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Maya's POV(Mature)

"What am I doing?"

"Relax Maya...Dont hold back....Let it go...You are finally listening to you heart...Let it lead you."

"What Are you going to do now?"

"We will make love to you."

"And Claim you as ours....FOREVER."

A shiver ran down my body,shaking me from my core,as if thousands of sparks hitting me at once.There is no words to explain,what I'm going through right now.I gasp when Xander ripped the towel from by body, throwing it harshly, somewhere on the floor.I have never been naked infront of anyone. Ever. I never let anyone touch me, because it disgust me,but their touch is like a fire.I want it to engulf me completely and burn me to nothing.

"Fucking perfact"said Roman, trailing his hands over by body,as if making sure I'm real.I feel so exposed right now.I crossed my hands to cover my private parts,when I saw their intense gaze taking my whole body, shamelessly.Greyson and Roman both caught my hands and pinned it over my head."Never do that again."said Greyson in a husky but warning voice.

I couldn't move a muscle,as if his words were command."You are the perfact definition of a woman Maya."

Said Roman leaning near my ears."I have never seen a beauty,so Breathtaking. You are beautiful,inside out princess."He said placing soft kisses all over my body. "God must have taken his sweet time to make you Baby.I have never touched a skin so soft and flawless."Said Greyson kissing just above my right breast.

I was shuddering by their seductive words and touches,but they know it very well by now,that I don't want them to stop. When I was wondering where Xander was,I felt kisses trailing upwards starting from my lower abdomen towards by chest.Then Xander face was hovering over mine. I dare to look into his eyes,only to quiver under his hungry gaze.

I closed my eyes,not able to take the intensity of this situation."Dont Maya! don't you dare close those beautiful eyes on me.I want to see every emotion in those eyes,when you experience my touches and kisses. I want you to look into my eyes,when I'm finally claiming your body. I want to look into your eyes,when I make you cum for the first time." he said holding by jaw to make me look at him.I couldn't stop the moan escaping by mouth when his body pressed my naked one.

"Fuck,I can't take it anymore.I want to taste her."said Xander,going down on me.I lift my head to see,what is he up to,when he spread me legs and settled down better them."W..What you doing?"I asked panicked."Ssss..Just enjoy it.Relax"said Greyson in my ears.I don't know if I can relax knowing what is about to come.O my god,is he really doing what I think he is doing?

I tried to close my legs when I felt him placing soft kisses on my inner thigh.

But he caught me mid trial and spread them wider for his better eccess. I was about to protest when I felt his tongue on my pussy."Aaaha"escape my lips instead of 'No'.O god it feels so good.

"Don't stop"I said, arching my body,with the pleasure he was giving me."I'm not planning to my Angel"He said with a growl and proud mix voice.

The pleasure level increased by 10 times,when I felt two more pairs of lips on my body. "Those moans of yours are going to be the end of me Baby"said Roman, latching to my left nipples,sucking and licking on it aggressively."Hmn.She tastes Devine."

said Xander,sucking on my clit.I moaned louder when Greyson started to slowly biting and nipping my breast,not to cause pain,but to get my attention.Which I gave,turning his way.

"Sorry,you were kind of ignoring me" he said taking my lips in a possessive kiss.It was all there.Love,lust, hunger, passion,and obsession.This side of Greyson was new to me.He not just want to claim by body,but he wants me all for himself.I can see how his eyes were not leaving mine,even if,my entire body was on view.

"Then I yelp,when felt a sudden intrusion in my lower part.

"Fuck,you are so tight Maya.Did I hurt you"Said Xander, keeping one of his digits still inside me.I nod my head slowly, ashamed of the position I'm in right now.Greyson is on my right kneading by breast, While Roman sucking on my left,like his life depends on it.My attention turned to Xander when he called my name.

"Maya? Is this your first time?" That got the other's attention too,to make them stop mid action.. "W..What?" I asked, even if I know what he meant.

"Are we your First Maya?Are you still untouched?"he asked narrowing his eyes.Im sure my face look like a cherry right now.I nod my head slowly,biting my lips nervously.Dont they want me anymore,because I'm inexperienced?

I heard different sounds all together.Groans,growls and curses like 'fuck,I knew it','Shit,I was about to ram her hard' and 'How could I be so stupid?' I tried to get up to hide my leftover dignity from their judging eyes,when suddenly,I was yanked back down."And where do you think,you are going, babe?"asked Greyson. I stammered. "I...I..Um..I just...."

I was cut mid sentence,when,Roman's lip caught mine to stop me."You were thinking,we don't want you anymore, because you are a virgin.Right?"I was

Suddenly, speechless.Then Xander spoke."We don't care,if you are untouched.It might be your first Angel,but I guarantee you,we would be your first,second, third and last.We do care that you are virgin, because we have to be careful around you for the...first time."He said smirking.

The next thing I know I was on Roman's lap,with my legs spread for Xander to devour.He wasted no time in eating me out again,this time with more hunger and intensity. Roman was leaning on the head board.He bend my head to a side with one hand and holding one of by breast in other.He started nipping and kissing my earlobe,earning a moan out of me.Grayson was also placing kisses all over by body, while holding one of my legs wide open for Xander.

This erotic scene was building something inside me.Something I never felt.Xander was continuesly sucking,licking and fingering me at once. I feel Like I'm about to explode.

"Xander?"I can't form a word.My eyes rolled back,with mouth wide open."That's it..let it go Maya.Let me taste your first orgasm." He said plugging His tongue inside me.His words and tongue did something and I released myself in his mouth with a much louder moan.

I shivered,in their hold,clutching tide on to Xander's hair,which I noticed,I was holding till now."Fuck, I almost came in my pants."said Greyson.

Xander lift his head licking his lips with a victory smirk on his face.

When I thought it was over,Roman handed my jelly like body to Xander,and started getting off of his remaining clothes.

I looked at them puzzled when noticed Xander is already naked holding me just like Roman was,few minutes ago.I blushed profoundly,

when his erection poked me in the back.God I can't believe,I'm all naked,

spread over for three most Breathtaking men to take me as they wish right now. Three naked men.

I gasped audibly when I saw their sizes."That.."I can't utter the word.

They all chucked."Will fit.Don't worry.

We will make sure of it."Said Xander.Roman and Greyson walked toward me with a mission and smirked face.They both crawled towards me and kissed my cheeks,

which is flushed with all the past actions.

"Don't worry princess, we'll make it pleasurable and memorable for you first time.Then we will rock your world,by giving you the best fucking experience,of you life,by making you cum again and again till you collapse in our arms."said Roman.His words were a promise.I was never so nervous and excited at the same time.

I felt two finger at my entrance and saw Greyson asking my attention again my playing with my pussy.He was biting his lips so hard,it might make him bleed.I gasp when he pushed them in side me together.

"Fuck,she is dripping wet,still so tight."I closed my eyes,when he started moving his fingers in and out.

"Who you want to be your first Princess?"asked Xander kissing my ears.I lost my mind when Greyson pull his fingers out and licked it clean,not once,taking his eyes off me."You taste so sweet baby.Will you let me eat you out again before we fuck the hell out of you?"He said crouching down between my lower lips.

I gulped and just followed his movement with me eyes He didn't waste time and stated licking and sucking me,like,he was kissing my lips.Xader and Roman spread my legs to give him more space.When I asked for more by pulling his head closer to my pussy,he groaned and started tongue fucking me.""

those are the only words,coming out of my Mouth.

"Fuck,I don't think,I can take it slow with her Xander.Im losing my self control here"said Roman,watching me closely,while stroking his length in one hand and pinching one of my nipples in the other. My toes curled when,I felt the same explosion built inside my body again.This time I know what it is called."Grey don't stop.Im about to come." I asked shamelessly.He obeyed and replaced his tongue with two digits and started finger fucking me,while sucking my clit.

"Aaaaaaa.." I said clutching Xander's thighs,where my hands were,digging by nails into him. In return he growled and bite my neck hard.I came down with a loud cry,but was cut off by Roman lips.He swallowed all my moans while entering his tongue inside my mouth.I can Still feel,Grey licking me up. Then Xander made me lie on my back and left my side to stand up,not before kissing me for a brief seconds.

I closed my eyes for a second and when I opened it,I saw Roman hovering over me. I looked into his eyes and saw the determination in it.This is it.This is the moment,I saved myself for.I never wanted to lose my V card to just anyone. I wanted to give it to someone,who my heart,body and mind feel connected to. I was in love with Ron but ,my body never craved his touch. It was not this desiring.

"My turn"Roman said smiling at me. Then I saw Xander and Greyson face on both side.They are not doing anything, simply watching me with intense eyes and waiting for Roman to initiate it.Roman bend down a little,till his body was pressing against mine,but not crushing."Im sorry princess You are not our first,but if it makes you feel better,You would my last,he said with a sad smile.

I smiled back and pulled him closer for a kiss.This kiss was not urgent,not hungry.It was slow,very slow,like he was apologizing for everything that he was about to do."I'll try to be as gentle as possible.Ok?" he said over my Lips.I nod by head and put my hands on his chest.He took a sharp breath and close his eyes."Don't do it Princess,or else I'll lose it and fuck you senseless." he said placing my hands over my head.

Then he lift his body a little to adjust his length over my entrance and move it up and down to lubricate his head.I closed my eyes and bite my lips to avoid screaming."Dont worry Angel,it would be a little painful first,then you'll feel good,as it goes on."Xander spoke in my ears. I opened my eyes and gasped when,I felt his head entering me. It was not that painful.Just a little burn.

"Now the hard part."He stopped and took a deep breath."Brothers can you please distract her a little." he said.

What? The hard part? Is it not over yet? I felt Greyson trailing kissing over my neck,my chest and finally sucking on my my nipples while Xander hover over my face. He was waiting for the right time to kiss me,I know it. I closed my eyes and screemed,when Roman entered me at once.With a growl."Fuck" he cursed in pleasure.

I don't know how he is feeling now,but I feel like my virgina has been ripped apart.This burn and pain is nothing I ever felt.Its really painful.

And before I know it,a curse left my mouth."mother fucker"I said with my gritted teeth. They started laughing at my curse. Tears were flowing out of my eyes freely.No distraction can take away the pain,I'm going through right now.

Then Roman leaned down and wiped my tears,kissing my head gently."Im sorry Angel. It's supposed to hurt for the first time.Once you adjust to my size.It won't be painful anymore.Let me know when to move." I looked at him confused.The pain has subside a little but I didn't understand,what he meant by 'move'.So I asked him."What you mean my move? Aren't you supposed to pull it out now?" I asked unsure.Im sure I said something stupid because Grayson rolled on his back and started laughing.

Xander laughed lightly and kisses my hair."O my sweet innocent Angel.

Where were you all my life?"he said shaking his head.I looked at Roman again questioningly.He was holding his laughter by pressing both his lips. His eyes showed both adoration and love.He leaned down and wishpered.

"I'm not done yet."as soon as he said that,he pulled himself out and thrust himself back in full force filling me till my halt.

I moaned louder because,it was less pain and more pleasure this time. He was going on a steady pace.In and out,In and out.He was right.It feels better after sometime. After sometime,he increased his pace and making every effort to make it less painful and more pleasurable for me as much as possible. I was close.I don't know how he knew it but,he growled and gripping both my legs spreading it more to get deeper and deeper with every thrust.

"Hmmn.." I said when I felt hands all over my body.Someone was fingering my clit, and playing with my tits,but my eyes were closed and I was lost in a different world of pleasure."Cum for me Maya,I can't hold it anymore."

Roman said with a painful expression.He was holding it back for me.And just like that I came and I came hard with his name on my tongue.

He followed me after few more hard and Fast thrust.He pulled himself out and spill it over my pussy. He fall on me after he was spent. We both were Sweating and catching our breaths. After a few seconds of silence,I said,

"That was...Mind blowing.Can we do it again?"which earned a hearty laugh from the brothers. I laughed too, covering my face embarrassed.

"No need to be Shy princess. It was mind blowing.But I guess I have to wait for my next turn.My brothers are very much,as you can see, eager to pleasure you." said Roman, pecking on my lips and getting up to go to the washroom. I guess.I looked their ways and found them already crawling toward me.

O.oh.. I'm in trouble.I braced myself for my next ride.

To be continued......

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