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Maya's POV

What am I doing? I'm losing my mind finally. I'm letting three men touch me sensually,at the same time.Have I lost it.This is sooo wrong...then....why does it feels so...right?Every time they touch me,I feel sparks.Is it just me,or they feel the same? Just few minutes ago,I was furious.I hated them. I never wanted to do anything with them.Then what changed?

Their conffession maybe.Or I'm just too weak to fight the temptation. I want to be disgusted,but instead, I'm craving it.They say I have done something to them.But truth to be told,they are doing something to me, that makes me lose control.

Do I want this? Yes.

Can I help it? No.

Am I making a mistake?Maybe.

Can I stop it?No.

Xander was holding me in his lap.His hands catching my jaws in a firm grip,but not too tite. He was about to kiss me.“God I have waited too long for this.I have kissed you in my dreams,many times Maya.” he was tracing my lips with his thumb.“You are such a tease everytime.”he said.Roman and Grayson chuckled.

“Very true brother,very true.I have also punished her in my dreams for disobeying me.”Roman said in a seductive voice,near my ears. I closed my eyes and bite my lips to stop myself from moaning.“What did you do brother?” asked Grayson,his lips near my neck.I gulped by their close proximity.

I got goosebumps,when Grayson's lips were tracing my neck and at the same time, Roman was slightly nipping my ears.Roman voice was awakening, something from my core. I just couldn't stop my moan.It was out unknowingly.

“I tied her to my bed and fucked the hell out of her.”He said with a groan.“God you're making everyone hard Rome. She couldn't handle the consequences.”I gasp when all of them started attacking my neck.They were biting,sucking and kissing me all together.I was a putty in their hands right now.

One of their lips was travelling from the crook of my neck, toward by jaw,then my cheeks and when it near my lips,I opened my eyes to see,the owner.Xander's blue eyes were stuck to mine.Even thought the other two brothers were literally biting and sucking my neck and shoulders living hickies,I was more capivated by the blue eye man right now.

His eyes not leaving mine.He pulled me from his bothers, towards him.In return we heard Roman growl and Grayson complaining.“Not fair brother”he didn't care “Jesus,your eyes are beautiful Maya.”he said leaning and kissing them both. I'm forever making you mine women, whether you like it or not.”

He said claiming my lips in a fierce kiss.I was out of breath for a second,when I opened my mouth to gasp some air,he took this opportunity to push his tongue inside. O my god. Am I really kissing Xander Osborne right now? When he was about to pull back,I returned the kiss,not wanting it to end. He moan in side my mouth and kiss me back with more force.

When we pull back.His eyes were still closed. He pressed his lips together and smiled. Then he opened his eyes and sighed. “That was amazing. It felt like my first kiss.” he said, making my red cheeks redder.“My turn” said Grayson, carefully lifting me from Xander and making me lean against the head board.

I noticed.Even if they act rough,they are very careful about my injuries,while touching or lifting me. Gray was looking into my eyes.Then he move closer and when I thought he would kiss me,he kissed my cheeks then moved back and smirked .ok, I thought.Then he leaned again.his lips almost ghosting over mine,but he wasn't touching it.What he wants?

He turn and looked at his brothers.They shaked their heads.

“Stop playing Grey,I'm waiting for my turn.”said Roman in his rough voice, which send a tingling sensation towards my lower abdomen. It's strange.What is it? He smirked looking at my confused face then licked his lips.

“He wants you to initiate the kiss”said Xander folding his arms.I looked back at Greyson,who was still staring at my eyes unmoving. I gulped.I lower my eyes to avoid his intense gaze,instead looked at his firm chest.God,this is so embarrassing.Letting someone kiss you and initiating one by yourself,is two different things.

“Im waiting”Said Grayson, pulling me out of my trance.Gathering all my courage,I moved forward and gave him a small peck on his lips.He frawn and pulled me to him, smashing his lips to mine.I didn't waste time to kiss him back. It was slower than Xander,but passionate. It was desparate,yet soft. Wild yet gentle. He let go of my lips but not before tugging my lower lips with his teeth and slowly biting it.

When I wanted to gasp,He let me go with a small peck.“I always wanted to bite those lips.”he said winking. Then his happy face change into a frawn. “God I need a release, anybody need me,could find me in the rest room”he said getting up from the bed,Not ashamed of his obvious hard on. “O my god”I said covering my face with my hands.

Roman and Xander started laughing at me.That idiot.He is so shame less. “Laters baby” said Grayson,going out of my room. Xander stood up as well.He removed my hands and kissed them lovingly.“You would see a lot like that,here after sweet cheeks. Don't be ashamed.Its just us.”he said kissing my forehead.

“I'll see if there is anything to back”he said following Grayson out of the door,leaving Roman and me alone. He crawled near me and pulled me on his lap so I was straddling him.He saw my ankle,which was broken and started playing with the cast.“Does it hurt,if you sit like this,he said placing one of his hands on my waist. I shaked me head slowly.

Then he pulled me closer,so that our foreheads were touching. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.We sat this way for a while.he broke the silence.“Maya,give me Two months.Just Two.I'll fix everything.Its a promise. Till then, don't ask anything, don't say anything thing, don't even stress you Little head for anything.Can you do that?”He asked me.

When I didn't answer,he took my hand and placed it on his heart.He looked into my eyes and said.“Maya,do you think,we are playing you? Do you think we are lying?”he searched my eyes. “No” I said releasing him from his stress. He sighed and hugged me. “I love you Maya,I love you so much.I have never wanted something in my life so badly, the way I want you.

You don't have to say it back, untill you really mean it Angel.But I'll keep saying it always,untill every fiber and cell of you body screems my name.”he said pulling back.I bit my lips,out of habit, he groan and came closer to my face almost touching my lips. “Let me do the honour.” he said licking his lips and eying mine.I let go of it immediately.

As soon as my lips were free.His lips were on mine.All the brother's lips tastes the same.Mint mix with something else,I can't put my fingers on.He was holding my head in his hand and devouring my mouth.He was really eating me up,like he was hungry for years. After kissing me,which felt like hours,He pulled back satisfied.

He chuckled.I looked at him funny.“soorry princess,You lips are of swelling. I kind of lost it a bit.”he said tracing my lips with his fingers.Then he pulled his phone out and dialed someone's number.Maybe his brothers.“get some Ice cubes while coming.”he said smiling at me.I was filling a little tired but let it slide,as all of them were here.

I yawned which Roman noticed and pulled me to his chest.He started stroking my head.God that feels so good. I don't know,when I dripped off but next I woke off,I was laying on my pillow,with a duvet covered my body.

I can hear wishpering and soft talking nearby.I think it's Rose.“..... Can't handle it....Quite well.Be careful boys.You are all walking on eggshells.”

Rose is warning them about something.“Don't worry Rose,we will never hurt her again.We have make everything clear to her.She's ours to take care of now.”Xander said. My lips curved a little.“We didn't realize earlier,how our act would affect her.Sofia has people following me.It won't be a surprise,if all of are being followed.

We had to be really careful,not to give this place away. That's why,we decided to stay back for a week,to distract them.”Said Roman.“Alright, I'll be in the kitchen.Once she's up,bring her out for dinner.”said Rose, followed by the sound of door shut.It was quite for a while.Then Grayson started.

“Guys,I didn't realize,I Don't have an urge to fuck anyone else,

since I saw her.I mean me,The biggest casinova,what people call me,I haven't laid or touched any women for a month.Can you believe it?”He said laughing softly.“Not just you brother,She has this effect on all of us.I feel disgusted,when any women eye me seductively now a days.

I asked Sofia to go back to her dad's place because I'm feeling nauseated,when she's near by.”Said Roman.“Then I think,our Angel has finally turned you guys into saints.”Xander's mocking voice said.

“I don't doubt that a bit brother”Said Grey.“I second that”said Roman stroking my hair.I think it's time to get up.

Although,I was enjoying their conversation,I can't act anymore.So I stir a little to let them know that I was awake.I turned around to find all of them sitting very close me.“Had a good nap princess?”Roman asked helping me to sit up.“Yes.Sorry.I don't know when I dripped off.”I said.“Its ok little one.You need rest.”said Xander, smiling at me.I smiled back and when my eyes fall on his lips,The memories of our heated movement earlier,rushed back to tint my face pink.

“What's making you blush babe.”asked Grey,coming closer and stroking my cheeks.“N..No., I'm not”I defended myself,getting more red.They all started laughing. “Maya,If you keep blushing like that, I'll lose all my self control. And I'm sure, you're not ready for my wild side yet.”said Roman, kissing my other cheek.“Ok guys.Give her a break,Let's go down for dinner.Rose's waiting.”said Xander, pushing his brothers away from me and picking me up bridal style.

I gasp but didn't complain.Because I like it in his arms.“kill joy brother,I'm sure you're just Jealous.”said Grey Smirking.“Yes I'm.Happy?”He said looking down at me.I smiled at his childish act.“Well brother,learn to share then.We're going to need it.She's ours too.”said Roman,smirking aswell.Xander carried me towards the kitchen, while the brothers followed us.

Rose was reading a magazine near the kitchen counter.When she saw us,her face lit up.“Aaw,You look adorable in his arms.”Said Rose holding her hand near her chest. I offered her a shy smile. I thought he would place me in a chair.But no.He sat on one, placing me on his lap.I watch him questionably.He offered me a innocent smile,as if he has no idea, what I'm asking.

“Xander put her down.She's not comfortable at all.Look at her face”Said Grey.Thank you so much Grey. Xander shrugged him away.He came closer to my ears and said.“Am I making you... Uncomfortable princess?”I wanted to say yes,but it came out as.“No.”Xander looked at his brother amused.“See, She's fine.” Grey huffed in annoyance.“O really,than let her sit on my lap.”

We all laughed.“Who's jealous now brother?” Asked Roman.

“Whatever”he said feeling left out.“You can carry be back,to the washroom,then to my bed,after dinner.”I told Grey to lighten his mood.That really worked.He gave me his world Famous dimples smile.“Hell yae.You can bet on that,baby”he said, happy like a child,who has just opened his Christmas present.We all laughed at that again.

Rose,was setting the table,so Grey got up to help her.While all of them were busy chating away.Xander pressed a little harder on my waist,not painful,but to catch my attention.I looked at him puzzled. He's not even looking my way,he wishpered in my ears,just for my hearing.“Aren't we enjoying it too much?”what is he talking about?

“Im a very territorial man little one.When you're in my embrace, don't think about other men,not even my brothers.You will bring the possessive side of me,Who doesn't like to share.For him.You're mine.Just Mine.”He said finally looking down into my eyes.His dominant eyes were claiming me in a way that is daring me to disobey him.God,he's bringing the submissive side of me.

“Say you're mine”he hissed in my ears.It was really turning me on.Like I was possessed,I said what he wants me to.

“I'm yours.”

He growl possessively,holding my head,to his forehead,closing his eyes.

“I love you Maya.”

And just like that,the entire world around us fade away.I like this possessive side of him more than I realize.I think it's not a bad idea after all to devote yourself to the one who's madly in love with you.I'll try,if that's what they want me to.I'll give them another chance.Hope,they don't break my heart again. I hope.


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