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Roman's P.O.V (Mature contents)

I am speaking to someone on the phone,yet can't hear what was he saying.My eyes are on my girl. Fuck... she's a sight for sore eyes.Her wet hair covering half of her face.Water still dripping,which is making the thin white shirt see through. It's clear the only thing that's covering her curves from my sight is the damn shirt.

My eyes fell on her long sexy legs,which thankfully are exposed only for my eyes. When she lifts her hands to roll her hair into a messy bun,my breath hitched. Half of her ass in on view.I took a sharp breath and before I realize what I was doing,I am already walking towards her.

I stood very close to her back,so that our lower regions are touching.She gasp audibly,when I pushed my arousal between her chicks."Have some mercy woman. I'm taking a very Important business call."

I wishpered in her ears. She bite her lips to hold her laugh,which didn't help my already existing problem.

I bite her earlobe to punish her for teasing me more. Im already hard as rock. She knows I can't handle anything unprofessional during my meetings,so she's doing everything in her power to break me. She turned around facing me now.Our chest almost touching.She came little more closer and now her hard nipples are poking me.

She smiled mischievously, because she knows how hard I'm trying to control my self from touching her. I'm resisting her because,once I start,I won't stop.She took a step back,then another,then another while unbottoning her shirt slowly with a smirk.That minx.She know my hands are bound now.

I'm warning her with my eyes not to go further.She didn't stop.I started breathing heavily.lucky for me the conference call was over.Now it's my turn.I losen my tie while throwing my phone away.I smirk when her smirk fall with realization.''when I get my hands on you,you won't be able to get away untill you learn you Run" I said tearing my shirt off.

She bolt out of the room as I took warning strides towards her.She didn't even reach the corridor,when I caught her.She yelp when I lift her and threw over my shoulder.I carried her back to my room and dumped her on the bed.

When she bounced on it, the shirt rose up revealing her white lace panties.She tried to pull down but I was fast enough to catch her hand and stop it.

I hold both her hands and placed it over her head. I need something to tie them.Then as the idea hit me,I half lift her body to pull her shirt out till her wrist and tie them hard.She was giggling all this time.I smiled when her giggling stopped realising I had tied her hands.

" Let me go Mr.Osborne." She said innocently. "No,not Untill you get punished."I answered taking her almost naked form laying in front of me.My cock is in full attention,ready to claim her pussy, which I'm quite sure is dripping.I spread her legs to take a look and surprisingly it was damp.

"Fuck me side ways."

A gasp passed her mouth when I rip them off in one go and bend between her legs.She smells heavenly.I hope she taste heavenly too. Without thinking,I started devouring her wetness."Baby you taste like my favorite dessert.I can't get enough of you."She moaned in response.I can take her right now but I want to taste her when she cums all over my tongue.

Those moans are making me loose control. I started tongue fucking her while my hands were playing with her large boobs. She was gripping the sheets over her head in a death grip as she was close to lose herself too. Knowing she was close,I left one of her tits and started playing with her clit.She left the sheets and took hold of my hair with her bound hands.It was getting intense.

When she was about to come,she tried to close her legs on me. I hold them open with another hand and shoulder.She finally started shivering and her toes curled up. With a loud moan,she came. I lapped every drop she released like I was parched for days.Shit,she tastes out of the world.

But I'm not done yet. Before she came down from her ride, I got up and settled between her legs.

With One swift moment,I hit home.

She arched her back when I entered her. I didn't give her time to adjust,not that she was complaining.I was too far gone with it now.I thrust faster and harder.It feels like heaven.With every push I was hitting her hilt.She is a moaning mess now.I can see,she was about to come again.Her lips half open and eyes closed with chest pushed up.God I can't hold it any more.I lowered myself on her,so that I'm laying over her body.

Her cherry lips were calling me.As soon as she opened her doe eyes to meet mine,I smashed my lips and kissed her violently.We were both close."Cum with me " I said between kisses and she squeezed my cook instantly.I growl and started hammering into her channel.For few seconds we can only hear the swashing sounds of our intense love making.

Then with a loud roar and moan,we both came together.

"I love you Maya. I love you so much.Dont ever leave me.I can't live without you"I confessed,while resting by head on her chest,closing my eyes.

"I'm sorry Rome.But I can't stay."she said.I know why she said that.

End of content...

When I opened my eyes, she's still there but eyes closed,body covered with bandages and casts. Tubes everywhere.Sleeping peacefully. She still looks beautiful.Her face lack of worries. Stupid girl.Still unheeding of her surrounding. Really?She couldn't find a better time to get distracted.

What kind of deep thought she was in,that made her freeze in the middle of the road.Its been days,but still fresh in my mind.

6 Days back....

After listening to Maya's horrible childhood story,I couldn't hold my rage inside.I rushed out of the house to cool down followed by my brothers.“Im going to kill that bitch and that motherfucker.”I said pacing outside the door.Xander was also leaning on the door with hands in is pockets.“Find them.”He ordered.That all I need to raise hell.I pulled the phone out and about to unlock when Grey said.

“She rejected us.”As if he can't believe it.“We never had a chance with her to begin with right?”He said puffing his cigarette.Xander and I walked toward him.“Its ok brother,she needs time.”Xander console him.“She has trust issues and she's afraid of another heartbreak.”

As if he was consoling himself.


We all froze.Witout even wasting another second,we all run towards the study.But when we we're inside,nothing was out of order.What the hell? Maya was fine. Ben was standing in the same position we left him. Only difference was, Maya looking at Rose with accusing eyes.

What the hell happened? We just left for 2 secs.

“What? Didn't you hate me then because your 'boyfriend', wasn't paying you any attention and he broke up with you.What if you wanted him all for yourself after my mom's death and realized I was an obstacle. Are you behind my mom's death too.”She spat.

Then something unexpected happened.Ben slapped Maya.His face was showing disappointment and rage.I Ran towards him to stop him but it was too late.


We all yelled.But the deed was done.

O god.He gonna regret this. We can feel it.We all waited for Maya's outburst,but to our surprise,it never came.She turned to face us all and smiled.O no.This is not good.

“It didn't hurt me,If that was your intention Ben”When she address him with his name,he froze. I let him go but didn't move.“I'm used to it, remember?”she added, tilting her head.Fuck.He realized what he did.and immediately ran toward her to inspect her face but she moved away and hold her hand to stop his.

I can see.He was regretting already.She was not fazed though.She was in the 'mission outburst' right now.She is hurt it's clear.So she wants to hurt everyone around.But her next word literally was a stab on everyone's heart.

“Don't worry Ben, people you love, could only cause you pain.You're not capable of it because I hate you”she said.

“Baby,”he wishpered with tears filled eyes.But she was not done yet.

“And I hate myself because your blood is running through my veins.”As soon as she finished,she was out of the room.We were all shocked with her eruption.I wish I would had stopped her then .Xander would have atleast spoken something. Or Grey like always would have done something crazy to stop her.

But we're all in our own daze to realize it. We all let her go.

I have never seen a broken men before.She broke him.She broke Ben.

This is not the men we met few days ago.He has cried so much in this last 6 days.I don't think,he has anymore tears left in him.

After we called the ambulance.Grey went with Maya to the hospital. He was so shocked to see her in blood,that he didn't even move from his place.Even if the ambulance came and the paramedics were checking on her before putting her in the stretcher and lifted it inside the van,He was not ready to let go of her hand.Finally we requested them to let him go with her.We followed them in my car. The accident really fricked the hell out of us. FEAR.

We felt it for the first time. I will go crazy,if something happens to her. Xander will close his door for the entire world,He would distant himself from everyone and everything,that reminds of her,forever because she is his living dream.But Gray,that boy will either jump off the cliff or drink himself to death. As rose puts it,We are destined for each other.She's our other half who completes us. We are nothing without her.

On our way to the hospital,Xander called Rose and informed about the accident.He also called Dr.Smith who is a family friend and very experienced surgeon in the same hospital we are taking her to. As soon as we reached there,she was admitted as a VVIP just to fasten the process.Dr.Smith promised to personally take care of her.

We waited for almost 7 hours for the Surgery.Ben and Rose came rushing after 30 mins from the time we admitted her.We explained how it happened and Ben was totally devastated.He is taking all the blame.Rose is trying to console her but,you know, we all are in the same boat. We just prayed and prayed for her condition to be not complicated.

We were all relived when Doctor said she was out of danger.But her situation is still not stable.She had her 3 ribs broken.Her left angle has an hair line fracture.Left shoulder was dislocated,and a broken arm. Luckily her bleeding has stopped.And her head fracture is Minor.No blood clot.But they have indused coma for her to heal naturally.She would be in complete bed rest for 2 months,after she's awake.

If it was up to me,I would tie her to my bed her entire life.Stupid stupid girl.

“If you do not come back to me....”

I warned her as if she can hear. Me and my brothers have completely lost our minds after the accident.The fear of loosing her,had made us overprotective of her.She might complain about it,once she wakes up.

But we are all set with our plans and call me crazy but I have set few rules for her as well.

1.She is never to leave our sight.

2.One of us would always accompany

her.(no exception except toilet )

3.She would do everything, we ask,if

It's for her well-being.

4.Because she has to follow rule#2,

She .Is .Moving.With.Us.period.

“I love you.”

That bought me out of my thoughts.Grey was holding her hands and caressing her hair with a sad smile on his face.

“Come back soon princess.

Come back to me.”

What did I say?This is what we have been doing for the last 6 days. When Rose come back in the morning.We go back to Xander's place, freshun up,come back again. We eat what Rose brings,then talk with Maya as if she was waiting for us to chit chat.

The only sane or insane one is Xander.He just comes,sits and watches her continuesly.He doesn't move from his place.If he receives a call,he attends it and back to staring at her like creep.

“Her skin is so soft.”said Gray to no one again, after a pause. I looked at Xander but he didn't comment anything.Just closed his eyes and laid his head back in the chair.

Rose and Ben are in the room too.

“They would loose their mind if she doesn't get up soon.”said Rose in a wishpering tone. Because I was close,I could hear it.Ben took a deep breath and started rubbing his face.Its true. Everyone wants her to get up.Its been two days,the doctor stopped the induced coma.She should wake up by now.

Xander suddenly got up and walked toward her and pushed Grey out of his way and sat on his place.He looked like a man on mission right now.

“What the fuck bro.”he said getting irritated.What is he up to now?

“Maya”.He called her.Its the first time after her accident,he is talking to her.

“Are you listening? I know you are. Don't you dare ignore me. I don't care how hurt you are.How much pain you are in. I know you are a fighter.

You are the most brave person I have ever seen.You fought your fear,you over came it.You were alone against this entire world.Fight yourself Maya.Fight it.Dont give up.Because if you do,You are also giving up on us.We have our beautiful future planned with you,do you know that?

We would make our own castle and we would treat you like a princess in their.You could decorate it with your own hands,as you like it.We would love you till our last breath Maya And may be after that too.We would get you anything you want in the world.

We would take you anywhere you like.I promise.You name it.

You don't have to confined your self in a room.I will build you a big library where you would find books from the different corners of world.I'll build you a music room too,where you can play as long as you want and we'll keep listining to it like our life depends on it.

Just....Just come back ok ? Just come back... Because........I can't live without you.”He said.

I have never seen this side of Xander.

After opening his heart to her,he kissed her hand that he was holding and got up from his chair.We're all very touched with his confession.I wish she was awake to hear this because it's very hard,almost impossible for anyone to read Xander Osborne's thought.

For him to say this much, proofs how desperate he might be to have her in his life.I hope one day she would see how sincere we are.When Xander was about to turn and leave.he couldn't. When me and Grey were trying to find out why, we saw something impossible.

My eyes widened as I saw Maya was holding Xander's hand in a tite grip.

But what was odd is,her eyes were still close with a blank face.She was still unconscious.For a sec I thought it was Xander holding her but no. It's her.She was holding his thumb in a death grip. Xander smiled and sat back again.It was a good sign at least.Who knew she was waiting for Mr.Grumpy pants to confess.

“I hope you come back soon baby.”

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