closet.”

Rose was about to say something but, Xander put a hand to stop her.I think he wanted me to continue. “I was starved for a full day and sometimes more,because I couldn't eat the undercooked meat.”I see from the corner of my eyes,the boys flinched too.I think they realised,why I don't like Meat.“I was punished because I refused to become a sex toy for the doctor and the Warden.”

Rose closed her mouth with her hand and shaked her head in disbelief.I could hear growl from the Brothers.

“She used to lock me in the attic entire night,naked,every time I refused to do things she asked to.”She used to threaten me,to send the doctor to play with me,if I ever reveal her secrets to anyone.

Everyone used to call me freak, because I never speak or mingle with anyone.She use to call me slut and beat me, because his boyfriend was more interested in me than her.

The only time,I was free from her torture was when,I use to have panic attacks. First I prayed god to save me.Then I prayed to help me escape.I tried but she caught me and beat me to pulp.She used to tell.'You whore,

where do you think,you were running to.Nobody wants a freak like you.That is why you are here.You better die down here' After that I played to god that who ever threw me there should die a painful death.”

Rose started crying.Ben looked like he can't breath.Roman ran out of the room slamming the door behind him, followed by his brothers.“I'm sorry Maya.We never knew you went through all these pains.It was not your father's fault. I was the one, looking after you.I used to visit every month to see if you are doing ok.”said Rose.

I laughed at her fake tears.“Trust me Sweet heart.That women was my friend once,and that was the reason,I trusted her for taking care of you.She assured me that even if you are a quite child,you are happy there and I believed her.Even Ben knows her.She showed as if she loved kids.”

I laughed again.

“Yes,She loved them to be tourtured.She loved them because people would pay her a lot to have their ways with them,as their toys and some kind people would pay a huge amount as donation for the kids.Only few lucky ones would be adopted” I said.Then a question build in my mind.“Did you two do this on purpose?”I asked with a blank face.Ben looked at me like I have stabbed him in the guts.

“What do you mean?” asked Rose in confusion.“You were friends right? What if you personally instructed her to torture me,to get rid of me.”She gasped.“Maya!!”She shouted in disbelief.The brothers came,rushing inside banging the door to the wall.They had panic expression on their faces. Then looked around the room puzzled.

“What? Didn't you hate me then because your 'boyfriend', wasn't paying you any attention and he broke up with you.”I stressed on the word.“What if you wanted him all for yourself after my mom's death and realized I was an obstacle. Are you behind my mom's death too.”I spat.

The next thing I know,my left cheek was burning.Someone slapped me.Without even looking,I know who it was.Because the only name that boombed in the room after the slap was.


When I turned my face,I saw Rose crying out loud.Grayson holding her tite in a hug,but eyes on me. Roman standing in between me and Ben, trying to hold him Back. And Xander clutching his hair in hard grip.Like he doesn't know what to do. It hurt me .It hurt me a lot.But I'll never show it.I'll not cry in front of them.

I want them to regret and go through the same pain I went through.And I know my next word will do just the job..

“It didn't hurt me,If that was your intention Ben”I said with a small smile.He froze in his place,when I addressed him with his name.Roman let him go but didn't move.“I'm used to it, remember?”I said shrugging my shoulder.He realized what he did.and immediately ran to me to inspect my face.I moved and hold my hand to stop his.

Regret,pain,sorrow is what I can see.

It didn't faze me though.

I attached him with my next word.

“Don't worry Ben, people you love, could only cause you pain.You're not capable of it because I hate you”Tears filled his eyes.“Baby,”he wishpered.

I walked backward towards the opened door.

“And I hate myself because your blood is running through my veins.”I spat and walked as quickly as I can towards my room.As soon as I reach there,I closed the door and locked it.

I went to my closet and started packing my bag.I can't stay with a bunch of back stabbers. I'm an adult now.I'll find a way to survive in this world.I left my electronics and packed only my clothes,few toiletries and all the cash I saved till now.When I was about to jump out of the window with the help of bedsheets,I heard a knock on my Door.

“Maya can we talk please?It's all a big misunderstanding.”Its Xander. No I cannot.Maya, baby, please open the door.We won't come inside.We just want to talk.We'll stand right here if that's what you want.ok?”Grayon's helpless voice pleaded.For a second I paused to think.but when Roman spoke I lost it.“Maya, open the door this instant,or we're going to break it.”

That's it. I throwed my bag first and cursed when heard a thud. I also heard a loud curse outside my door while I climbed down. I think they realised I'm escaping. As soon as my feet touched the grass,I took hold of my bag and bolted toward the road.I was lucky there were lots of cars passing by. While asking for a lift.I looked back to check if they are following.

My heart pounded in my chest when I saw all three brothers running at their full speed as if their life depends on it.For a second they slowed down,when they saw I was not moving. Then their eyes widened,as if they are watching a horror movie.They started running again yelling my name to move.

Before I could realize why,I saw bright light and was hit with a force. Pain shoot throughout my body.A pain I never felt.

Then everything was black.

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