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Ok... Hello my lovelies.

Thought before I go into the story further,I would update a few pics of the main characters in the book.

Maya Sullivan:(Age:18)
As I described in the first chapter..She is gorgeous. I don't know if I can justify her beauty with a pic. I'll let you guys imagine Maya as you like it. Remember she is pale white beauty with light blush to her skin tone. Long black natural wavy hair, big brown doe like eyes. Hourglass figure (not fat). Height 5'9.

The pics on the front page is her.

About her:
Maya is a beautiful naive girl. Loves playing violin, reading books and cooking. Introvert. Trust issues because of a heartbreak. Hates unnecessary attention. Only family,(as per her knowledge) her Uncle.

Simon Baker as Ben Sullivan
Government Employee, fun loving and caring. Loves his niece Maya, more than world. Very protective of her. Batchler.

Elizabeth Hurley as Rose
Ben's ex girlfriend.

Ronald (Ron)
Belongs to a very rich family. Quarter back in school football team. Also loved by every one in school, including teachers.
Good reputation. Maya's ex.

Here comes My hotties,😉😝

Sean O'Pry as :
Grayson Osborne... (Age-24)

Rich, playboy, youngest Osborne brother. Advanturer, has killer smile with dimples that can melt every women's heart. Straight forward. Love bikes.

Nick Bateman as :
Roman Osborne..(Age-25)

Second elder of Osborne brothers.
Short tempered. Loves to keep everything organised. Love cars race. Girlfriend...Sophia 😠(slut).

Henry cavill as :
Alexander(xander)Osborne: (Age-26)

CEO Osborne group.
Cool, calm and collected. Elder of all the Osborne children. Takes care of family business with his best friend and brother-in-law Nathan.
Fiancé.. Desiree (power hungry bitch)

Nathan Blunt : (Age - 25)
Co-CEO Osborne group.
Best friend : Xander
Wife : Emily Osbourne (Blunt)

Emily Blunt:(Age:22)
Only daughter to Osborne family.
Very jovial and kind.
Wife to Nathan Blunt.

George Osborne:(Age-52)
Father of Osborne brothers and Emily.

Sandra Osborne (Age-50)
Mother to Osborne Brothers and Emily.Wife to George.

Tom Allis as :
Leonardo Regio.(age: unknown)

Mafia leader.
Obsessed with Maya.

I'll keep updating pictures and videos as the chapters goes...

For now that's all guys.
Hopefully I'll update the next chapter tonight or tomorrow.
I'm excited..And kind of free right now..So I'll update as many chapters as I can.

Love you all stay home..Stay safe.

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