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CHAPTER 19 : Obstinate

Grayson's pov

Right now we're in front of the Cabin,to face Maya's Wrath. After Rose's call, we're determined to confront Maya,brief her about our plans and make her believe us at the same time.But when we reached their,all the fortitude we gathered so far,was thrown out of the window. As soon as we pulled in the garage of the Cabin,My heartbeat fasten.

It's like a déjà vu. But this time,I know Why. A fear,that we are going to loose her for ever.We have the keys to the house,so without knocking,we slowly opened the door,entering the living area.Rose was already siting on the couch with a mug in her hands.When her head turned ourway and the look she throwed, clearly says,'you are on your own' we knew,it's going be real tough to handle this situation.

Without uttering a single word,she left us to deal with the matter.Xander was the first to walk towards her room,followed by Roman.I just couldn't move a muscle.What if she ask us to fuck off without reasoning?Or worse...Silent treatment. God I can take her beating too,but not that. Slowly but with a lot of effort, I followed my brothers.

When I reached there,they were knocking at her door.She wasn't answering. After a few seconds, Xander open the door to her bedroom.As if she was aware,it's us,she didn't even look up from her book, which she was reading.Or maybe pretending to.“Maya,can we come in?”asked Xander.

Without even looking our way she said,“I thought this is your house.”Her sarcastic answer took him off guard.He blinked several times, maybe to hold his tears.When he couldn't phrase anymore word,Roman took the lead.“Its your house too.Maya.”

He said with a small smile,which didn't reach his eyes.That got her attention,but her face was blank.Her next counter reply took all of us off guard.It was a slap to all of our faces.

“Is that so? In that case.Get out.”We were having a staring contest.We're looking at her pleading and she looked detemind to send us out.“Maya,can we please talk?”I asked not even meeting her eyes.I can feel her eyes on me, but I just couldn't see the Loath she has for us in her eyes right now.

There was a complete silence for few seconds.We were waiting for her to respond.“Talk” she said finally.That was the only thing,we need to hear.

Roman started.“Thank you Maya.I know we have hurt you and we're ashamed of our actions.But please listen to our side of Story, before judging us.”

When she didn't show any reaction,he continued.“I know Sophia, since highschool.Our mothers are close.We're friends first,then it turned into”he paused a little.“friends with benifits.”I looked at Maya,to see her reaction,but there was none.

“It wasn't anything serious.We're both free to go on our own ways. And that's what we did.We went to different colleges. We're in touch but, when she came back, she wanted more. We kind of were on and off. Finally,during Xander's engagement,”He took a peak his way.Xander look like a mess right now.“it was official.

I never publicly announced her my girlfriend,but,I mean...I didn't have a reason to reject her advances aswell.Its was fine untill last year.Then I realized that, we were never actually into each other seriously. And our mom's started pestering on marriage.I couldn't take it anymore.As a friend,she was ok. As long as she doesn't give me any reason to break up with her.

I kept her by my side.But told her clearly,I'm not taking our relationship further.“Then why are you still together?”Maya asked interrupting him.He doesn't want to answer it,I know.But he doesn't have a choice.“Maya before I tell you why, can you be a little open minded? because I'm not sure if you ever heard about something like this.”he said gulping.

She bend her head to the side.God how could someone look hot and cute at the same time.But her answer was definitely stab to the heart.“Do I have a choice?”She said scoffing.Xander shaked his head in defeat. Roman continue.Now this the hard part.

“Maya, we signed a contract.Its between her and me....No string attached...just....Sex.”

We all closed our eyes in shame when her eyes went wide in disbelief.When next we looked her way.Her face was showing clear disgust. She was looking side ways.“Say something Maya.”said Rome. She took her sweet time to turn his way.“Great.I hope you have a great time with her.”she said without emotion.“Maya,I swear,I didn't bed her since I met you.Hell I didn't even invite her to my Car race.

She just came out of the blue and took me off guard.”he told her half the truth.

The actual reason was,It was all part of the plan to make Sophia believe that,she is still the only woman in his life.“um hum. But you kind of were enjoying her surprise. It looked like you're having a good time together.You and your brother both.”

She eyed us both.I sighed.“Maya it was all an act.”I said.She raised her on eyebrow as if asking 'o really'.We are doomed.Completly.

“Xander,Say something.Why are you quite?We are all in this shit together.”

“Because it's not his turn yet?”She said like it was a question.Xander sighed and sat on chair next to him, with his head in the hand.Rome begun.“Maya if you hear my entire plan,you would understand it.Trust me.”That triggered something in her.She looked like,if she was not temporarily disable,right now,She would strangle him.

“Trust you?Trust you,you said. Isn't that what I had been doing,till yesterday.Give me one reason,just one,why should I trust you?”she asked with gritted teeth. We looked at each other helpless.“Because,...I love you Maya....And I would keep proving that to you my entire life,if I have to.”said Roman.I thought,I would be the one to confess 1st but,Roman beat me to it.I thought she would be stunned by his confession,but she looked him bored.

“I'm sure you had a lot of practice,of using those phrase on women.”she said unimpressed.God that kind of hurt.Because we have never said those words ever.Roman looked really broken and hurt.“No Maya,I have never said those words to anyone before.You're the first.” he said.

Desparation clear in his voice.

“Im sorry. I take that back.I remember,you don't love..You just like to have contract sex.Am I right? Ok.Im glad then.”she replied arrogantly.

Xander stood up, unable to take the torture any more.He moved towards Maya with determination.But she was not fazed at all.She just took a deep breath and waited for what was coming for her.

Xander sat on the bed in front of her.

“Listen and listen well Maya,I'm not going to repeat myself.”he said holding her gaze.“It might sound Crazy,but Me and my brothers are madly in love with you.What ever word you have in you dictionary for mad lovers,use them.We never felt this way for anyone,ever. Sofia and Desiree were never meant to stay with us in the first place.It was an arrangement made by our family.Even if you were not in the picture,they didn't have a chance with us.”

He took a deep breath and continue.“Their parents are my family friends for a very long time. And that is why,we are dealing with this matter carefully. We want them to leave us willingly in a civilized manner,without any man handling.

We wanted to give you a less complicated life,so we planned not to involve you in all this crap. You were already suffering from panic attacks.

We didn't want to stress you.”

Maya looked thoughtful for a while but it was gone,as it appeared in her face.“It's unheard of Maya,I completely agree with you.Three man in love with One woman. Its hard to believe. But this is what it is.Do you think,we had ever thought about sharing a woman? No. Hell I'm still jealous of Roman,that he took my change to propose you first.”he looked at Rome,who chuckled without any humer.

“I'm also jealous of Grey, because he kissed you first.”he said looking my way.“Hey,it was just a peck,on the cheek,let me remind you. Althought I wanted to kiss her senseless.”I conffessed without any shame.Than regret when Maya looked at me like,I have asked one of her kidneys. I avert my eyes to Rome and we both chuckled.

“Wait right there.”said Maya, interrupting our funny moment.“Dont go any further,Xander.Don't go there.

I don't want to know, how you feel about me.I can't take this anymore.You have you reason.Fine.But I don't want you.None of you.So just please, please leave me alone.”she said frustrated.

“Why not Maya?Why don't you let us in?”I asked.“Why don't we deserve a second chance?And most importantly,why don't you give yourself a chance?”I asked her.

“Like you,I have my reasons.”she said dismissing the conversation. “Why not Maya” I pressed her again.

“Because you are not my type”she spat angrily.“And what is your type?”Roman asked, clenching his fists. She took a look at all of our faces and then said.

“Loyal and Trustworthy type”.


“You don't know us yet little one. How could you do the character judging without a fact?”Xander asked without showing how hurting her word were.

“I don't need to know you personally to judge you characters.Whatever I know is enough for me to not let you in. Ever.”

“Let's hear it then.”said Roman, furious of her rejection.He dragged the chair and sat beside her,looking straight into her eyes, challenging her.

She smirked slightly.This is goona be fun.I took the other side of her bed, making sure not to touch her.She looked at all of us and started.

“If I'll tell you your dark secrets,Will you let me go then.”She asked determined. Nobody answered.So she continued.

“Roman...# 1.Very organised...that means he couldn't take any kind of imperfection.Which in my book is a negative point.”Roman stiffened.

#2.“Short tempered... People like him are incapable of making right decision,when required.”he gulped.

#3.Stubborn...Those kind of people can't adjust or compromise.I simply don't like them.”he was opening and closing his mouth,like fish.“Maya..”he started but,she dismissed him.

“Grayson”I started Sweating,when she took my name.It was like I'm waiting for my teacher to reveal my worst grades.

#1.“loves Freedom...That itself,makes him unstable, untrustworthy, uncommitted,Which is a big no no for me” I was simply blinking,with my mouth wide open.

#2.“Sexually Active...Which implies,he would have lots of expectations from his partner.Not fulfilling it,would make him sextually frustrated.”

“I..I am...” she raised her hand to stop me.

#3.“Fascinated by beauty”....She shakes her head.“people like them easily get bored and than move on.Not at all reliable.“Maya I have changed. I used to fool around.Not anymore.I want to Stop.You..Made me stop.”I said,not knowing how to convince her. But she ignored me and placed her gaze over Xander.

Xander is perfect in all way.I don't know,what reason she has for him.

“Your calm,too patient,too genuine,too good,for your own good.”she said lowering her eyes to her hands.“And that is your reason to reject me?” he asked narrowing his eyes. “Yes.” was her answer.

“Maya look into my eyes and answer why.”he demanded in a hard voice.But the words which came out of her mouth broke my heart.

“You are too good for me.”She looked into his eyes straight and spoke.“Im too broken for you to fix.I have trust issues.Im always insecure.You are always surrounded by people.I always run from them.

You are always taking control.I never like people controlling me.You are in love with me.I have no faith in that word anymore.You'll wait for me all along,with hope but I,I'll never turn up because,Im hopeless.” She wishpered the last part.

“You are not hopeless Maya.Do you even know what you have done to us?” Xander said, holding her hands.

She didn't meet our eyes.“You changed us.You tamed us.You broke us.You my sweet Angel,have made us do thing,we have never done for anyone.

You have made us feel things,we never felt before.Not you,it's us,whose life was hopeless and dark untill you came along.” She tried to take her hand back,but Roman caught it.

“What did you say, I'm short tempered and stubborn? Yes I'm. And I'm proud of it, because my strong head will never give up on you.Try as much as you want to push me away. I'll come back full force.”he said pulling her into his lap.

She was too shocked to react.“And by the way,I didn't say I love you, ever, before you, because I have never fell in love it?”He asked.

She nodded and tried to get away from his grip. Instead of making her sit on the bed,he placed her in Xander's waiting arms. He hold her in a way,she was sitting sideways on his lap.She blinked confused.Then she looked at me,as if I'll help her escape his strong grip.I chuckled.

“Confortable,are we princess?”asked Xander with an amused look.She was holding on his shirt for deer life.

Before she could say anything else,I interrupted her.“O I forgot,You point something out in me.Where did you find the details,baby?”She took a deep breath and started biting her lips.“Were you secretly spying on us?”I asked.“and please don't bite those lips.It turns me on.”

Her mouth was wide open. We all started chuckling at her expression.“Anyway, listen here babe,I like sex.I won't deny. It's in our blood.Its not just me,All of us are good in bed.” I smirked.“But we didn't have sex,or let any women drag us there,since we met you.I would swear it on our parents life.”She shifted uncomfortablely.Xander groan.Again we chuckled, because she has no idea what she's doing to little Xander there.Then I became serious

“But I'm serious princess.Not everything you see is always true.I like freedom,but If you are the one to cage me,I'll do it happily. Do you know why?”she knows why,but I'll not miss this opportunity,to regret later.“Because,for the first time in life,I don't want to run away.I want to stop. I want to stop with you.Because, I'm hopelessly in love with you Maya.”I said kissing the inside of her hands.She blushed a little.I'm proud of myself,because I made my girl blush.

“Ok.Enough.”said Xander frustrated and....Little Jealous.ha ha.take it brother.He took Maya's jaw in a hold and turned her to face him.“It was me who saw you first,but Roman gets to say the golden words first and Grey gets to kiss and hug you before me.Im elder among them you know.” Then he smirked.

“There you go brother,”We chuckled because we know what is coming next.Maya was looking at him wide eyes.

“Im going to be the one to taste those lips first.”

Finally....Can't wait to update the next chapter. Sorry. It was getting too long,so I have to cut short.....Stay tuned.💕

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