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CHAPTER 22 : The Brawl

Roman's POV

I'm pacing in my house, after Xander informed me about the bug in his office. How could I be so stupid. I'm waiting for Grey to come,to confirm if he had any planted on him. I rushed to my front door when the bell rang.Grey stood there with a small box in his hand."Did you get,what I asked for?"I asked him."Yepp. And the latest model.Just switched on like this,and within seconds,the bugs will be out of your hair."

"Fuck,this is so botched,Grey."I said setting the bug detacter."I know bro,but lucky me.I don't have anything on me." he said taking a seat on the couch.Once the device was ready,I stood up with it.I passed one to Grey and took One myself."Lets get this shit done with."I said, while switching it on.I traced every inch of the house.

I didn't leave any place untracked.To my shock, we found 4.One,on my car.Second,under the bed,Third in my study and the last inside my phone.How the fuck, someone put that inside my phone.I never left my phone unattended."I have no doubt,it's Sofia."I said after putting all the bug inside a jar.

"The bitch has crossed her limits.I fucking warned her last time.She took me for granted.You want to play with fire.I'll give you fire.Bitch."I said wearing my jacket."Let's go"I said ushering Grey toward the main door.I changed my entry code and Jumped into my car.As soon as I started the engine,I looked in my rare mirror to see Grey was following me on his bike.

We are meeting at Xander's place.

Once we parked inside his drive in,I punched his house code to get in. As soon as we're in,I saw Xander looking, relaxed,watching something on his laptop.He looked really calm.How could he be so calm."You need to change the code."I said taking a seat beside him.Grey went straight to the mini bar and returned with a bottle and three glasses.

"Thanks bro,I really need that."I said taking the bottle and pouring the bourbon into it."So,how do you look so calm,after getting so screwed up?"I asked Xander with a irritating tone.He raised an amused eyebrow at me and pointed his finger towards his laptop.I laughed when I saw,what was on the screen.

"That would be a great birthday gift for your fiancé, Brother."I said when I saw his 'declaration' as the headline,on all the current news channel.

"What is it?"asked Grey curious.He came closer and watch the screen and smirked at him."Congrats brother.You finally manup to kick her ass out of your life.Im so proud of you."As soon as he said that. All of our phone started buzzing.

"Right on time."We said together. Than relaxed on the couch together,avoiding our phones,taking deep breaths.Im sure, THE Xander Osborne and his Fiancé's breakup news would have spread like a wild fire and our lovely families are curious and furious at the same time.Nothing can be done now.The bullet has left the barrel already.

"Cheers brothers"I said and all of us clinged the glass together. One down,one to go.Right on queue,I have an incoming call from the top most news channel.I smirked at my brothers while showing them the number and they returned it. It's time to let loose."Hello,Roman Osborne, Speaking.....Yes,that is right.Yes it's official....They are no longer engaged."

Then an idea popped up in my mind."Can you make sure to add another Headline with my Brother's please?"The person on the other line was eager enough to be the first to get the news."Roman Osborne,broke up with long time girlfriend when found her cheating behind his back."That man was coughing after what he heard."Are you sure Mr.Osborne?"

"101% sure.Make sure it's the headline,effective now,without fail." I said gritting my teeth."That person must have pissed his pants, because he fumbled a 'yes sir' in return.He conveyed his thanks for the exclusive news and then I hung up the phone.

"Finally.Whats your next plan?"Asked Grey, gulping his drink."We place the bugs,in their respective places,as it was planted."he said with a smug look.I looked at him crazy.And Grey's eyes almost popped out,hearing this.

"Have you lost your mind finally? What are you up to?" I asked in disbelief."Calm you tits, Boys.I have a plan."He said smiling."Let's hear it out then"said Grey turning our way.He better have a mind blowing plan.

Time skip.....

"Alright, I'm fine with it.But what are we gonna do with the fake videos."asked Grey. We planned on showing some fake videos and pictures,to our families,to get their mouths shut about the breakups.I smirked at him."I have already planned everything brother.Don't worry about it.Althought,I'm not sure,we could call it fake."

Both Xander and Grey looked at me confused. I put my finger up to ask them to wait.I searched my phone for videos.When I found the one,I was looking for,I let them have a look.Their eyes were the size of saucer,when they saw it. "Holy moly"

Said Greyson."That woman got talent bro.I have to give her that.She sucks like a hungry bitch."he said laughing.

Xander passed the phone to Gray,not interested to see any more."How did you get that?"asked Xander.I release a breath and told him how I have placed a spy behind her back already,when she started blackmailing me with the contract.

"And that was the result.And it's not the only one.She is a horny bitch.Go for the next video."

I waited for their reaction...Aaand boom..."Fuck"said Xander getting up from his seat disgusted.Grey almost fall from the couch,while laughing.I laughed with him,closing my eyes."You sure that's her?" Said Xander,with incredulity."Yes it's her.She isn't getting my magic wand for a while,so she's doing this crazy stuff.And shocking part is,"I looked at their waiting expression "she sent it herself,thinking it would turn me on."

"What? She thinks watching her doing it with another woman,will turn you on."I shrugged my shoulder."Some people are into that kind of stuff."I said pointing at Grey. He raised his hands in defence."It was unplanned.The woman I was fucking for a while,was a bi,and I was excited about a threesome,when she mentioned one of her 'friend' to join us.I'm not into that kind of stuff."he said with accusing eyes.

Then something flicked in his eyes and he smirked."Im excited about our foursome though." said Grey.The image of Maya being shared among us all at the same time and her moaning our names,when we all empty ourselves in her together,made me gulped hard. I look at Xander and he was adjusting his pants, licking his lower lips.Same here brother,same here. And Grey as usual,not bothered at all about his hard on,which was on full show.

"Grey I don't think,she is ready for our fantasies yet.Lets take it slow."I said,not believing my own word.Im not sure,how long I can hold myself back around her."You guys take it slow. I'm bloody claiming her,as soon as she gets an Ok from her doc and making her MINE,every possible way."said Grey with determination and lust filled eyes.Im sure non of us has any more control left in us.Grey is right.Just because she is injured,or else....

We heard the door bell.We all exchanged looks and Xander went to open the door.As soon as the door was opened,Two vary pissed women burst inside."My..My..Look who we have here? The top rated sneaky bitch and my Brother's personal slut. Together?" Said Grey with an amused smirk. Sofia and Desiree looked at him Furious.

"O shut up,you man whore.You have no right to judge my character. We're here to talk to our men,and we would appreciate if you shut that fucking mouth of yours."Spat Sophia.I was fuming now but before I could raise the hell on her,Grey lost his cool and spoke out."O trust me Sophia,my fucking mouth could do wonders to women,better than you bending on your knees, in random Alleys and public toilets."

Sophia gulped audibly.She was looking at me and Grey,back and forth with mouth wide open. Thank you brother. "You see Sophia"I started."When you started blackmailing me,I send someone behind you,and found out how loyal you were to me.You insisted on me following the contract,but actually,you were the one, breaking it.

So, whatever you came here to discuss,doesn't matter to me anymore.Our contact is over.So we both are free to go on our different way.You can go and fuck anyone you want,Man,women, animals.I don't care.I'll send the contract tomorrow.Sign it and send it back.If you refuse,Get ready for the consequences."I finished,not leaving anything for further discussion.

"This is not over Rome.You can't get rid of me so easily."she said, running out of the door, closing it hard behind her.One bitch gone,One more to go.I thought, pouring one more glass of the golden liquid. Me and Grey relaxed on the couch to watch the next show.Desiree went closer to Xander and stood there folding her hands in front of her. What next?

Xander took a deep breath and copied her stance."I don't have the entire day Woman.Just say what you have to say and leave my house."Xander broke the silence."I want answers Xander.

Why are you breaking the engagement? What did I do?Give me one reason."She said looking into Xander's eye.But my brother is a tough nut.He smiled at her and said.

"You are not my type,Desiree."

She didn't back down."Neither are you.But you realised that long back.Why breaking it now.What has changed?" She dared asked him.We all have doubts,she knows about Maya.So without running around the bush,he replied."Because,I found THE one,I was looking for.And I want her and only her in my life.So.."he gestured in a duh way.

She nod her head in an understanding way,but her being so calm,when she came here furious,is not sitting well with us.She sighed and said."Alright,if that's what you want." She said taking a step back and turning around to go.

Then she stopped and turned our way.

She smiled at all of us and said."I hope,who ever you are courting right now,stays longer than I'm expecting her to. And you are ready to face the consequences,I hope."

Then she turned her back and went out of the door, closing it behind her.Her word had a meaning.Is she planning something behind our back.Or she intent to harm Maya in some way."I swear to god,if she is planning to harm Maya in anyways, I'll forget that she's uncle Nick's daughter."said Grayson, stealing my thoughts.Xander sighed and fall ungracefully on the couch.

"I'm not dealing with her right now.

Today was a shit day.Let's relax for a while."said Xander,closing his eyes.

"Do you think these women knows about Maya and where we kept her?"Grey asked me.I shaked my head."No I don't think so.Only My car was bugged.We have been taking Xander's car.So I don't think, they know her location.

But I'm not sure if we never mentioned The cabin,while we were in his office."I said rubbing my forehead. Also my phone,which means,every call,every msg,my phone location? Shit."Xander was your office the only place that was bugged?"I asked curious.He didn't say anything.Is he sleeping or thinking?I waited.Then he opened his eyes as if he realized something.

"Shit.I didn't check my car.He said."

We all cursed together. How could we be so careless."Its ok brother. Even if we gave away a lot of information about Maya,I'm sure Erik is capable enough to protects her for now. Untill we find a closing for all this bull shit."I tried to calm him down."And how are You so sure your X's will not pull any new shit?"asked Grey, questioning both of us.

He is right.But now that we have kicked them out of our lives and there plan for catching all our moves,has been caught,the chances are less.I think."I know Sophia.She might try some bullshit,to get back at me.But Desirée,we can't predict.Right bro?"I asked Xander.He didn't respond,then it's a...yes. Fuck.

"If I know her well,She is already plotting something right now against Maya.And she would do anything in her power to throw her out of my life,so that she could get back her position by my side.She will not let go of the fame so easily.But,Desirée is a cunning woman. She will not fight straight.She will sit back and use her pawns."He said.

"It's clear than.You guys are still stuck with them for a while.Can anyone explain to me,Why The Great Osborne brothers,as you call yourselfs,are not capable of finding one fucking solution to get rid of the bitches once and for all?" Grey said frustrated.He stood up and put his phone inside his pants.Where is he going?"Come on"he said.

"Where to?" asked Xander tired."I want to see Maya. I'm going crazy.If they already know her location,then there is no point hiding it. Why should we hold back going there and seeing her?"Grey said putting his hands inside his pocket."He is right.

We haven't seen her in weeks.I missed her too much.Lets go.And I'm staying the night there too.Pack some clothes for us.Its weekend anyways.No office for you."

He nod his head.After 10 minutes we are all moving out of his garage.We messaged Rose,informing our arrival and stay.At least something good came out of this day.And I'm sure it will be better,after spending time with our princess."I'm sharing the bed with her."said Grey with a smirk.

Idiot,way to go and burst my happy bubble.

"Sure as if she'll let you."I said,hiding my Jealousy."Wanna bet?" he said showing me his dimples and wiggling his eyebrows.Both Xander and me groan.That Bastard can get almost anything,with his smile.I highly doubt,we have a chance.He started laughing.That lucky dent face is the only one who got dimples from my dad, among us four.Urrrr.

"Well we'll talk about that,once we reach there."said Xander,totally irritated.Grey closed his eyes and leaned his head on the head rest,still smiling.Xander gave him death glare.If looks could kill.He must have felt my death glares too because he chuckled."That's not gonna work on me brothers.Im the recarnation of Lucifer,and that sweet Angel out there,can't resist my charm."


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