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CHAPTER 26 : The Uncertainty

Xander's POV

I opened my eyes,to something tickling my bare chest and neck.

Confused when I look down,I found

A woman by my side,her long hair spread over my chest and her back to me.Closing my eyes I tried to remember the last event.When I recalled last night,a smile crept on my face.We finally claimed her.Now we can call her 'our woman'. Nothing,I mean nothing can take her away from us now.We promised to ourselves yesterday.

I look around and found Rome had his hands wrapped around her legs and was snoring. Maya had her face buried in Grey chest while her back was pressed to my side.She didn't even move from that state,after she pass out from exhaustion. We felt a little bad,when she didn't even move,when I was cleaning her. After cleaning,I changed her into one of my shirt,to avoid the temptation. We fucked her like animals yesterday. I,of all atleast didn't plan to be so rough with her.

It was her first time,for god sake. We actually talked about taking it slow,

but I guess we just couldn't control ourselves around her. Let me tell you, she brings the worst out of us all. The way she reacts to our touches,I swear it make me proud and aroused at the same time. And when she confessed her love yesterday,I just lost my last bit of control. I felt the biggest burden of my life taken off of my body. She made me the happiest man in the world,by saying those three words.

Roman opened his eyes next. I pressed my lips together to stop myself from laughing. He is going through the same confusion I felt while I woke up. He sat up panicked and looked around.When he saw me watching him,he relaxed and rolled his eyes,when he saw my amused face. Then he moved his gaze toward our sleeping beauty. 'Fuck' He said smiling.

“Xander tell me,yesterday was not a dream.”he asked,still looking at the petite figure,lying like a seductress,while we are getting hard on, looking at her curves. “No brother,it was very much real and she,” I pointed at Maya.“Is all ours now.”I assured him. He bite his lips and crawled towards her,making sure not to wake her up in the process. But he froze,when she stirred and turned around to face me.

She snuggled into my side like a cub,with her legs curled to her chest and hands under her cheeks,which also made her full lips to part a little. Then her movement halt once she found her comfort in my side. I felt a moment of pride,that she is comfortable around me.“Cute”said Grey, kissing her hair,who just woke up moments ago. Rome did the same to her shoulder. When I was about to kiss her too,we heard a soft knock on the door.

Rome got out of the bed to check, while me and Grey waited for him to come back. He returned few seconds back with Nini trailing behind him. I was taken aback for a second,then relaxed when I saw her cheerful face. She uttered an 'aawwe' by looking at Maya huddled up figure into my body. Then she reward us all with a miscevious smile. We all tried to avoid her gaze,understanding,what her 'smile' means.

Why was she in our bedroom so early? I mean it's not that early,but you know, I felt like our 'privacy' was interrupted by her. She better have a reason to barge inside like that,even if it's literally her house. Then she said something,that punched the air out of my chest.“I see the herb worked perfectly on her. You all are mated finally.” Shit.What herb? We exchanged a worried looks with each other.

I was about to ask,what the fuck she meant,when she shush us and asked us to follow her outside. I was really confused right now. I slipped out of the bed carefully,not to disturb my girl and then me and my brothers followed nini out of the room,but not before glancing back at the sleeping figure on our bed. I closed the door behind me slowly and walked toward the kitchen table, where Nini was going. As soon as we reached there, I asked her.“What do you mean

by 'Herb worked' Nini ?”

She sighed and passed us our coffees.

We took it and then she said.“I'm not blind boys. I could see the love in your eyes for her. How much you all were possessive and protective of her. Not just you, even she is very territorial about you all.”She said with a smirk. We all chuckled, recalling her outburst,when she thought,we were kissing another woman,which she tried to cover up with her sassy comments later on, without success.

“I just tried to help you all to open up to each other. The herb I mixed in your food yesterday......Makes you a little...kinky.Thats all.”She said,simply like she didn't just turn our world upside down. We all looked at her,in disbelief. That old hag. “Nini,do you have any idea,what have you done?”

I asked her.She shrugged her shoulder as if it was not a big deal. We thought it was our instinct that took over yesterday,but no.It was that fucking drugs or herbs, whatever shit.

“O shit.That means,we kind of forced ourselves on her and she didn't object because,she was not in her right mind.” said Grey,with his mouth wide open.“Of fucking course.That was the reason for her change of attitude. How else would she forgive us so soon and become super horny from super furious within few minutes. All of us were acting like fucking perverts.

Even you Xander.”said Roman.

Nini,hit us all with the spatula one by one.“Stop acting like a school girl who has lost her V card today while she was drunk. That herb is not a drug to make you horny. It helps you strengthen your ability for sextual activities,but also helps you to reveal your deepest feelings and desires for your partner.”she said going out of the kitchen living us all behind to deal with our misery alone.

Grey got up from his chair and started pacing. I know what battle he is going through right now. He's regretting being rough with her. “Shit,I fucked her till she pass out.”he said rubbing his face. Roman jurk his face up as if he realized something.“What if she regrets everything she said and done with us last night,after she wakes up? What if she hates me now for taking her viginity?”

“ Shit. How come we get fucked up everytime? This is not how it was supposed to happen.”said Grey sitting again.“What are we gonna do if she knows about the truth and flips at us.”asked Rome. “Even if she feels hurt, we have to tell her the truth.Lets apologies to her for last night. Then we'll tell her the truth.This is not how we planned things with her. Seriously guys,for the first time in my life, I'm regretting my own decision. I'm regretting losing my self control with her.”I said feeling shameful.

“Me too” they say in unison.

Maya's POV

I woke up to an empty bed. I saw the watch,which shows 10:30. Wow.Did I slept that long? May be they didn't want to wake me up and went down for breakfast. I'm thankful though.

Because, it was the best sleep I had after a long time. Suddenly, I recalled the last night events and blushed. I didn't know, I had it in me to please 3 men together. They were right.I'll never forget my first time ever. I tiptoed to the bathroom to freshen up.

I found a spare toothbrush,which I was glad and while taking a quick shower,my mind replayed every moment of our love making and closed my face with my palm. God how am I going to face them now. Im going to die of shame. Last night was like one of those erotic novels, I read once,where the girl is mated to three brothers and they claimed her together in the same night.

Well,it's too late to think about it,not that I regret it of course. After the shower,I wiped myself dry and went out only to find a light pink sundress and a clean set of undergarments on the bed,left for me. It was Katherine, I guess. I smiled at her kindness.I should thank her later. I quickly wore the dress and put my hair into a messy bun. I went out of the room,after checking my reflection in the mirror once.

I took a deep breath before walking towards the voices,which definitely belongs to the brothers. Lets face it.You can do it Maya.I encouraged myself to face my lovers,but all the bravery was thrown out of the window when I heard their conversation. No. No there has to be some kind of expectations to it. I'm sure it's a misunderstanding.

“ Shit. How come we get fucked up everytime? This is not how it was supposed to happen.”I heard Greyson's voice. “What are we gonna do if she knows about the truth and flips at us.”Roman's irritating voice asked. “Even if she feels hurt, we have to tell her the truth. Lets apologies to her for last night. Then we'll tell her the truth.This is not how we planned things with her. Seriously guys,for the first time in my life, I'm regretting my own decision. I'm regretting losing my self control with her.” Xander said,as if he is disgusted with himself right now.

“Me too” the other two said in unison.

My legs gave up. I don't know,how to react to this. I sat down on the steps. Should I be angry that they used me or sad that they are all regretting it. I gave them my everything. I loved them and trusted them with my mind body and soul. And they are worried about their bloody 'plan',that got ruined. I frowned.What was their plan anyways? Then the phone conversation replayed in my mind.

We have no intention in bedding her.

We just want revenge.

We are doing everything in our power to make her trust us.

We will break her heart....

We will break......

My heart.

Was it all an act to make me fall for them. Were they waiting for me to confess my love to them,so that they can dump me. My hands flew over my mouth to cover my sob,but it was too late. They heard my wimper and all of their heads turned my way. Then they came running towards me. I wanted to run away from them,but my legs

were frozen to the spot. Their expression looked horrified. They were not expecting me to find out like this. But nothing can be done now.

“How much did you hear?”asked Xander coming closer to me,but stopped with wide eyes when I said.

“Don't come any closer. None of you.

I'm warning you.” I didn't look up to see their faces. They are all deceiving.

“And to answer your question,” I looked to my right to avoid their gazes. “I heard enough to realize that... last night was a mistake.”I said trying very hard to not spill anymore tears.

Not infront of them atleast.

I heard sharp breath intakes and small frustrated movements from them. They were trying very hard to control their..... Emotions,I guess. But nobody dared to come closer. I don't know, how long I sat their and they stood their,but it felt like hours. Then Roman broke the silence. “Maya, we know,it was our mistake too,but as you heard everything, we lost control.

If in our right mind, we would not have forced ourselves on you like that.”

I nod my head,as if I agree to what he was saying. But every word came out of his mouth,was like a dagger. So much for falling in love.I scoffed. I can feel their eyes on me. I heard shuffling but I didn't look their way. I felt someone sitting beside me but being very careful to maintain distance. That kind of hurts. God why my life can't be simple for just one day. Can't I just go back in time,where they didn't exist in my life.

“Maya” I heard Greyson's voice near my ears but I didn't turn back.Just scoot further away from his body warmth. “Maya please forgive us.” I closed my eyes. Rage filling my body. What am I? A goddess,to forgive them for every fucking mistake they make.No I'm a human and no, I can't fucking forgive them for this. I lost my most precious wealth to them.My dignity. I won't get it back. So,no.

I stood up. My face hard and lack of emotions. Greyson stood beside me too. I turned his way and looked into his eyes. His eyebrows furrowed in confusion. I went a little closer to him.His scent engulf me,but I know he doesn't belong to me. So I said what I had to.“Fine, I'll forgive you.” he looked relieved. He was about to say something when I interrupted.“ “But first, give me my viginity back.” I turned my gaze to Roman. Like he knew, that statement was meant for him,he didn't meet my eyes.

Xander sighed and like always wanted to say something to defend his brothers. But I stopped him right before he opened his mouth. “No” I said.“Among all, you are the last one,I want to hear from right now. You better be quite,if you know what's best for you.” he was giving me looks like.'you are making a big mistake' like I care.

“If you guys are done with your advanture. And if you don't mind giving a lift, I would like to go home,thank you so much.”I said trying to walk past them. Like I said tried. Before I could go further, Roman caught my upper arm to stop me. Without looking his way,I hissed.

“Let go of me.” But he did the opposite. He turned me around and throwed me over his shoulder and started walking back towards the bedroom.

“Roman I said let me go.”I shout.

“Shut up” he shout back. I lift back my head to look at the other two,but they didn't do anything to stop him. “Cowards” I said looking into their eyes. Which earned me a spank. I yelp,which made them snicker.“Did you just spank me?”I started struggling in his grip. He pushed the door opened witout answering me and closed it behind him with his legs. He let me down only to lock the door.

I glared at him and tried to walk around him to open it.

I was least expacting him to push me against the door and cage me. I tried to turn around but he pressed his front flushed to my back. I was breathing hard,but my breath hitched when I felt his bulge in between my but cheeks. He gripped my hair to tilt my head to the side and wishpered in my ears.“You said, yesterday night was a mistake. Right?”he started placing soft kisses to my bare neck.

“R..Roman.. Please...J..Just let me go.”

He ignored my plea and said.

“I might have done something wrong yesterday. Let's correct it and rectify our mistakes. Hmn?”he said smirking.

O god please help me.

Soooooo.Ooook.That seems a misunderstanding 😂😂 Right? No problem we'll solve it in the next chapter. But guys please like and comment. Do you find my story boring or you might be too busy to not read it...I hope the last one😛

Stay tuned..Luv ya all.

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