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Maya's POV (Mature)

I was so lost in thought, that I didn't notice Greyson and Xander has crawled in front of me.They looked at each other and then Xander lay down on his back and pulled me closer to him.He put one of my stray hair behind by back caressing my chicks."Ummn...would You take Grey in your mouth?While you ride me princess?"he said biting his teeth,

unsure if I want to do it.

I thought for a while,picturing myself in the position,he was describing"You want me to sit on you and..." I look at Greyson confused. Xander understood my confusion and lift me on top of his body.I almost gulped when I saw his long and thick shaft, fully erect and hard poking at my entrance. Ok. He wants to do that in this position. He lift my ass and direct it towards his hard on.

I closed my eyes,when he lowered me on his shaft.He groaned almost painfully.But I'm sure it's the pleasure,that is making it hard for him to control and concentrate.Once he was fully inside me. We both took heavy breaths."You can move,when ever you are ready."he said,giving me the control.I feel really powerful right now and happy too, because I know he Likes to be in control.

Then I felt Greyson standing behind me, stroking my hair softly.He always wants my attention,or he feels left out.I smiled leaning to his touch.

When he came forward,I know want he wants from me."Only if you're ok with it." he said smiling.I pulled him closer, keeping my hands on Xander firm abdomen.

"I have never done it. Teach me how to"His expression was almost... Guilty.

He shaked his head and bend down to kiss my forehead."Not today.Its your day.Next time.Finish off Xander.Ill wait for my turn."he said smirking at me and leaned on the headboard stroking himself. I turned my attention to Xander with wide eyes,when he smack my bum a little.

Greyson laughed looking at my comical face. I glared at Xander but soon gasped when he started moving me up and down."Did you have a problem princess?"he said raising one of his eyebrows. When I didn't answer,he pulled me forward and kissed me, while moving slowly,inside me. God these people are really talented.They know how to please me.

"Do you know, how many times I have jerked myself off,imagining You?"he said in a deep seductive voice.I could only shake my head because there is a knot forming in my stomach right now."Every day from the day I saw you,I could only go to sleep,when I relieved myself, imagining your body, getting pounded by me like this." He said pounding harder and faster in me. I moaned closing my eyes,when he hit a spot everytime he is deep inside me.

"God you look so sexy Maya,riding my brother like that."Said Roman coming and standing beside Grey. I looked at him with hooded eyes and realized,it was actually me,who is bouncing on him,not the other way around.But I was in a whirlpool of lust Right now and chasing toward my heaven.So I looked down at Xander and bite my lips.Hope he understand what I want, because I don't know how to beg him to give me that.

"What you want princess?"Xander asked trailing his hands all over my body.Then he set up,making me straddle him. I just moaned when he made me lay down and took my legs to lock it over his hips. It was total bliss,when he started moving inside me in this position.I can't ask for more.He bend down to kiss my neck and shoulders,while I closed my eyes to lose myself in the moment. He is making me forget my past,forget my pain and forget every loss, I had in my life.

Its just him and me in the moment.He lifted his head to look into my eyes.I remember him saying,that he want to look into my eyes,when he makes me cum.And that's what I did. I clenched his cock tighter when I was almost close to losing myself.He took my head in both his hands and looked into my eyes.As if commanding me to come."Fuck you are driving me crazy"

He said increasing his pace.

I hear the flesh hitting flesh sound,

while he was pounding into me like an animal."Cum for me Maya."he said and that's what I did.I came beneath him and his thrust became faster and faster racing for his own goal.After few more seconds he grunted and came pulling himself out,spraying his hot cum all over the sheet and over my thighs.

"Fucking hell.. You just made me lose it for a second there" he said laying beside me.A tired smile pulled on my lips and when he turned his head to look at me.He returned the smile, pulling me towards him."I love you"

he said kissing me gently. We were looking into each other's eyes,trying to read each other's mind.Then he said."Maya,do you still doubt my love for you?"he asked expectedly. If I don't trust them then,why would I let them claim me.

I simply nod my head.He stroked my shoulder in a circular motion.He wanted to say something else but then decided against it and looked behind my back. "We can skip it or you can continue it with Greyson." he said pointing at his brother,who looked sextually frustrated right now.But when our eyes met he smiled. "No pressure.You look too tired for another round princess."He said with a smirk.

I know he wants his turn,but he is considering my situation.Truth to be told,I feel really tired. But I don't want him to feel neglected.So I said what came into my mind."Or do you have a feeling that,you are not capable enough to make me cum anymore."

Both Xander and Roman burst out laughing.Greyson looked like a Angry wounded wolf right now."O oh,did I just poke the sleeping bear."I said teasing him.

He laughed maniacally and roled his head."You are not getting any sleep tonight."he said pounching at me.I yelp but started laughing when stated tickling me."What did you say?I can't make you come anymore.Haha.You will beg me to stop today but I'm fucking you whole night.Untill I can't any more.And tomorrow when you wake up sore,you would remember only my name.You did save the best for the end.Right?"

He said pulling me closer and taking my lips in a fierce kiss.I returned the same.We fought for dominance but later he won. When he started trailing kisses to my jaws and neck,I opened my eyes to look around and found both Xander and Roman sitting on edge of the bed still naked with raging hard on.I moaned when Greyson started sucking on my sweet spot. God what have I got myself into. I can see both Xander and Roman's Lust filled eyes.taking all of me while stroking themselves.

Greyson looked at his brothers and realized,they are already hard by just watching our love making session."Do you want to give them a show?" Greyson wishpered in my ears.When I looked at him and smirked,he took it as a yes and asked me to sit on all four. "Time for training"he said bending on his knees and stroking his length,which was exactly in front of my Mouth.

"Open you mouth"he said and I did it without question.If someone would have asked me to do that 1 month back,I would have throwed up,but something about them makes me want to please them.I don't know why,I want to do it.But I just do.As soon as I opened it,he pushed his length inside my mouth and asked me to relax my throat and take it as far as I can,without gaging. I tried to do it and surprisingly,I took more than half of his length.

All of the cursed at the erotic site "Fuck, she's taking my dick next, while you're fucking her."said Roman, gripping his length."Can you take him more?"said Xander encouraging me. I tried and Greyson groaned when I swallowed his full length, without gaging."Holy shit,you are a genius Maya.Even experience people have the gag sensation,when they take more than half. You are simply doing great babe."He said pulling his length out of my Mouth and kissing me in a soothing manner.

"Don't push yourself Maya..It's ok."We can try that later.I don't want to cum inside any of you virgin hole today."He made me lie down and climb over me."Are you ready for the ride of your life."He said positioning himself to enter me."I was born ready."I said to mock him. I heard chuckling from Roman. Greyson groaned and entered me full force. I almost came when he hit home.

"Shit she's too tight brother,I'm not gonna last longer." he said without moving inside me."If you can't,then give up. We are always ready to take your place."said Xander poking fun of him."Nobody is taking my place.She's mine for now to please.Take your sweet time to get yourself off."said Greyson with his eyebrows furrowed.

He started moving inside me in a slow and torturous way.

He wasn't increasing his pace. Simply going in and out slowly which was making me lose control in a different level. He placed his thumb on my clit and started playing with it while sucking on my nipples and fucking in the same pace. I don't know if it was possible but,I came hard within seconds.He chuckled and looked at his brothers.A victory smirk in his face."one" he said pulling out of me.

I almost felt empty. He turned me around lifted my ass in the air.Without warning,he plugged himself in. This was really deep,like when I was riding Xander.He started thrusting inside me hard and fast this time. And before I know it,I came again."two"I heard him saying. I realized something now,that you should never challenge these brothers ever. You would regret it."Wanna cum with me Brothers?"He asked mocking them.

They grunt but I felt them coming closer. Greyson made me lie down on my back.I was literally worn out right now.As he said.Sore,tired,and satisfied.But they are not done yet. "One more Maya,You owe me that." said Greyson, coming down and kissing my lips. Roman and Xander were holding their cock in a tite grip. I think I have lost my mind,but I really want to suck on them.

"Give it to her.She wants it."said Greyson reading my mind.While he went down on me and started eating me out again. O god,This boy is so insatiable.Roman and Xander bought their cocks near my face.I can't take both,so I started stroking Xander,while taking Roman in my mouth.I don't know If I'm doing it right but the way he was praising me, I'm sure he likes it.

"Fuck baby,yae, just like that.Fuck."He said holding my head and slowly fucking my Mouth. I let him do it for a while,then I turned towards Xander and he smiled down at me. When I took him in my mouth,his mouth opened slightly and eyes closed in pleasure.I started stroking Roman at the same time.Both of them were groaning and grunting.

"God,Maya,where did you learn to do that?If you keep doing it.I might cum inside your mouth."he said,when I started massaging his balls. In the mean time,I'm close to another release,because Grayson is tongue fucking me,while his One finger is playing with my clit and his thumb massaging my forbidden hole.

I couldn't take it anymore and release it in his mouth.

He spread my legs further and pushed his entire long tongue inside me,to lick every drop I release.I thought he would release me but his tongue was still inside me.This boy is making me crazy.He has given me four orgasm already.Three in a row.What does he want now. I want to ask him,but I don't have strength anymore.Then miraculously,he got up."Brother I want our last orgasm Earth shattering and Memorable for my doll."He said biting his lips.

"Absolutely" said Xander."Whats in your mind?"asked Roman smirking.

"I want one of you to suck on her pussy and fuck her mouth taking turns,while I pound into her from behind" he said with a develish smirk.

"Wait what?"I said wide eyes.They look at me like,they are imagining me in that position. Xander laid down flat on the bed and gestured me to come closer.I gulped when he pulled me in a nine six position and started playing with my pussy.

"What do you think,you guys are doing?"I asked panicked.I yelp when Greyson smack on my ass. "Don't worry. We are putting a final claim on you by giving you immense pleasure Maya.You will never forget your first time with us ever.He pushed my head forward,where Roman was kneeling down with his length infront of my mouth.

"Now be a good girl and relax.Just suck on Roman's dick,while stroking Xander's" he said spreading my pussy lips with his large mushroom head.He was not entering me yet.I looked into Roman's eyes and took him in my mouth. I started stroking Xander while letting Roman fuck my mouth.He closed his eyes in pleasure.

I felt Xander licking me upside down.Then I felt Greyson enter me slowly.

This is too much.This pleasure is too much for me. Reding an erotic novel and living the fantasy are two different experience.But I never thought,I would experience it with the Osborne brothers.I always felt a pull towards them,which I could never explain,but I dare say.Im in love with them.Theirs obsessive nature possessiveness,and even when they are territorial, everything turns me on.

Xander's dominating aura.Roman's Stubbornness and Greyson's crazy, ideas. I'm in love with all of them.

"I love you all"I confessed without thinking or a second thought.They all froze and turned to look at me.For the first time I think,I can read their minds. They look like,they have achieved something big.The satisfaction,The relief and the love I see in their eyes right now,I'm ready to die and rebirth to have them again in my life as lovers.

"We love you too Maya,More than You'll ever know."Said Xander pulling me back to his mouth and this time sucking on it like he mean it. "You are ours and only ours.Remember that Maya.Our love is no joke.Dont ever forget that"said Roman kissing me like he mean it. "We have always loved you Maya. We have dreamed future with you.Our life is nothing without you.We will never break your heart.Please trust us on that."said Greyson kissing my back.

"I trust you,more than I trust myself."I said truthfully.Thats all it took for them to devour my body. Greyson was as usual taking me hard and fast from back. Xander started kissing by pelvic bone while his hands traveling everywhere in my body. I was stoking him hard and fast now. I also let Roman to take control but he stopped fucking my Mouth and asked me to stroke him like Xander.

For the next five minutes,There were only the sound of flesh hitting flesh,moans,grunts and groans in the room. And finally,we all came together.I came first, followed by Grey,who pulled out and spilled it on my back, followed by Xander and Roman.We all fell on our back spent.I don't have strength to even open my eyes. I felt some one kissing my head,I think Xander.

"We need to clean you up princess.

Come on." he said. I groaned sleepyly.He chuckled and got up.After sometime I felt a wet towel on me. It was sweet gesture but, I'm too tired to say it.But still I mumbled a thank you,Which more or less sound like 'yan u'. They chuckled again.This time all of them. But I'm too far gone in my slumber to react.The last thing I heard them saying was.

"God I'm helplessly in love with her."


"Me too.can't help it."


"God she is an enchantress,trust me"


Longest chapter so far.Hope it was worth it. Let me know by comments and likes.❤️

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