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Maya's P.O.V

Where am I? It's dark I can't see a thing.How long I have been here?


"Anybody there?"

What the hell? what is this place? I tried to move my hands and legs. Thank god! I can atleast move them.

I tried to stand up.Not bed.I can stand. That means, I'm not hurt.What was that pain I felt few minutes ago?

"I might be dreaming.God it was horrible.Why am I here though?"

I can't quite remember what happened. So I decided to find a light switch or door at least. How big is this room? I can't even find a wall or concrete floor. I don't remember,how long I have been walking. Then it hit me.Its not a room.Maybe I'm in a deserted place or something.After aimlessly searching for a long time,I finally gave up and sat down for a while.

"Don't leave me."

I jurk open my eyes. Who was that.

"Who's there?"I asked panicked. I tried calling again. "Can anybody here me?"

"Come back...come back to me."

I felt,the voice was calling for me. I have to find him. There was so much pain in his voice. I started running.

"Where are you?"I yelled.I can't find him. Then I heard another voice.It shook me to the core.

"I love you"

I'm going crazy.Where is this voice coming from."Please.I can't see anything.Help me.Where are you?"I cried.I feel so helpless right now. "Somebody please help me." I murmer to myself. Then I didn't hear anything for a while. I thought the voice has finally given up on me. Then there was another voice. It was different. It was dominating.

"Dont give up."

I got up again and started running toward it. It was becoming closer and closer. And I was pulled towards it.Like his voice was compelling.

"Fight it."

I ran as fast as I can. Then I stop absurdly. I saw a silhouette. I recognize him from somewhere. He was saying something,to someone lying on a bed. I didn't see her at first,but then I realized,it was me.?

Wait..Why am I....?It looks like a hospital bed.

I'm here,then who is she? When I look around the room.I found others too. I was so happy to see Uncle and Rose.

Wait.Why do I feel angry,when I'm looking at them. My eyebrows furrowed.I took a step back.A rage is building inside me for some unknown reason. I turn around to leave. But then pause for a bit.

There are three men sitting around my look alike. They all look like they are about to fall apart if she doesn't wake up.What happened to her? It's clear,they are in so much pain. There eyes shows different emotions.

Desperation, determination, sincerity and love....So much love only for her.

They are looking at her as if she is their only source of survival. Why can't she wake up.Is she dead?

I just couldn't move and leave all of them.

I walked near the bed to take a closer look. I already feel connected to all of them.The one sitting left to her is a very handsome man with grey eyes and he's holding my left hand to his chest. I kind of blushed at his action. Then I looked to her right and saw another man,with gray blue eyes.He is so beautiful. Is he crying? Is he crying for me?

"Don't cry"I said feeling his pain.He couldn't hear me.I tried to move closer and wipe his tears,but my hands went through him.I gasp. Why can't I touch him.Am I a ghost? O no.

I tried to touch the other man sitting on the right side of me. Holding my hand. But it's the same.Then he said something,that hit somewhere deep inside me.

"please..Just please come back.... Because I can't live without you."

He looked so defeated.His was leaning his forehead on my hand,which he was holding.Then he placed a small kiss on it and stood up slowly. Even his beautiful blue eyes were blur. Is he leaving?

"Wait.don't go.Please."

I know he can't hear me.

Is he giving up on me already? O god something is happening to me.Im being pulled somewhere else. I can't help it. It's strong. I cried for them to help me. I'm vanishing.What? Before I go, I yelled at my sleeping figure. With last bit of energy left in me, I cried out.

"Don't let him go!!"

Then I let go of myself. I was falling.I feel so light weighted.Its all very quite now.The voices are gone.The Men are gone.The room is long gone.I closed

My eyes, finally welcoming the darkness.

Xander's POV

I was really surprised.This was like some miracle. For a second we thought,she gained her consciousness.

But to my disappointment,she wasn't.

"What did I tell you bro,You need to open up a little."said grey nudging my shoulder playfully.

"I second that.As if she was waiting for your confession,she reacted."said Roman.Her grip has loosened a bit on my hand but, I don't want to let go of her yet. Never.I thought.

"No"said Rose interrupting my chains of thought. "She was not just waiting for your confession."We looked at her confused."But,your pain kind of reached out to her as well."she continued."Even if she refuse to except this bond,this pull towards you all,her soul has recognized you already."

"Elaborate"said Roman, folding his hands on his chest. She took a deep breath."She was not destined to go through those sufferings. The fate has played with her. But something good has come out of it."she said with a small smile.

"Nothing good has come of it"said Ben,who was sitting at the corner of the room, looking tired.."She hates everything around her now.She's lost all hope now.She Loath the idea of love now.She can't trust anyone anymore.Shell never let anybody in ever.I know her.She is totally broken.She has given up on everything."he said holding his head with his hands.He is right.She is broken.

"No Ben.You are wrong.Look the positive side of it." She argued."Even if she suffered,she never gave up.She fought.She is stronger than you think.

Even if she felt abandoned,she was never hopeless. People tried to break her by starving and abusing her,but she held her head high.Others would have given up easily."she said like a proud mother.

"She was betrayed, heartbroken.

Yes.But,She didn't jump of the cliff or went into any kind of depression.

When the one person,who you love and trust with everything you have goes behind your back, cheating on you and taking you for granted,We usually hide ourselves from this entire world and suffer for their wrong doings,but instead she spit on his face and kicked his ass out.

That proves how mature,colleted and strong willed girl she is.She's not hopeless or broken.She is just being careful to not repeat her mistakes.The wall she has build around herself,is only a facade,to fool us all.

There still lies the same sweet innocent and strong girl,who is capable of winning the entire world with just a smile.We just have to give her some space and time.She'll come around Ben, She'll.I promise."she said sighing.Then she turned to us.

"It's your turn guys.Show her,how much she means to you.Prove to her,that not everyone is fake.Tell her,

How much you need each other.Make her fall in love with you.I know you can do it."She said slowly turning around and going out of the room, closing the door behind her.Ben followed her,but not before glancing at all of us once.Then he was gone.

"Woof, That was Aaaaaaaa...I don't know what to say."Gray said scratching his head.We all looked at each other and started laughing. Grey was laughing like a Hyena, which made Rome fall from his chair holding his stomach.I shaked my head ,while trying to control my laugh.

"It's been long since we laughed whole heartedly"I said smiling at my brothers.Grey helped Roman getting up from the floor.."you are right"they said in union.We exchanged look and chuckled again."Its happening a lot lately."said Roman.We nodded our head in agreement.

It was quite for a while.Then as usual Grey started."Hey I was thinking,what if we try few thing on, get a reaction from her.hmn.What say?"he asked looking from me to Roman,back and forth.Is he out of his mind?

"You want us to take advantage of her situation?"Roman's eyebrows frowned.I asked the same thing with my eyes.His eyes widened with panic."Jesus,you both have dirty minds."he said pointing his fingers at us.We both exchanged a look with are eyebrows raised and pointed it back at him."Ok,ok,I was suggesting to say few thing to her,to get a reaction.That's it."he said rasing both hands in surrender.

We thought about it.No harm in trying.We shrugged. "Ok"said grey excited, rubbing his hand together.He went and crouched down near her head and started singing a song?That was his plan. I rolled my eyes.I don't even know what song is that.Roman was holding his laugh by placing his fist over his mouth.

Not getting any kind of reaction from her,he pout his lower lips like a kid and hold his cheeks with both hands.

Then his sad face morphed into a knowing smirk"I know why it's not working,I need to add music to it."he said nodding his head, like he is Columbus who has discovered America.

"Sure genius"I said pressing both my lips together to avoid chuckling.

He pulled out his phone and put the music on.Ok Now I know which song he was trying to sing.'All of me' by John legend.Roman started laughing again."I..Is that...what you were...trying to sing.. brother mine?he asked between laugh.Grey ignored him and started singing again with the music like karaoke.

I tried to concentrate only to the music and not his singing,which was very hard.Finally when it was done,he sighed.And then bend a little over and kissed her forehead. He stayed there for a while and said."If you know,how much I miss you princess,you would not make me wait,right?"There was no humour in his voice anymore.It was only longing.

Just to lighten the mood,Roman cleared his throat."Its my turn"he said getting up from his chair."Hanh"Scoffed Grey."If she's immune to my singing.What good are you haan?"He asked with a smug face.

"I have my ways"said Roman.They bickered back and forth.It was giving me a headache."Guys just shut up ok."

I glared at both of them.

"Let's do something,she likes."I suggested.They both thinking now.

Good.At least now they would use there brains."She likes reading books."Grey said.blinking his eyes.I thought it was not a bad idea."She also like car race,but I don't think,we can do that now,can we?"Said Rome.We were quite for a while,lost in out own thought.Then as if the same idea hit us all together,Our eyes widened,and we spoke together."Voilin".

With a lightening speed,all of us pulled our phones out.Then we looked for a collection of best 'violin musical'.When we all agreed to the same tune,we hit play.Roman took the phone and placed it on the side table.

We waited.No reaction.Now what? The music was playing for quite a long time.

Rose and Ben are back now. Ben looked surprised and Rose looked impressed by the idea of playing her favorite.We were having small chats here and there.I attended few calls,from work, Roman went out to get something to eat for dinner.The doctor visit was also over,to check her vitals.

We were so caught up,with the accident and work together,It completely skip our mind that, we're now sleep deprived. All of us have bags under our eyes. Ben and Rose showed concern and said if Maya doesn't wake up by tomorrow, we'll take her home and arrange a nurse for her,untill she needs it.

We all agreed to it. It was getting dark.Rose was about to leave for the day. Ben was reluctant to leave,but we assured him to take care of her.And finally they left us four alone. We already had our dinner and quiet tired.So we decided to take turn to sit with her. I saw Grey was looking pale,so I asked him to take rest.

He kissed Maya goodnight on her cheeks and took the other bed. Roman took the couch and asked me to wake him up,if I'm tired.I was tired actually,but I wanted him to rest as well.So I said ok and as soon as they settled down,I saw a book which Rose left for us, took the single sofa to make myself comfortable.

While reading the book for a while,

I might have doze off sometime, because when I opened my eyes,it was around 1 am. I looked at my brothers,and they were snoring.When I looked back to check on Maya,I found her head shifted to her side. I was wide awake now. If I remember correctly,it was straight,facing the cealing.Does that means she moved.

A small smile spread on my face.I got up and walked toward her.I was half expecting her to be awake. I am worried now. Without startling her,I called her with a soft voice."Hey,you awake?"She turned her head to look at me.She neither smile nor acknowledge.Just stared at me..

I don't know, what to say.So I asked the basic questions."Are you feeling ok?"She didn't answer.She turned her head towards the ceiling.I sighed and sat down near her.I know she has lots of question going in her mind right now,which she wants answer to but thinking against asking me.I gathered all my courage and tried one last time."If you need anything,you can ask me.If not you can get some more rest.The nurse will come back around 4. She was still avoiding me.

"I understand if you don't want to talk.I'll leave you alone."I said getting up.Like last time,I had a small hope that,she would hold on to me, but she didn't, when I was 5-6 steps away from her,she spoke."Water"in a hoarse tone.I turned back to look at her,but did show my enthusiasm.I slowly walked toward her and pour a glass of water for her.

She can't sit on her own,so I helped her sit, mindful of her injuries. I bought the glass near her lips and without any ruckus,she finished the entire glass."Do you want more?"I asked her.She shook her head lightly to say no. After that, I laid her back on bed.Once she was comfortable,I asked if she was feeling any pain.She shock her head again.So I leave it to that and asked her to get some rest.

When I was about to turn around,She caught me again.There was no mistake this time.When I looked down I saw she was not meeting my eyes.She was holding the edge of my shirt to stop me. To say that I was thrilled, would not be wrong.I waited for her to speak.After sometime she said,what I wanted to hear.

"Stay. Please".

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