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I got up from the sound of the alarm on my phone at midnight. I'm not sure if uncle is still awake. He is so workaholic now a days, it won't be surprise, if he's still typing on his computer. But nothing can stop me today to show my love towards him. His Birthday.

I tiptoed to the kitchen and took the small cake out, where I actually hid it. I baked him a Chocolate Truffle cake, his fav. Then I lit the candles and slowly opened his bedroom door with a smile, only to find the room empty. I know where to find him. He was in his studies as usual. The light were still on, that means he's still working.

I opened the door to the study and found him sleeping on the table. I sighed getting inside and closed the door behind me, making sure not to startle him in the process. He looks really tired. I feel really bad and guilty too because, he doesn't have a personal life of his own...just because of me.

When he found me 7 years back, he was then dating a woman name Rose. She was beautiful and my uncle really liked her but it didn't work out because, uncle was giving me his undivided attention. They broke up and I have never seen him with any other women since then. He is afraid they'll not treat me the way he does. I tried convincing him but the looks he gives me which says, "Can we not have this conversation" I had stopped asking.

He know what I have been through these years. How I'm anti social because, I have trust issues. He's afraid I'm too delicate to handle this world.

3 years back,when I joined Jr. High, I got lots of attention because of my unique beauty. Not to brag but, if someone goes rating my appearance, it's 10/10. That's what they all say at school. I have very long black hair, which falls in waves. Pale skin tone with a blush and just a small beauty spot on the right side of my lower lips. Im 5'9, with a hourglass figure. Im not fat but, have right curves on right places, which attracts the male population. Yes, you heard that right.

Don't want to go into details but, any man who approached me, other than my uncle, they had some kind of hunger in their eyes for my body. I still remember getting panic attacks, when somebody would come really close to my personal bubble.

I never like people touching me. Maybe that's why, I never dated anyone. But that doesn't mean I can't have crush on anyone.There was this guy name Ron.Tall dark handsome. Girls just throw themselves on him but, he always eyed me with longing. I really loved his attention, but never made it obvious that the feeling were mutual.

After several trials, he got fed up and finally asked me out...And I couldn't say no. He was really nice to me. He respected my feelings and never touched me inappropriately. We started dating and it went for 2 months, without any problems. Then it was his Birthday, and he asked if he could kiss me, to which again I said yes. My first kiss was memorable and heavenly.

He was very caring and romantic. He would never do things which I don't like and never take me to public places because I hate it. We started spending time in his place because his parents are usually out of town. I trusted him to never cross his limits with me. I was in love with him. Or that's what I thought.

Everything was going good until one day he didn't turn up to school nor replied to my messages. I thought he was sick and would wait for his reply, which never came. That got me worried and I couldn't sleep that night wating for his call. Next day when I got up, I had a message from him stating, he was sorry to not responding to my calls because of some family emergency. He would pick me up for school today.

Like he said I waited but he never turned up. I had no clue what was happening but, had no time to dwel over it. It was getting late for school. My uncle dropped me to school and as soon as I reached, I had this bad feeling, which was telling me not to confront Ron today. I ignored it and searched everywhere for him.

He was absent again. I never talked to his friends but today, I was desperate. Harry was Ron's best friend. As soon as I spot him, I asked. " you know where Ron is...I couldn't reach him?" He was taken aback by my sudden approch and fumbled with his words. But, said he'll check with him.

He dialed Ron's number, while I was still there. I was shocked that he picked up immediately while avoiding mine at the same time.What is going on?

"Hay man..where are you? Your girl's here asking about you." Harry asked. I don't know what he said but, looking at Harry's expression, it's not good. Then he disconnected it. Harry was in some kind of conflict but it was clear that he was about to lie to me.

"He's not well. He said he'll call you once he gets up. I think he was taking a nap, when I called." he said, smiling acwardly. "Ok" was all I said and went on my way back to the next class. Ron was avoiding me, that much was clear but, why?

I decided to go see him at his place. Although my mind was asking me not to go that far, my heart didn't listen. I wish I would have waited for him to come up on his own and explained things but, it was bound to happen. I stopped at his front door and after giving it a lot of thought, I Knocked.

When the door opened, I saw something unexpected. Ron...healthy...Sweating..With a sweat, hanging low on his hip. But that is not what caught my attention. The girl sitting on the couch with a grey T-shirt, which I'm sure belongs to him.

"M..Maya....What are you...You could've called." asked Ron, shocked. The girl came and stood beside him, hands on his arm. "Ron who's she?” but, he was looking everywhere but me. “Is she the one you have been taking about? Wow! you are really beautiful..I'm jealous. Don't worry, I don't mind sharing. Im Mia by the way."

All this time Ron and me were having a staring contest. Me asking with my blurry eyes and his expression, Nervous, worried and...Guilt. Oh my God...Why me? I didn't know what to say. "C..come inside...I can explain." said Ron, opening the door wide open for me to get in.


Was my only answer. As I turn around to leave, he caught my hand. "Maya please don't leave. Trust me, I love..." I raised my hand, stopping him from completing it. “I didn't want to hear one more lie.Let me go." I said with hurt and anger dripping from my words. He immediately let go. "Dont ever try to call me or meet me. I don't want to see your face ever again." That was my last words to him, as I ran towards my house without even looking back once.

He kept yelling my name, begging me to stop but, I know every thing he had to say, would be another lie. Tears were about to fall from my eyes. My body was trembling. I was going to have a panic attack. As soon as I reach home, I dialed my uncle's number. He picked at once. "Hey pumpkin. I'm on my way to pick you up..give me 2 min." He said. “U..u..ucle". I Couldn't speak.

"What happened sweety? Where are you?" he asked in panic. "H..home" is the only word I could mutter. "Im on my way" that's the only thing I heard before I blackout.

Next when I opened my eyes, I found myself in the hospital. My uncle was holding my hands, and sleeping in an acward position. My head was pounding. God what in the earth happened? All of a sudden, the memory of Ron cheating on me came back and I couldn't hold my tears back anymore. My uncle woke up with a jurk. "Sweety you awake?What's wrong? Why are you crying?"

I cried my heart out to him. Told him how I fell in love with Ron and how he was trying to avoid me, recently. I told him how I caught him redhanded. But regretted instantly because, he looked more broken than me. The pain in his eye resembled mine.

"Oh princess, I'm so sorry. Why didn't you tell me about him earlier, sweety? Why did you keep it you yourself?" He pulled me into a hug and tried soothing me. I didn't want to cry anymore but, the pain was too much.

My first love, gone. My first heart break, or maybe the last. I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to trust anyone ever in my life. He meant a lot to me. I had shared my dreams, my thoughts, my strength, my weaknesses, my love with him. All gone now.

Why? That was the only question, I want the answer to. Why he did, what he did?

After a long time, my uncle finally convinced me to get over it saying that, people like Ron, doesn't even deserve my tears. They are valuable and I shouldn't waste it on bastards like him. Even if he was cracking jokes to lighten my mood, we both knew, I would never be the same again. Ever.

It was my uncle's sole mission after that to never let me cry again. I was over Ron in no time but, no matter what I do, I couldn't brush away the empty feeling in my chest. In other words, I was lost. The only thing that was asking me to move on was my uncle. His faith that, I would meet someone better in my life. Someone who would sweep me out of my feet and treat me like a princess, that I really am. I laughed after he said that. He was very happy to see me smile again.

On his next birthday, he made me promise that no matter what, I should never give up. I should fight. I should be an optimist because, god never gives us what we want but, what we need. Live every moment, like it's the last. I don't know what would have happened of me if uncle Ben was not in my life. He is my strength. And I'll do everything in my power to make him proud of me.

So I shaked him up a little, after placing the cake on his study table. "Uncle Ben?" I called. "Hum" he said waking up. He looked really tired. "Happy birthday Uncle." A big smile spread on his face and he sat up straight, wide awake. "Thank you pumpkin." he said patting my cheeks lovingly." Come on uncle. Let's cut the cake and celebrate one more step toward your old age." I said teasingly.

"Are you calling me old?" He asked in disbelief.

"Who else? I don't see anybody in this room, other than you." I said acting like I'm searching for someone, then laughed at his expression."Im better looking than everyone altogether, you call professors. They are even younger than me." He said with a saas. I shaked my head in amusement, and let it go for now. You see, my uncle and old age doesn't go together.

"Alright alright, I get it." I said. "Let's cut the cake. I didn't eat much for dinner because, I wanted to leave some space for the cake." He looked at me unimpressed.

"So you didn't bake it bcuz, it's for my b'day but you wanted to have it after the cake cutting?" he asked with mock hurt.

"Exactly"I said laughing.

"You wound me princess, you wound me." he said rubbing his hand over his heart. "You know me very well uncle. How much I love anything made of chocolate." I said dramatically.

"That's me not you...I love chocolate. Anyways, if you ask nicely, I might consider sharing this cake with you...What say?" he asked with a creepy smile on his face. He knows, I hate to beg. “I would rather attend Mr.Ross's karate class, then begging you for something, I really deserve. You know I kind of made it, literally. And I have every right to eat some." I said, glaring at him.

You see, Mr.Ross was my marshal arts teacher, who I hated with everything I have. When I was 12, uncle Ben forced me to learn self defense. I never wanted to attend it because, he looked like a gangster,who just came out of prison after a long time. "Alright you can have some...I was kidding. Lets cut the cake and go to bed." he said with an amused look. "That better" I said.

He laughed and then I asked him to make a wish. He closed his eyes and a small smile spread on his face. He then blew the candles and cut the cake. We ate in peace,while occasionally pulling each other's leg. Later we decided to go to bed. I wished him goodnight with a kiss on his cheek and went to back to my room. As soon as I fall on the bed my eyes closed. But before going into deep sleep, I checked my phone to see if I have set the alarm to get up early.

I wanted to surprise uncle by make breakfast today. I found a message from an unknown number. When I opened it to check who it was from, I took a sharp breath. I never thought he would try to contact me again, after what happened. The message says

we need 2 talk. Please, it's been 3 years. U didn't even let me explain myself. Im begging you Maya. Call me. I'll b waiting. Ron.

We never spoke after the incident, when I caught him red handed. He tried calling me and sent msgs. Never once had I responded b because, he had broken my trust and I'm not brave enough to forgive him or forget it. It is over. No matter what he does, he will never find his way back to my heart. I have shut it permanently. Not him nor anyone else could penetrate it. I am sure of it.

I didn't know, how wrong I was then?

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