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CHAPTER 18 : Contradiction

Maya's p.o.v

It's been a week since I got discharged from the hospital, Two weeks since I regain my consciousness, Three weeks since I met with the accident and four weeks,since I got here. This last 1 month was hectic.Unexpacted things happened.Some bad some good.

Before I was released,the first question was,Where do I stay?You wondering Why? Because I'm on wheels and Rose doesn't have any bedroom downstairs, and it's going to be a big problem for me.So they all decided that Rose and me should move to a different house untill I recover.

After most of the essentials were packed and moved to the new house, Grayson came to pick Dad and me.When we were on the road,I realized,the house we are moving temporarily,is in the outskirts. It's a Cabin,which actually belongs to the brothers.

I was really socked to see the beautiful view. The house was surrounded by woods.A small lake nearby. And it was a private property,so other civilians were not allowed in there.Lucky for me, because I could use some privacy right now. Althought I can't move a lot without help, I saw most part of the cabin.The interior was as Breathtaking as the exterior.

Dad couldn't stay longer,so he kind of left the next day I moved. Before he left we had my homecoming party with Dad,Rose and ofcource the brothers. As promised,all of them showed me my pending Birthday gifts.Rose's was an album,which has my mom's memories stored.which she wanted me to have on my 18th birthday.

To say that I was happy,was an understatement.I could never thank her enough for this gift.Dad's gift was wrapped in a small box.But when I opened it,I screamed with joy.Every body laughed seeing my excitement. Dad gifted me my dream car Audi SQ8 sports model,Which sadly will be delivered after I'm fully recovered.

When it was the brothers turn,they were highly strung. I guess why? But their gift left me stunned. It's was a Cristal effigy of an Angel playing violin. The gift left me inexpressible. They were definitely thinking about me,when they bought it. Something stir inside me.I was really moved by their gift.

For the first time,after a long time,I felt,I dare say love. But do they really?

I mean, even a blind person can feel their love towards me.But what do I actually feel for them? I know I am not in love with them. But why do my heart skips everytime,I see them?Why have I developed this feelings,which I thought I buried it long back. Why I want them to stay by me all the time. I have no answer to that.

It's been a week since then.Dad left that night. Rose's kind of busy with her work but still checks on me time to time.She has refused the nurses and takes care of me herself. I feel bad all the time,but I think she doesn't mind helping me though. I didn't see the boys ever since they left that night to drop dad at the airport.

I kind of miss them.They were with me for the last few days like glue and all of a sudden, phew..They are gone.

I thought they might call back to check on me or something,but if they had,Rose would have told me.Right?

When I didn't hear any news about them the entire week,I asked Rose about them.She avoided my question by saying, they might be busy.

But your guts never lie.Does it?I have a feeling,they are avoiding me intentionally,or Rose is hiding something.Again.The weekend has passed and my anxiety is growing.I don't know why I feel this way.But I hope that,they are not hiding anything else from me because I'm seriously tired of all these secrets.

I haven't touched my violin for many days now,nor I'm in a mood to read books today. So I thought I would try watching TV. Althought I don't like movies.I decided to watch sport channel. That was my biggest mistake.As soon as I was on ESPN channel, Something caught my attention.Its a car race.And Roman was almost winning the race. A big smile plastered on my face.

I got comfortable because I don't want to miss it. As soon as the Race was over,I almost jumped from the seat.Roman won it.Cheers were followed by the race and when Roman came out of the car,I gasp.He was looking so hot in his red sports wear. I wish I was there.

Fans were almost throwing themselves on him. But I think the area was secured. Then I saw Grey came running towards him and jumped on him. I couldn't stop laughing.

He is so funny.But the next moment my laughter died when a blonde girl with very revealing cloth,came and stand besides Grey.He moved his eyes from his brother and smiled at the girl,pulling her by her waist and keeping her close.Close enough for my likings.

The remote slipped from my hands when I saw another stunning women coming towards Roman.Then her next action made the floor beneath me swept away.She just kissed him in from of everyone and Roman was returning the favour.

What was I thinking?Of course they have girlfriends. How stupid of me.Its not their fault,it's mine.How could I let them in.Then rage filled my whole body.How could they have women by their side and claim that,they are in love with me.I still can't believe my eyes.Are they for real?The women are clinging to the brothers, their hands roaming all over. And they are not at all fazed.I hate them right now.

What about Xander.No he is not like them.He is someone,you could rely on.Trustworthy.“But what if..?”

I pulled my phone out of curiosity and Googled the 'Osborne Group'.As soon as the page loaded,a big building came into view.This might me his office. Then I scroll down the page and found pictures.

My life keeps getting better and better right? I don't want to believe what's in front of my eyes.Xander is engaged with a beautiful women name Desirée for 3 years. They have dated for 2 years and now his fiancé for 1 year.

“What the hell ?”

I couldn't help searching about the other brothers as well. After finding their dirty history and present status.I don't want to see their faces anymore. They are disgusting. “They have been playing with my emotions on this time? How could they? I'll never forgive them.”

Rose came inside.She heard me yelling.“Did you know about this?” l asked her as soon as she came inside my room,showing the TV and my search on the brothers. Her eyes widened.She was shivering.Her hands in fist and she couldn't meet my eyes.My heart fell into my stomach.I couldn't phrase a word.What should I say?

“What kind of sick game you all are playing with me?”I asked dejectedly.

“How many times Rose.How many times I have to go through this pain?

Why not just kill me.”I screemed,tears rolling from my eyes.She ran towards me and sat beside me on the bed.

“I wanted to tell you Maya,but it's not my story to tell.Please don't make any rash decision.They really lo..”

She stopped when She saw my eyes.She knows nothing can make me change my view for them right now. I can overhear things but can't deny what I see.She tried once again to convince me.

“I told them not to keep you in dark. They were looking for a right time to tell you Maya,trust me.They have changed.You have to trust me on that.They are currently sorting their problems, before they come clean to you.” her words were cut short from the cheerful sound coming from the TV.

“So,Roman do you have some good news for your fans?”A woman asked him, obviously pointing towards him and his 'girlfriend' keeping the mic near him.He thought for a sec and then smirked, “I'm planning to settle down finally. Thankyou”he said and dragged the woman by his side toward the exit.Grey and his slut girlfriend were following them too.

“OMG,Did you hear that guys. The Roman Osborne has finally decided to marry his long time girlfriend Sofia. That's the news of the decade. I feel so sorry for the poor girl fans,who would be definitely heart broken. But don't worry girl,The younger Osborne has not been taken yet. So good luck. This is......” The woman on the screen continue speaking but I zoned out.

Roman is marring her.That means he is in love with her.Why does the idea of them being with someone else hurts like bitch? I feel like my heart is broken all over again. I can't take this anymore. I took my phone out and dialed the only person,I think I can trust right now. After Two rings, he answered.

“Hello princess,missed me already?”

“Dad,can you take me from here please?”Rose and Dad both panicked.

“Maya,calm down,let them explain their situation to you.please.Give them a chance.”Rose begged.

“What's going on sweety?”asked dad.

Before I could say anything,Rose snatched the phone from my hands.

“Nothing Ben, she's just upset.I'll handle it.”I was still crying.My dad said something to which Rose closed her eyes and took a deep breath before answering.

“It's a misunderstanding Ben.I promise...No you don't have to come.If I couldn't clear it,then,I would be the one, bringing her home.Can you trust me on that?” She asked and waited for his response. Then she released the breath she was holding. “Alright give me a few hours, I'll let her call you back.” After saying goodbye,she disconnected the call.

She looked at me hurt. She was about to say something but I don't have it in me right now.So even if it pained me I asked her to leave me alone.She was reluctant but finally she left me. I'm sitting alone in my room right now. One part of me wants to believe her,but the logical part of me is still in denial. After lot of thinking,I decided that,I won't let them in again.

I'm not a stupid rag doll,they could use for their entertainment. Actually,unknowingly,I have given them a chance,I let them pass easily,

I opened myself to them. I....Trusted them. But they misused it. They not only lost my trust,but my respect too.

I was so so wrong about them.They are no different than others. All men are the same.Players......Cheaters.

Roman's POV

We are currently sitting at Xander's office, discussing a blueprint to the new house,where we're planning to move together, after Maya is ready.I can't wait for the day when I would carry her bridal style and keep our first step together,with her,in the new house. All of us together.

“Hey it's been a week,let's go see her.Enough is enough.”said Grey impatiently.We all wanted to see her but it was Xander's idea to give her a break.If she really feels something for us,then the gap will help her to make her a choice. What he said is true but the distance is unbearable.I can't sleep properly at night.She has invaded my thoughts. I'm truly whipped.

The door to his office opened and Nathan walked inside,with his as usual happy face.“What's up loosers?”

He said jokingly.When he heard us groan,he started laughing. Other than Rose and Ben, Nathan knows about Maya.He was really supportive of our polymory relationship,which I didn't expact. Then his face became serious.

“Guys don't you think you should tell her about everything, before she hears it from someone else?”he said

“We are planning to.... Today.” Xander confirmed.He took a deep breath and sighed.We have been planning,how to tell her about the contract with Sophia and the fake arrangements with Xander and Desiree,so that she doesn't feel cheated or played.She already has gone through a lot and her sensitive mind may react to even a small thing.

So we gave her some time to sort her feelings for us.She might except us all or she may choose just one of us.Whatever it may be,but we'll never back down.Even if I have to wait My entire life for her attention and Love,I'll take my chances.

“We are? ” Grey and me asked excitedly.Nathan and Xander started laughing.“Look at your faces.You guys are totally whipped.”teased Nathan.

“Whatever”we said together.

As we we're about to stand up. Xander's phone buzzed.“Its Rose ”he said worried. He answered immediately.

“Hello.... I'm at work...Y..Yes they are with me.What happened?....Ok.. Give me a sec....”he checked his laptop for something then after sometime furiously closed it.What got into him?Grey and I exchanged looks. He took the phone again and rubbing his face,he said.“I saw it...”He sighed“...I don't know what to do?”he said running his hand trough his perfectly jelled hairs.

We couldn't hear a single word what she was saying.After Few minutes Xander disconnected the call and he has a infuriated look on his face.

Then he turned to us.“What happened?”I asked him worried.Its the calm before the storm. Instead of answering,he stood up and started messing with the room in rage.

He started yelling and throwing everything that was on the table a few minutes ago.The once organised room is a mess now. “Xander stop,what is wrong? ”Asked Nathen.He was not telling anything,He was like a wild animal right now,who's out of control.

“We fucked up,that's what's wrong.”

He said, throwing his laptop which broke into pieces ,when it hit the wall.

Not knowing what to do,Nathen punched him hard on his face,which seems to work.Xander fell to the ground and started crying, holding his hair...When Nathen started fixing the room a bit,Me and Grey walked toward him and crouched beside him.“You are scaring me Bro,tell me what happened?” I asked worried.

“She knows already.Everything.We're late.She hates us right now.No matter how hard you try to twist your words,she won't believe us anymore.

She'll never give us another chance.

We fucked up brother.We fucked up big time.” As soon as the words left his mouth,we Froze in our places.

“Fuck fuck fuck...I knew it. I knew something was wrong.But how,how did she even find out?”I asked. We have no clue.“Your car race was retelecating on TV.”said Xander with his gritted teeth.Then it hit us.And hit us hard.Both Gray and me exchanged looks and we knew instantly,what would have made her furious.

“Shit...I told you motherfucker,it was a bad idea. We are in deep shit now.”Said Grey,punching the nearest wall.

“What did Rose say?”I asked Xander.

He lift his head to look at both of us.

“We are on our own.”

So what do you guys think the boys are up to now?Do you think Maya would forgive them?

I'm about to add another hotty to the story😝Stay tuned.

Luv you all😘🤗

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