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CHAPTER 17 : Magnanimous

Maya's p.o.v

I'm falling.

I'm drowning.

Totally submerged by darkness.

I'm waiting to reach the core.

But nothing.Im still levitating.I can't feel my weight anymore.Fear engulfed me and My heartbeat has increased.I tried to open my eyes,but it's too heavy.After struggling a lot, finally I could do it.Its not too bright,but it's not dark either.


What is that sound? I turned my head to look around.It looks like a hospital.I close my eyes again to recall what happened. Then like water,the memories flew through my head. I took a deep breath and pain shoot through my chest.I winch and started breathing slowly. I tried to get up and look around but can't move anything other than my head.

But I'm sure,I'm not alone, because someone is snoring.Its very loud.I know it's not unc..I stopped my self from thinking about him. How could he keep such a big secret from me?How could he of all, punish me like that? What have I ever done to deserve a life like this?He didn't even deny the fact that he send me away because someone asked him.

What was he even doing for 10 years? Is that why I was never adopted?Why is Rose involved in all this? And who is my grandfather? Is he even alive?So many questions but the only one who has answers are Rose and Ben.But the main Question is,do I even want the answers? No.I don't.I don't care if I'm a princess of Abu Dhabi,Or I belong to a celebrity family. I just want a little peace in my life.That's all.

Even if I have to forget or forgive them for their mistakes.If doing so gives me peace of mind.I would do that.I don't want anyone begging me or cursing me because,I have made their life miserable.No.nada.Here after, I'll be my own person.Im 18 already and it's time to move on.Ok.

I think my right hand is alright.I tried to move my fingers.its fine.I lift my hand to check,and found my head has bandages.My left hand is plastered. I can't feel my legs.they feel so numb.I wander how hard I got hit. I was kind of thirsty but the side table is too far from my reach.I tried stretching my hands but couldn't get it.

Frustrated,I layed there for god knows,how long.I tried to sleep until someone notice me,but as if I have been sleeping for ages, I just couldn't.I was in my own thought,when I felt eyes on me. O.M.G.

Don't be Ben or Rose please. Even though I have decided to forgive them,I don't want to see their faces right now.Then I feel someone approaching me. I'm aware of their presence but don't want to acknowledge it.“Hey,you awake?”

What is Xander doing here? I turned around to look at him,but didn't say anything.“Are you feeling ok?” he asked worried.

I can't live without you.

I turned to the ceiling,when his voice rings in my mind again. Was I dreaming or it was a hallucination?It felt so real though. He sighed and sat down near my bed.It was very close,let me tell you.I feel tingly. Why does he have this effect on me?

"If you need anything,you can ask me.” He paused for a second.“If not you can get some more rest.The nurse will come back around four.” he said after sometime. I couldn't meet his eyes.He's making my heart skip,with his intense gaze. So I decided to avoid him."I understand if you don't want to talk.I'll leave you alone." he said getting up.

O god, did I hurt his feelings. How do I stop him? He's too far for me to catch on.

“Water.” what? water? Really? What ever,I made him come back.didnt I?He slowly walked toward the side table and pour a glass of water for me .

He then helped me sit up a little and bought the glass near my lips.As soon as it touched my lips,I emptied the glass without second thought.God I was so thirsty."Do you want more?"

My body suddenly reacted to his deep voice.I got goosebumps.I shook my head shyly to say no. After that, he laid me back on bed.

Once he was sure, I'm comfortable, he asked if I was feeling any pain,which I denied again by shooking my head. He let me to it and started making his way away from me to give me space.But did I want it.My body was kind of craving his touch again.He felt so warm then.

Don't let him go”

When he was about to turn around, I caught him.

"Stay. Please". I don't know where did I get the courage,but the voice inside my head was yelling at me to stop him.So I did.It was like a déjà vu. He was surprised but he sat back finally.

When I carefully check his face,he looked tired.He has bags under his eyes.My hands worked on its own, fingers tracing his under eye.

He was watching me all this time.with a blank face.When my hands touched his face I realized, what I was doing.I tried to pull it back,when he hold them with his large ones and put them back.He sighed and closed his eyes. When he opened them after sometime,his face was different.

He looked.... contend? I was trying to read him,but failed.He smiled and I blushed when he started tracing fingers over my hand.His actions were speaking a lot.He really cares for me.He really lo..?

No don't go there.I warned my self.

I was about to ask him if he was alone,when a very excited and sleepy voice interrupt us.

“You're awake?” I heard Grayson's voice.“Girl you're awake,I can't believe it.”He said coming into my view.I offered him a light smile.He than called the third musketeer.

“Rome? Yo brother, She's awake.Maya's awake.”I heard groan and a thud sound, followed by 'oof'.

“You're so dead,Grey bear,if it's a prank”Said Rome with a hoarse voice.Grey's pet name,made me smile,but I blushed when Xander caught me in the act.Grey came rushing towards my left side.Before I could register, what was happening,Gray engulfed me in a light hug,mindful of my injuries and placed a peck on my cheek.

“Grey”warned Xander.

My eyes widened,but it didn't faze him,and he gave him his heart melting smile with dimples.How could someone be upset after seeing them.I must be looking like red tomato right now,When I looked back at Xander,he gave me an apologetic smile. Truth to be told,I didn't feel bad or panicked at all.He really is a 'Grey bear'.

While Xander and Grey were talking back and forth,Roman approached me finally.“Hi”he said seductively.O my ovaries.I don't know if it was intentional,or his voice has this effect on every women.That thought kind of made me jealous? Wow Maya,What is wrong with you today. I think,I'm still in some kind of trance. “Hi” I wishpered back.

He kind of got my message and increased the space,when the heart monitor beeped faster.God this is so embarrassing. I was looking everywhere but him.He gave a knowing smirk and sat on the bed near to my legs. All of a sudden,I felt sensation on my leg,which was numb till now.I realised after sometime,that it was Roman's hand tracing circle on it.

When I meet his eyes, after seconds,I regret immediately.His pearcing eyes were already watching me.They are saying something,but I can't read him.

What are you saying Roman?He raised his head with an amused expression on his face and then licked his lips. My eyes followed his moment and I bite my lower lips.He took a sharp breath, alarming all of us.He cleared his throat and said

“I'll check if there is any nurse on duty around.I'll be back.”he said to no one in particular. He got of from my bed absurdly and went out of door. I was blinking and my eyes were still there,where he was a moment ago.What happened to him all of a sudden?

“Don't worry about him? He's just tired I guess.”as if reading my mind, Grayson said. I turned his way and saw both of them were looking relieved.“Girl,you kind of freaked the hell out of us there you know?”he continued.“You were out for 6 days.”he said.My eyes almost buldged out.Xander saw my panic face and explained.

“You were under induced coma,due to your injuries.Its to avoid the intense pain for the initial stage.”he said.I nod my head in understanding.Then the door opened and Roman came inside with a doctor. He smiled and Greeted me.

“Hello Maya.How are you?”

Seeing the doctor, something changed in me.I started panicking.Then a screem ecoed in the room,later I realized it was mine.

Memory of the orphanage and the doctor flashed in front of me.I started crying.I feel suffocated. I can't breathe. Then some one was holding me to his chest and trying to sooth me.I don't know who.But I was holding them for dear life.Then after sometime I calm down.When my mind was little clear,I looked around.

Xander was holding me.My head was under his chin and his heart beat was giving a calming effect. But not calm enough. Something is missing. I want my uncle. I want him now.I don't care how much pain he caused me,but I can't hate him.I love him too much to hate him.I started crying on his chest.

“I'm calling Ben.”said someone.Who ever it is,I'm thankful to him. I want to curl into a ball,but the pain is too much.Im not able to moov much.Then I felt a pinch on my arm and after sometime I slept.Not again.When next I opened my eyes,I was still in some one's arm. I heard muffeled sound from my holder.I looked up and was met with my Uncle's,or should I say dad's brown green eyes.

I was never so relieved, seeing him.

He smiled down at me.“Good Morning cup cake.”He caressed my face and kissed my forehead.“How you're feeling now?”he asked. I didn't say anything.Just buried my face more into his chest and breath his scent. In return he started massaging my head gently.It finally calmed me down.

How was I even trying to run away from this. He would never hurt me.He is my father.I always wished him to be.Then how come I throw such hurting words at him. I know how much he would have suffered because of me.In my rage,I almost forgot,how much he has sacrificed for me.How can I be so selfish.I cannot take my words back.I won't be able to forgive myself for my rudeness. I started crying again.

When he heard me sobbing,he lift my chin to see my face.Then before he ask me anything,I told him,what I was dying to say. “I'm sorry Dad.” I hope he forgives me.“For what princess?”

He said,making me feel more guilty.How could you be so forgiving?

“For causing you pain.Im so bad.That is why god punished me like this.”I said crying my heart out.“No baby.If anything,it should be me,who should be apologizing.Not you.”

He said wiping by tears with his shirt sleeves.“I was a Coward to hide the truth from you,in fear of loosing you.So I should be the one asking for your forgiveness.Rose was right.You are too grown up for your own good.Too strong to forgive me for my mistakes. Because a week one can never absolve.I'm very proud of you princess.”he said kissing between my eyes.

“What about me?”Rose asked.Dad and me looked her way.She was standing at the foot of the bed,with happy tears.I kind of feel ashamed of accusing her. But I think she has already let off of it.“Im so sorry Rose.Nothing I say would ever define my actions towards you.”I apologized, lowering my head.

“Hey, don't say that.” she said pulling me into a hug from my Dad.“You are long forgiven sweety. You mom and me were best friends. And when I saw you first time,after you were born,she wanted me to hold you first before anyone else. She wanted me to be your god mother.That was her last wish”her face saddened

Then she looked at me and smiled.

“you remind me of her. A mother can never be upset of her child, sweet heart.”she said sitting beside me.Then dad started.“There is a lot of things,you need to know princess,but not Untill you are released from the hospital.Once you are out, we'll tell you everything from the beginning ok?”he said.I nod my head.

“Where are these baffoons?I asked them to get break fast.How long does it take to shower and get waffles. It's almost 9”she said rolling her eyes.Dad and me chuckled at her mood swing.She pulled out her phone and started scolding the boys, I guess. She is something else,I tell you.


“Yes princess”

“I like calling you Dad.”he smiled

“I love hearing it too cupcake.”he said

Then I remember something.

“Dad,where is my birthday gift?”I asked narrowing my eyes at him.


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