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Maya's POV

"Maya I'll be in the study for a while.Will you be fine alone."asked Rose getting up from the couch. "Its ok Rose.Erik is here"I replied looking his way."That is why,I asked the question in the first place?"she said eyeing Erik.He smirked at her.These two.What are they?15?"It's my duty meine Leibe. Don't worry about her.Aa..If you need my assistance sometimes, I'm at your service."he said,stressing on the word assistance.

"I told you.I don't speak Russian."Rose huffed at him."German.Darling.I'm from Germany."he said trying very hard not to laugh."Good for you."She said, embarrassed.And walked away.

After she left,I decided to Ask Erik,few questions,to know him better.

I found out that,he was in military before he retired and has worked for FBI,for almost 10 years. And when was 50,he finally decided to work individually.He never knew his family, because he was grown in orphanage.And that the main reason,he accepted the job to protect me,when offered.

"I really appreciate" I said genuinely thankful for his help.I asked him,If he need anything to drink,before heading towards the kitchen to get a glass of water for myself.While returning,I heard the door bell. Erik took out his gun and went towards the door to open it.He saw through the peep hole and looked at me confused.

"Do you know who that is kind?(kid in German)" He asked me.I peep through the hole and found a familiar face.What is she doing here? I nod my head to him.He lower his gun and opened the door.Assoon as it was open,She burst in.She was taken aback by Erik's cold expression for a second,but covered it up immediately with a cold glare at him as well.

"What are you doing here?"I asked her confused.When the boys are not here."O you know me?",She asked surprised.I nod my head."Good then.I'll skip the introduction and jump to the point, because I don't have time."Erik and me exchanged looks,when she took her phone out.

"I want you to hear this Audio carefully. No offense but this proofs,how stupid you are and how the Osborne brothers are using you. And if you have any doubt or questions,you may ask your so called,lovers."

she said,taking her phone out she smirked.The audio started playing and without any doubt,I can tell, who were these people.

(X Xander, R Roman,G Grayson & L Leo in this Audio)

L: Hello,who are you and how did you get my number?

X: That is not important.What is important is,we have the girl,Maya, you're looking for.

L: Who are you, mother fucker?

R: Calm down Leo, we are not your friends,but we are not enemies either.

L: Fine.Then tell me where is the girl?

And most importantly,why are you helping me?

G: We want Revenge from Ben.So we're going to use her for sometime and then, we'll let her go.

L: You'll not touch the girl.I'm warning you.I want her in One piece.

R: Don't worry,we have no interest in bedding her.We have enough women by our side to keep us content.

L: You said,you are using her.

X: Yes,The Bastard Ben,used Someone we know and throwed her away,when she was of no use to him anymore.She was madly in love with him.We just want him to taste his own Medicine.

G: We are trying our very best for Maya to trust us and fall in love with us.Once it's done,we will break her heart,the same way,he did to our aunt.Then once we would have our revenge, we will bring her to you.And she is all yours there after.

X: We want you to leave Ben and Maya alone for a while.Untill it's time.Do we have a deal?

L: Sounds a good deal to me.But you know,I don't do business,if I don't trust people.So Because you know who I am,It's fair that,I know Who you are, Don't you think?

R: We are the Osborne Brothers.You might have heard of us.

L: My.. My... That's where he is hiding my girl.That cunning mouse.

X: Yes,he thinks we are protecting her.

We will reveal all the secrets to him,once we deliver the girl to you.

L: This is the best deal of the year.I love you guys already.What do you want in return for the girl?

R: Just want Ben to suffer by seeing her lovely neice heartbroken.Thats it.

L: Fine with me.I'll be waiting for your call then.

X: Sure.

Then the audio was over.I couldn't move,like I'm frozen in my place.They broke me completely.They finally destroyed me for everyone.They killed any little hope I had to live or love or trust anymore.How much more naive you could get Maya?How could you even think that,you have a chance with them?You do not have any right to be happy.

Clitch,Only happens in book,not in real life. How can you be so blind to not see the fact that,three most eligible bachelor, celebrity,and Billionaire were interested in you. Who are you? A Nobody.Who are they? They are gods. O my god.How can I unsee all the signs,which were always there.Their absence,Their secrets,That video at the race club.


"I hope,this Audio has shade some light on your blurry mind.Dont get used by them anymore, than you already are. If you have some dignity left in you, then run away when you can.Thats all I came here to say.I know you are naive Maya,but don't be so ignorant.

Then she was gone.What do I do now?

Should I call dad and hurt him like,they planned to or Run away like the Coward I am.

"Kind.Maya.Are you ok?"asked Erik,a little conserned.I don't even know,how I feel anymore.I feel lost.I feel.....Empty."Wait here, I'll call Rose."said Erik, running towards the study.I stood there like a status for god knows how long. Rose came running."Maya,talk to me.Maya,can you hear me? O god.Look at me sweety."I think,she is tapping my face,but I can't feel a thing.

Grayson's POV

Finally.We are here.Before the car engine was out,I jumped out of the car and rushed toward the door.Can't wait to see my Angel. I knocked at the door,but there was no answer.I was getting impatient. Why is it taking so damn much time to open? What's the code again?

"Need any help brother?"asked Xander amused,which made Roman laugh.I rolled my eyes at them.Then Xander pushed me aside and punched the code. The door opened without any commotion. We all smiled and count to 3 before shouting."We are home."Erik came running with a panic face.What the hell happened.

"Its Maya"that's all we heard, before rushing toward the living room together.The scene infront of me was disturbing. Maya was sitting on the ground,Indian style.Rose was shaking her shoulders and wishpering something in her ears,but she was unmindful to her words.Rose was crying mess.She was hugging Maya and crying like she was dead..No no no .

"What's going on?"Said Xander, running towards her and picking her up in his arms."She's in shock,I think. Ever since Sofia left, throwing some shit at her,She is like this.Not moving.Not responding.I don't know what to do.

"Sofia was here?How?What was she doing here?What did she say?"asked Roman frustrated.

"I don't know,I was in study and She was with Erik in the living room watching TV. I only came out when Erik called me saying that Maya is in shock and unheeding."Replied Rose sniffing.We all turned towards Erik for any answers.

"I don't know her name sir,but she was wearing all black dress with blonde hair and Maya said she knows her,so I opened the door.She looked like a woman on mission.She said she didn't have time and want to expose you.She made us hear an audio,where you three were having some conversation with that gang leader.After hearing that shit.She went still."Erik finished and all hell Froze.

I couldn't move a muscle and sat where ever I was standing.

Roman took a step back,then another,then another and when his back hit the wall,he turned around and punched it repeatedly,untill it was bleeding.Erik went and hold him back which made him stop.He stood there in his Erik's hold for a while,but when he moved his body to look at Maya,He said what I my heart was denying to believe.

"We can't get through her thick wall this time.There is no way,she'll give us another chance. We lost her trust in us. Our act was too perfect,for her to see through the real intention behind it.She will never ever let us in again.

We lost her for real this time.We broke her.We betrayed her.She'll never forgive us.Her heart is beyond repair now.We failed her brother,we failed her."He said leaning against the wall.

I turned my head toward Maya and found her in Xander's arms.She was looking no where in particular, without blinking.Xander was on verse of tears.He was rocking her back and forth,with his chin on her head,holding her to his chest.I crawled towards them and sat blocking Maya's view.But her eyes were still unmoving.

"Maya"I called her name.She was still unmindful.I took her hands and started kissing it.She jerked a little,but still not much of a reaction. "Let me try this." said Rome and took determined steps towards us.He pulled Maya to him and Hold her face in his hands.

"What are you doing?"asked Xander.

Without answering,he started kissing her.It was slow first,then it became desparate and wild.Rose was panicking,but did not Interfare.Erik was pacing back and forth. Xander and me only sat in our place,looking helpless and hoping this works to bring are back to her sanses.And miraculously it worked.How do we know?She jerked back and slap him full force.The effect was so much,that we can see the red marks on his face,but it didn't faze him at all.That idiot laughed.

"I actually deserved that.And more.We all deserve your wrath for making you believe that, we were using you.That call was real Maya,what you heard.But it was an act to Keep you safe from him,untill we find a solution to get rid of him."Another slap.Shit,this was harder than the first one.Rome closed his eyes and his jaw clicked,but he didn't stop.

"We planned it when we shifted you here.Our sources said that,Leo didn't have any criminal records.So it is difficult to frame him and put him behind bars.We needed time so that we can find one of his Rivals and take him down together.Our intention was pure Maya.Only the route,we took was wrong.We would kill him before he even thinks about touching what is Ours."Another hit.


This time it was solid punch on his face.His lips were bleeding now.

"Fuck..Maya."he cursed loudly.but she was not showing any emotion other than fury."I know we promised,we would never hide anything from you ever and we broke it,which is why it's hard for you to believe us anymore but,the truth is,It was your dad's idea to not involve you in this shit.If you don't trust me.Go Ask him."

She was quite for few seconds and then all hell broke."No,I'll not confront him for anything because.....I don't believe a single word,you just said. I'm done with your games.Now fuck off."she yelled.Our mouth were wide open.What now? I tried.

"Maya.Roman broke up with Sofia and she couldn't take the news. She wanted you out of his life,that is why,she came here on purpose to split us.Try to understand."

She turned her head towards me.I gulped.Wrong move,you ass.I scolded myself mentally."She rose her eyebrows and fold her hands infront of her,which pushed her perfact boobs out. Fuck,not the time,you idiot.

"O really? Split us you say?"I nod my head slowly.Both Roman and Xander shaked their heads as if they knew,what was coming next.

"How would she do that,when we're never together,to begin with?"she asked with her cold eyes.Let me tell you,it hit real hard.Harder than the punch,Roman had. "What?How are we not together?All the time we spend together.All the things we did and talk.Maya what would you want us do,to make you believe that,we were not playing you and Everything we promised to you was not an act?"

"Sadly,there is nothing,you can do to make me believe you.Because the hard reality is that,this whooole thing,is a well pre planned performance of you and your brothers.Everything you do is an act.Every word you say,is a lie.Your every action is a facade. Every fucking emotion you showed when you were with me was a false display."She said,each word with venom.

"You are not in your right mind now Maya."Xander said finally irritated.

"What we did is wrong.I know we can't turn back the time,but we would do anything to get your trust back.Remember that."I have a feeling,it's not going to be easy this time. "Really Xander? Don't make promises you can't keep."Said Maya scoffing and turning around to leave.

"I give my word.Give me one last chance."promised Xander,making her stop on her track.She turned but didn't look at any of us.She smiled at Rose and said."Im sorry Rose.I know,you have nothing to do with this,but my dad did hurt you.And trust me,he still likes you in a way, because,he haven't dated anyone after you.I didn't even see him looking at any one else."she smiled at her and Rose looked away.

"But Rose,I can't stay here.You understand it right?"she asked her.Rose eyes flicked to us and I shaked my head as no.No this can't be happening.Is she thinking of leaving us? I looked at my brothers and they looked furious right now.This is not good."I'll call dad.And pack my things.I'll leave as soon as possible."

She wishpered that last part. And started walking towards her room.

Before she could take another step, Xander was fast enough to catch up with her and lifting her bridal style,he carried her outside the house.Roman followed him as well without a second thought."Where are you taking her Xander?She is not healed completely,or you forgot?"She tried to stop him,but he was not in a mood to hear.I know where is he taking her.

I turned to Rose and assured her that, we'll be back before she knows it.We are just trying to calm her down.

That's all.I think.I asked Erik to take care of the house and Rose,till we are back.And he happily obliged.Maya was trying real hard to run away and get away from both of them,but the effort were waste.She was saying something,I can't make out untill I was close.

"You can't make me do shit"she spat.

"We'll see about that babe"Said Rome with a smirk.Xander and Maya were glaring at each other,before Xander ignored her and went to the driver seat.Maya was struggling on Roman's lap in the back seat.I was about to take the shot gun,when Roman gestured me to come back.I sighed and went back.

This is going to be a long night.

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