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Xander's POV

It's been 2 weeks,since I saw Maya.Its a torture to concentrate on my work, when I'm so on edge.On top of that,Mom wants me to take Desirée for shopping and spend some 'quality time' with her,because it's her birthday. In addition to that, I'm to attend her birthday party,held at my parents place. What the fucking hell?

I'm listening to my mom's bickering on phone for last 10 mins. If she keeps doing it for another 5 mins, I'll literally loose it. Nathan has an amused look on his face, because he's aware of my situation. Neither me nor my brothers have seen Maya for two weeks.This two weeks feels like two months for me.

Even if we're dying to see her,we can't take risk.As assumed,we are being followed,not just Roman,Grey and me too.It could be any one. Sopia, Desirée,My business Rivals or worse, that Bastard Leo. So we're keeping our distance from her.We explained her,our situation and I'm really glad she understood.

But you see,even if she's ok with us not visiting her often,we are not.Since we met her,me and my brothers are always anxious.Sometimes it's about her safety. Other times it's all about our future together.God knows,what the future has stored for us.Not going to lie, I'm really scared.Terrified. But I'm gonna fight this time.I'll never let anyone or anything, come between us.That is why,I have decided to break up with Desirée.

I know mom's going to flip.Dad will be dad.He doesn't care, because he knows, I have never taken any wrong decision.He never interfared in our personal life ever.It would be best for everyone.Im sure Desirée won't mind, because we're never in love. We have gone on dates but it was just for a show.We tried liking each other,but it never worked.

"Mom do you know How busy I'm?" I asked her irritated. "Please, just let me off the hook. I'll try to come tomorrow after work,but shopping, is a big no no. I can't take her.If she wants my card, I'll send someone to deliver it to her.Will that be fine?"I told her.I don't understand.Why she's trying to patch things up,when she's quite aware, I don't like her anymore.

"O nonsense.Who needs your card.I just want both of you to spend some time together,for better mutual understanding,before the wedding." Fuck is she for real right now?

"Mom"I roared in a warning tone."I'll try to come tomorrow."If that's all,I would like to go.I have a meeting in 5. Bye"I disconnected the call furiously.

"Calm down man. She's your mother.

She cares about your future. Don't speak to her like that."said Nathen, trying to calm me down.I know he is right but sometimes,she literally tests my limits.And let me tell you, I'm not in the mood right now.I got up from my chair and started pacing inside the room.I need to see Maya,or I'll go mad.

"What about the bodyguard?"I asked Nathen.We have been far from Maya,but her security is our first priority.So we all decided to keep a bodyguard for her,24/7."He's in the lobby.Want me to call him up?"I nod in agreement. I sat back on my chair and waited for the man,who I'll be trusting with Maya's safety.

After 5 mins,there was a knock and Nathan came back with the man in black following not far behind. I didn't get up from my chair,but put on my professional face,to meet him.Just by looking at him I can say that he has lot of experience in this field.He looks like a man in his early 40s. Height around,6.3.Strong build,cold expression.Just what I needed.

I offered my hands to shake.He took it gladly.He has a very strong grip.I like him already."Xander Osborne.Glad you could make it."I said introducing myself.Although, I'm sure he knows me."Erik Arzdorf.Happy to help."He acent was different.I guess he's Russian or German.I gestured him to take a seat.He took it and offered a small thank you.

The reason my brothers and me choosed him is because,he works independently.And no family ties so far.which is a plus point.We want his undivided attention,while guarding Maya.He don't just work for money,Or works under pressure.He only except the offer,if he likes it.That makes me curious though.

"Although,I know my brother in law has briefed you about the situation,may I ask,why you choose to work for us?"I need to know his motive to fully trust him.He didn't hesitate to answer.

"It's a gut feeling.I always follow my instinct.Whatever cases,I had worked in the past,You must be aware of the fact that,I only except the work,If it gains my interest. I nod in agreement.

"I'm but it's just a precaution before I trust my future wife to you."He nodded his head in understanding."So this the file.You can go through it.Take your time and sign only,if you agree to the norms of the contact." He took it from me and after 10 mins,he signed the papers and returned it to me.

"I'll be reporting to the duty than.He said, offering his hand to me, which I shaked with a small smile.Then he left my office after saying his goodbye.As soon as he left,I sent messages to my brothers to confirm about the deal.In return they messaged that they hope,he is a good guy.I hope so too.

When last time we visit Maya,she was still on casts,but no longer in need of help to stand or moov. Next week,her plaster will be taken off.Finally.

Even if she was on bed with bandages and casts,all over her body,She still managed to looks radient,without any makeup at all.She is a natural beauty and sometimes,I feel really lucky to have her in my life.No scratch that.Always.I feel lucky always.

A smile crept on my face when I remembered her blushing face,after I kissed her inform of Rose. I took her by surprise,when she was least expacting it. Rose simply waved it off and left the room,to give us some space,but Maya was still pouting the whole time for embarrassing her.She looked so cute pouting,that I can't help kissing her pouting lips again to tease her.

"God she gonna be the death of me."

"I have no doubt about it.Just tell me where to dig the hole to put you in."

Said Nathan chucking, bringing me out of my daydream.I laughed it out.

"You are totally pussy whipped,my friend.Good for you."He said looking genuinely happy for me."By the way,when was last time you speak with Em?"He asked me.Seriously,I don't remember.

"Why?What happened?"I asked him Worried.Before we met Maya,I use to visit their house regularly. I feel guilty.He smiled and said nothing to worry."Well,I think, she's pregnant."he said smiling like an idiot.That made me jump from my seat and hug him into a death grip.

"Loose it man.I don't want to die, without seeing my grand kids."He said laughing."Wait a min,Did you just say,You think?Are you not sure?"

I asked confused.His smile fell and he sighed."After her miscarriage,last time, she's just afraid to check,even if she knows she's pregnant." O shit.

I forgot that last year Emily miscarried the child and was under stress for many days.She might be afraid to lose it again."I'll talk to her.Is she going to attend the party tomorrow?" I asked him,even if I know,she doesn't like Desirée."Im not sure?"he said simply.

I nod and then told him that I would call her,once I'm back home.

Once I was done with my work,I shut my system and pull my jacket on.I was about to go out of my office,when I saw something strange. It was blinking.I moved back and bend down to take a look.What I found under my table made me freeze on my place.I pull it out and study it carefully.

I closed my eyes,when realization hits me.Sombody bugged my office.Shit.I panicked.How long was it there?Why didn't I notice it before?Who put it there?."Fuck."I cursed loudly.Then fear took over my entire body. Where else? I left the bug in my office and left to call the security.He came running up.I wanted to talk outside my office, because inside is not safe anymore.

"How?How is it possible that, someone comes inside my locked office and plants a bug,without anyone's knowledge."I was furious now.The person,who has planned it,must be aware of my every move.What if he knows about Maya?O fuck no."I have no idea sir.Only Mr.Blunt and your P.A have access to your office.No one else.Do you want me to check the footage,Sir?"

"Definitely,let's go?"I ordered.On my way down,I called Rome.He picked up instantly."What's up bro?"He asked."Fuck Roman.My office was bugged,I have no idea,who did it,but is aware of my every moov now.Please check if you and Grey are too.I have a very bad feeling about this."He utter some curses and hang up the phone.Maybe to check on Grey.

When I checked the security cam,I didn't find anything suspicious.Other than the cleaning staff."Check if there is any changes in janitor's duty."I asked the security head.He rushed to check the details for last one month.There is no change.Its the same person,who is permitted to enter my office.

I also checked the after office hours.No.No clue who did it?Then it's clear.Whoever has visited my office,has something to do with it. Nathen,no way

My brothers,nooo

Cleaning lady,maybe?

Uncle Nick,no,he never comes,when I'm not there.

Who else?Who else?Fuck.fuck.fuuuck.

"Of fucking course.Desiree.That bitch."Holy shit.That means,she knows about Maya,because I have been speaking to my brothers in my office lately.I hope she doesn't know, where she is. Is she the one,who is behind the man following us? If she has anything to do with this,I swear to god, I'll make her life a living hell.She messed with the wrong man.

I dialed Erik's number,He picked up at once."Sir"he said."Erik change of plans,You would be staying inside the cabin.Keeping a close eye on Maya.I just found out,my office was bugged.Someone is following my every move.So be careful.I'll call my aunt to let you in.Dont move a muscle out of the house, untill I say so.Are we clear?"I asked him."Yes sir." He replied.

I dialed Rose's Number next,but she wasn't picking up.I just prey,she would be safe,till Erik reached their."God please"I never believe in church and God,but I'll prey for her,if I have to.I kept trying her number.But after few more calls,it was switched off.I panicked and dialed Erik's number again.As soon as he picked up,I ordered him.

"Erik, something is wrong.My Aunt's phone is switched off,which is odd.Try knocking once,If they don't open it,punch the code#######Get inside?Be ready for anything." I breath hard"Very well sir,I'll give you call once,I'm in."he said disconnecting the call.

Maya's POV

Rose was working on something in the study.I was in the living room watching Sherlock Holmes because I don't have anything better to do.I haven't seen the boys for 2 weeks now. I really miss them,but never going to admit it.Why?Because I know it's for my own good.They are trying to protect me and I kind of promised Roman to not Interface in their 'plan' for two months.

So this is me, keeping my promise.What a good girl I am.Right?I scoffed.God.I really miss them.I couldn't sleep well now a days,thinking about the time we spend together.Now that I want to divert my attention to something else,I thought watching a not so boring movie, would be a good idea.

It's been a few minutes in the movie,when I heard a knock on the door.I got startled.I thought Rose would open the door,but she is not out yet,and I'm not sure,we are expecting a guest at this hour,so I waited for sometime.Then I heard the punching code sound.A smile crept on my face.It must be the Boys.But when the door opened,to my disappointment,it was not them.

"Who are you?"I asked confused.

He turned toward me in panick and with a gun in his hand.O my god,Is he here to kill me?

"Are you ok,Mam"He asked with an ascent.I nod my head slowly.He put his gun back in his waistband and straighten his coat,and introduced himself.

"Good afternoon Mem, It's Erik Arzdorf,at your service."he said with a robotic voice.My mouth was wide open.He noticed my confusion and said.

"I'm your personal bodyguard Mem."

"You,re my what now?"I asked puzzled."Do you have the right person?"I asked to confirm."You're Miz.Maya Sullivan,If I'm not wrong?"

He asked."Yes that would be me."As soon as I said that,Rose came in the living room and froze."Who the hell are you?And how did you get inside?"Said Rose coming and standing in front of me, defensively.

He smirked and came closer to Rose.He couldn't take his eyes of Rose. "Mr.Osborne has appointed me as Miss Sullivan's personal bodyguard.But I won't mind, guarding you too,liebling. Did he just flirt with Rose.I chuckled when Rose face went red by the closeness of my 'Bodyguard'. Rose took a step back and glared at him."No,I never needed a bodyguard.Ever."she said,trying to hide her blush.

"I'm Erik,by the way meine liebe."He said with a amused smile."Yae yae, whatever that means.You are welcome to stay,after I check with my nephew.Please have a seat."she said acwardly.I was holding my laugh,by pressing my lips together.He moved his eyes finally toward me and smiled."I'm sorry Miz.Sul..."

I cut him by saying."O call me Maya, please."He nodded."Sorry.I have to barge in, because aaa..."he doesn't know her name.I smiled and said "Rose"."Yes Mz. Roze phone was switched off.Let me call Mr.Osborne to inform that you are safe." He said taking his phone out."Ok" I said.After talking for sometime and getting all the instructions,he handed the phone to me.

I smiled at him and took the phone.

"Hello".As soon as I said that."Maya,God I miss you soon much.Are you ok?"He asked worried.

"Yes I'm fine.How are you all?"I wanted to say,'I miss you a lot' and 'when will you come?' but thought against it.He took a deep breath and said he was ok and is dealing with some serious issues right now so Erik will be guarding me with his life,from now onwards.

"I have no doubt."I said.We spoke for few more minutes and then said our good byes.I returned Erik his phone with a thank you.Rose came back with a cup of beverage for Erik and handed him.He took it with a flirty smile,thanking her.She was uncomfortable,I can clearly see that.

"I'll show you to your room. It's beside Maya's."She said taking a seat near me.

"Very well meine Liebe."Rose flinched and shift acwardly in her place.

I laughed inwardly. I found my new source of entertainment.

FYI...David Gandy as Erik

Meine leibe....My love in German💕

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