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CHAPTER 24 : Possessive Lover

Maya's POV

Have you ever been in a situation when, keeping quite seems to be the right thing to do? Yae, I'm sure everyone has. Never poke an angry man..Or was it sleeping bear?Yes, Whatever. This is what happens, when you do just that.We have been on the road for 40 mins now. Nobody speaking a word.They are Just exchanging some telepathic words through looks and sometimes,I can feel their eyes on me,but I'm trying my best not to get affected by it.

Xander is driving.Greyson on my left,with his hands folded in front of him,eyes closed and me, sitting on Roman's lap,like a 3 years old. But hands and legs bound like I could outrun them.seriously? How could a week girl like me could fight three giants?Where are they taking me anyways?I could have asked,but will they answer me?They just dragged me out of the house, tied me up and passed to each other like a sack of potatoes.

I think,I would know, once I'm there.

Suddenly,the car took a sharp turn,which made me lean on Greyson's chest, making him open his eyes.Our eyes met,but I avert mine,before he had any chance of showing me his dimples,which I can't resist.That man is a charmer,I swear.

I heard him sigh,but I didn't look back.The car came to a halt.Xander jumped out first, followed by Greyson.

I heard the sound of opening and closing of the boot. What now? Xander came back and opened my door. He scan me from top to bottom and when it reach my eyes,his gaze soften."Untie her hand Rome."said Xander freeing my legs from the bind himself. As soon as my hands were free, I tried to sooth the pain in there. I didn't notice,they were watching me with pity.

Roman clears his throat."As much as I was enjoying you sitting on me....I M..Mean my lap,You have to get down princess." And that's what I did.When I was shifting,he took a sharp breath and puff his face,as if he can't breath.When he saw me watching him with my eyebrows furrowed,He crossed his legs smiling and ushered me out of the car.Weirdo.

Xander and Greyson both offered me their hands together to get down.As if.I didn't take either of theirs and got down myself with difficulty. Xander groaned and walk away muttering,

"...Will be the death of me."I looked around and found A big Mansion to where Xander was heading towards.

Greyson came beside me and tried to hold my hand,but I pulled away. I know it hurt him,but I can care less right now.

"What is this place?"I asked him, without looking his way. Before he could answer,Roman came behind me and before I could protest,I was in the air.I yelp and hold on to him for life.Our nose were touching,and I pulled back a little to avoid the closeness."Put me down,I can walk, without help."I said struggling in his arms.

"I highly doubt that.Unless you have been living here for years,You can't walk on this road without tripping yourself.So be glad, If someone is carrying you."he said,like he was doing a favor to me."Im flattered"I said sarcastically. Even if I can't see his face,I know he is rolling his eyes now or shaking his head in disbelief. Greyson Chuckled lightly and said,

"She gonna love her."Sorry who? Did I miss something?

When we reach the door,It was wide open.No one in sight,but I could hear voices and laughter coming from inside.Its Xander and a....Woman.A pang of jealously and hurt flowed through my body,when I heard him saying."I really missed you." Why do I still feel this way?Why do they have this effect on me,I don't know.Roman put me down and rushed inside with Greyson.Great just great,they forgot that I'm even here.

"O my god.All of you are here?I can't believe this. Come closer.Let me kiss you."Something inside me awakened.

I walked a little faster towards them ignoring the little ache in my ankle.As soon as I was in,I saw Xander standing with a big smile on his face.Greyson and Roman were leaning their body towards the woman face.

"Don't you dare" I said in a commanding voice,even surprising myself with the force.They all froze and turned back to look at me. The boys looked confused for a second, before it turned into an amused one. Did they interpret my rage as something else like...envy? O no.

"Is there a problem my dear?"Said the woman.When I finally noticed her and realization hit me,I couldn't frame a word.

I avoid all their gazes and started playing with my fingers,like a kid punished to the corner.They started chuckling and laughing at my act.I close my eyes ashamed of my outburst and turned around to go out of the room."Hey hey,no running away anymore.Lets me formally introduce you to her."said Xander stopping and dragging me towards the others.

"Nini, this is Maya.Maya meet our grany Katherine."I finally looked up at her and she gasp."Are you anyway related to Lia? Rose's best friend."she asked holding my face. Is she talking about my mom?"Um..Are you taking about my mom... Amelia?"I asked her.

"Yes yes Amelia, we use call her Lia.

You look just like her.O Lord,I'm so happy to see you."she said overjoyed.

She hugged me and kissed my cheeks.

"How old you butter cup?"Im 18,I replied.She kept on going about,how my mom and Rose were close friends since kindergarten and inseparable.

All stories about her childhood.I almost forgot,why I was here in the first place."O I'm so sorry sweet heart,I forgot it's dinner time.You all chit chat,I'll tell the cook to fix something for you kids."she said patting my thighs and got up from her seat to rush out of the room.

As soon as she left,I felt crowded.

When I looked up,I found the boys surrounding and looking at me intently. I tried to avoid their obvious question and took the mag,and started reading it, without interest.It was snatched away from me and before I could react,I was in Xander's lap.Greyson and Roman were in front of me,caging me from both sides.

"What was that earlier?Did we just saw you getting jealous over our poor grandmother?"Asked Xander near my ears.Its happening again.I'm losing my senses by their sensual touch.No I can't give in now.Not now.Not ever.

"I think you missinterpreted it.I wasn't jealous,I was furious.That looked to me like,you guys were groping someone,So naturally,I reacted?"I said mentally patting myself for not stammering.

"O is that so?"said Roman,not buying my lie and leaning closer to my face.I leaned back,and obviously,came closer to Xander's face.If my mistake,I turn my head,our lips would touch.O god, please give me strength."But even if we're groping another woman,why should it bother you"he asked.His face closer to mine and eyes flicking to my lips. My heart was racing like a cheetah right now.I so much want him to lean in and kiss me,but at the same time,I don't.

So I put my right hand on his chest and pushed him back.He looked hurt but covered it with a smirk."Do we make you nervous babe?"asked Greyson.I looked his way and narrowed my eyes."You wish lover boy."As soon as that word left my mouth,in fraction of seconds,he pulled me towards his face with his hands on my nape."What did you call me?"he said biting my lower lips.He didn't kiss me,just licked where his bite was, before letting me go.

I was so shocked by their possessiveness right now, that I didn't realize, Katherine coming back and inviting us all for dinner.We sat there,but I have no interest in I started playing with my food, while having small conversation here and there.

A spoon full of food in front of my face, bought my attention to the table. I looked to the owner of the spoon and frawn."I can eat myself thank you."I said, trying to push his hands away."Yes right.Is that why you plate is untouched?"he said little louder for everyone to hear."Open you mouth Maya.Or else, I'll force feed you."Said Xander irritated.

"Maya either eat the food yourself,or let us feed you.What do you want?"said Roman. I looked at him blinking.Why are they treating me like a kid,I have no idea,but I can't take this bull shit anymore.So I told them frankly."Look I don't know,why you bought me here? What do you want from me?Or why are you all acting possessive over me,when I already told you,it's over.So just stop whatever act you are doing and let me be."I said putting my fork down and leaning back in my chair, folding my hands.

It was pin drop silence for a few moments.I was expecting for them to throw things, Roar like mad man or show some kind of emotions on their faces,but the only thing I heard was,"Dont waste food. Eat."Why are they so calm?"Is it the calm before the storm? Whatever it is, I'll face it.They can't force me to do thing,I don't want.period.

After food, Katherine insisted everyone to stay the night because it was getting late. I wanted to protest,but she said,she wants to tell me something important,but it can wait till morning.So that's how,I end up in this huge bedroom,with everything big. An Enormous bed,

which can fit almost 5 people like me.

A giant bathroom,like you have in luxurious hotels."Wow.Where did these people, get so much money from,to build such luxurious houses?"

Who cares.Im just a guest.I took a quick shower and wiped myself dry.Once I was done,I wrapped the towel around me and step out of the washroom,only to freeze on my steps.

"What are you all doing here?"I asked them shocked. They stopped in mid undressing or whatever they had been doing and started checking me out.There hungry eyes were pinning me on the spot and undressing me.Grayon was totally eye fucking me.Roman looked at me like,he would pounce on me any moment now and Xander was trying real hard not to look at my covered chest,and failing.

"O fuck this"he said taking long strides towards me.In return I took few steps back in panick, hitting the bathroom door. He trapped me to the door, pressing his bare chest to me. God his defined abs against me feel so good.And I thing I leaned more towards him,because his scent was making me dizzy. He caught me checking him out and smirked, grabbing me by my hair and waist with both hands and pulling me flushed against his body.

"Don't play with Fire Maya.It will burn you." He said.I know I'm going to regret this moment later,but right now I'm not in my right mind.So I dare him by saying,"If you are fire,then I'm Ice.Im not afraid of melting away." I said pushing him off me.I can clearly see the lust in their eyes.I didn't even took 4 steps, before his hands reached and pulled me back, flushed against his chest and without warning,he started nipping,kissing,sucking and biting my bare neck.

A moan escaped my lips, before I could stop it."Shit are you planning to kill us woman"said Roman, coming closer."That sound is the hottest thing I have ever heard coming out of your mouth."He said tracing his nose to the other side of my neck,while one of his hand was holding my jaws,the other was holding my right hand.He followed Xander by sucking and kissing the opposite side of my neck.

"Bring her to bed"said Greyson, standing near the bed. Roman had let me go for a second,only for Xander to turn me around and smashed his lips to mine in a fierce kiss.I was so turned on my all this, that I can't help but returned the kiss with same passion.He lifted me up by my thighs.His long fingers dangerously close to by private area.

He carried me to the bed and without breaking the kiss,made me lie down on my back. I felt another two pairs of lips on my skin,which only increased the hunger in my body. A hunger I never had. A craving unknown to me. A touch I never experienced.I think,

I'm too far gone now,to return back. If they ditch me after this,I might die of heartbreak or go crazy by self Loath.

"What am I doing?"

"Relax Maya.Dont hold back. Let it go.You are finally listening to you heart.Let it lead you."

"What Are you going to do now?"

"We will make love to you."

"And Claim you as ours. FOREVER."

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