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CHAPTER 27 : Desperate Confession

Roman's POV

I'm desperate right now. I'll do anything in my power to make her stay. Fuck. My ass is always on fire around this girl. She has no idea, how much power she possess on us. We are always on edges around her. If I let her go today, I'll definitely lose my mind. I might have listined to my dick yesterday but today I'll do what my heart and mind says. She might think less of me after this or I may look like a lunatic to her right now,but I'm least bothered.

“R..Roman.. Please...J..Just let me go.”

I ignored her plea because once I let go,she would run away. No, she have to listen to each and every word comes out of my mouth now. Then I'll let her go. No scratch that. I'm never letting her go. She's stuck with me forever. She can't just make us fall for her head over heals and dump us after a mind blowing sex like one night stand,without any fucking valid reason.

“I might have done something wrong yesterday. Let's correct it and rectify our mistakes. Hmn?” I said smirking.

I was already hard,when I throwed her over my shoulder,so as soon as we're in,I trapped her to the closed door and pushed my bulge to her back to let her know,what she does to me. She knows it because when I slowly turned her around,she was looking everywhere but me.

I hold her jaw in my hand and made her look at me while still trapping her to her place.“Look at me Maya. For you it might be a mistake but for me and my brothers,you were never a mistake. She still is avoiding my gaze. Frustrated I took one of her hand and place it on my bulge,which definitely seeks attention right now,just like me.

She gasp and tried to free her hand but my hold was tite.

“You feel that Maya? This is what you do to me. This is how much you control me.”She stopped struggling and looked into my eyes. I let go of her hand for now and put both my hands on her waist,pulling her closer and making our foreheads touch. I closed my eyes defeated and took a sharp breath to let her unique scent engulf my senses to calm me down a little. We stayed like this quite for time. Then I finally opened my heart to her.

“Maya, listin to me very carefully. Ok?

When I said, I am in love you and you can't take it for granted, I meant every single word. I'm a very difficult man Maya. Most of the people can't stand my arrogance. But you,...Of all people, just saw right through me. Without even knowing you have made me your slave, do you know why? Because you are the missing piece of my puzzled life. You complete me Maya.No one has that much effect on me like you do.”

I wishpered the last part and bend my head a little to peck her lips. But she just moved her face away to avoid it. I closed my eyes and preyed to whoever was listening to give me patience, because I'm losing it right now. I turned her face again to make her look into my eyes. She is conflicted.I can see it. She's fighting the urge to run away and run to me,at the same time.

“Do you remember when I said, No matter how hard you push me away,I would still come back full force.”She finally grace me with her attention.

“I wasn't joking Maya. When I said you can't run away from me. You can't. When I said I have claimed you.That means you're mine. And no force in the world can come between you and me now. Not even you.”

I said with determination and pushed her against the wall,meeting her lips. I asked for entrance with my tongue.

When she denied it,I lift her up from her thighs and slammed by hard on into her pelvic area,to make her gasp.

I took the opportunity to push my tongue into her mouth claiming her. She fought real hard.I'll give her that.

She wanted to get down and detach from my lips,but I wasn't going to give up untill she gives in.

She bite my lips in frustration,without any clue that her action was only turning me on more and I started rubbing my lower self on her and she tried pushing me off. I took both her hands and put them over her head in a tite grip. She has no idea,how headstrong I'm. “Give in Maya” I said between kissess. When she tried to use all her energy to get out of my grip with a groan, I signed and let her lose.

“What is the real problem here Maya? Can we talk please.” I said,still caging her between my arms. She looked into my eyes furious. The sunlight coming through the window is making her brown eyes shine golden.

Fuck. Even when she's angry,she looks killer.... Well..If looks could kill.

“The real problem is, people keep deciding things for me. Nobody is interested in my opinion. Everybody want something from me,but none are least bothered,what I want.”she said with blur eyes.

“What do you want from me Roman?”

Hearing my name from her mouth,

for the first time,did something to my heart.But I'll not ignore her question.

“You, I want you. All of you. Every inch of you.Inside and outside you. The whole you Maya. How many times do I have to tell you that. What else you want me to do to prove to you that, You're my whole world now?

Everyday we are trying something new. Something different,with you,to make you understand that,we are madly and hopelessly in love with you. Can't you see it Maya? Why are you so hard on us? We have been giving and giving so far,without asking anything in return,except your love,Maya. Even a blind can see it,why can't you? Tell me Maya.

What other test you want us to go through untill your heart believes the fact that, we are not like any other men,you came across in the past?” I said aloud. She flinched.I know, I have touched a nerve,but we need answers too. She was quite for sometime then she looked down and said.“If you so much are in love with me, why do you regret,last night?”she said with a dejected voice. “What did you say?” I asked lifting her with my pointer finger.

She went brushing me off and sat on the bed,with her fingers intertwined. “I heard you people talking that,you regret what happened last night.”she said looking outside the window. I literally face palmed myself.“Is that why you are upset, because you think,we reget our love making?”I looked at her expectedly. She shrugged it uncertain. “Wait a minute.” I said putting up a finger. I went and unlocked the door.Both Xander and Grey ware standing outside,with their back to the wall.

“Come inside” I said calling them inside, because I can't deal with it alone anymore. “What's wrong”asked Xander,walking in.Grey didn't come inside.He simply stood leaning on the door frame,unsure if he was allowed to come in. “Do you know why she's upset?” I asked,running my hand through my hair frustrated. Xander looked her way,but she was avoiding our gaze. So I decided to speak.

“She thinks,we reget yesterday night.

She said,she heard us saying, it.” I looked at Maya,who now is uncomfortable under our gaze. Xander started rubbed his forehead in annoyance,and walked toward the bed,where she was sitting now. He crouched down infront if her and took her small hands in his big ones.

“Is that what you think princess?”he asked her.She evert her eyes to avoid the question.

“I heard you saying,that you reget loosing control yesterday night and first time in life,you regret your decision.”she said in an almost broken voice. Xander sighed and sat down there,Indian style and pulled her into his lap, straddling him.She let him do it without protest. He put one of her stray hair behind her ears and said.

“Baby girl,do you know what I think?This is all a big misunderstanding. You just heard half of the conversation and decided it for your self that we don't want you. You just know half truth why we're beating ourself few minutes ago. You want to know the real reason?”asked Xander amused. She looked at all of us one more time before slowly nodding her head at him. Grey and me walked toward the bed and each sat either side of them with crossed legs.

Xander looked at me and I started. “Grany thought it would be a great idea to middle between our conflicts and she decided for herself that sex can solve any problems. So,... she kind of zinx our food to create sextual tension between us last night. Which we think is also the reason,you didn't stop our advances, because you were sextualy aroused.”we waited for her reaction to come but she just blinked,so I continued.

“And we were actually regretting, talking you rough and hard last night,being aware of the fact that,you were a virgin.Thats not how we planned it Maya.We really wanted to take it slow,but that herb kind of messed with our hormones and we lot it to our wild side.”I finished,clearing my throat. We all waited for her outburst but,what came next was unexpected.

She pressed both her lips together,as if thinking hard. Then asked confused.“So if it was not for the herb,I would not have experience that kind of mind boggling Sex from you guys?” She asked genuinely curious. I closed my eyes with both my hands to stop myself from laughing. Xander put his head on her shoulder and mumbled something like,she is out of this world.

Greyson was covering his mouth with a hand and his shoulders shaking,

with no sound,but I'm sure he was laughing. She looked at all of us puzzled and asked.“What is so funny?” Xander raised his head to meet her gaze and holding her face replied. “Nothing is funny,my Angel. We are just thinking,how to answer you questions”he said trying very hard to control his laugh and failed. He fall back on the floor,taking Maya with him, and laughed out loud.

She finally laughed softly. I pulled her from Xander and made her sit in between my legs.“Babe,you need to learn a lot about us. Firstly,We never need a herb to increase our sextual appetite.”I said smirking at her. She blushed profoundly.“Second,even if we're not on herb yesterday,We planned on claiming you at any cost.Sooner or later. And finally,you my minx,are gonna be the death of us,if you don't stop torturing us with your sassy comments to keep us away from you.”I said placing open mouth kisses to her neck.

“I'm sorry”she said no one in particular.“I let my scarred heart judge people,even though I know,not everybody are the same.I always try to think positive,but all the circumstances,are like a déjà Wu for me. So,instead of using my brain,I let my instinct take over each time. I'm so sorry.”She wishpered the last part.

I hugged her from behind, letting her know that it was ok. Xander said,

“Next time,you would ask, instead of assuming things. Promise me princess.” She nod her head and smiled lightly, leaning into me. “You know what?”said Grey,asking for our attention.“We are having this communication problem because,we don't know each other very well.

Right?” Maya nodded her head at him.“So would you like to spend some time with each of us,alone,to know us better?”he looked at her expectedly.

I don't know if she caught his interior motives,but something tells me that, she's not that stupid. She smiled and looked at all of us with an amused smile.Then she pulled Greyson closer by the nape of his head,making us all stunned by her bold move.“Are you asking me out on a date,Mr Osborne?She said biting her lips with a seductive voice,which made me hard instantly.Greyson gulped and Xander looked at me, scratching his neck nervously.“Y..Yes” answered Greyson.

She giggled and clamp a hand on her mouth to cover it. “I'll take that as a 'yes' said Grey taking her face in his hand and kissed her passionately.

“Ok,decide who you want to go on a date with first?”asked Xander. She thought for a while,then said. “First I want to know few things about you all,then I'll decide.”She said folding her arms.“Ok ask away” said Greyson with a smirk, sitting cross to us like Xander.

“What do all do for living?”she asked

We all exchanged looks.Then Xander started. “I take care of my family business as a CEO of Osborne Corp.”

She nod her head. Then She turned to me.“I Have a secret agent office,

which provides security services for the VIP and VVIP, in most part of the countries. I have total 80 offices,all over the world.”I said and laughed when her mouth remained wide open.

“Wow,How do you manage it,sitting here?”she asked impressed.“I have people working for me.”I said kissing her cheeks. Then she turned to Greyson.O this is going to be fun.

“What about you?” She asked curious. “I..I don't do much.I mean I never had to work too much,you know. So I kind of do everything and nothing.”he said. He fucked up again.I can see her expression change and then she turned to me. “What do you guys like to do in the free time?” She asked

“We mostly spend time together. Just the three of us. If not,There is a pub, where we usually hang out,with our close friends.I said smiling at her. She smiled a little than,it dropped.“Excuse me,” she said getting up from my lap and headed towards the bathroom.As soon as she was out of our sight, Xander and me turned to Grey. He was looking at us for some kind of help.

“Do you think,I should tell her?”he asked. I know why he doesn't want her to know, She would want to go there someday and it's not the right place for an innocent girl like her. Xander sighed and said.“Let her decide.I just think,you shouldn't hide your work from her.”he suggested.

We halt our conversation,when Maya came back.“What were you all talking about.Is it about Me?”she said,still standing.Grey took her hand and looked into her eyes. They were having a secret conversation. The only thing I can make out is,She is daring him to lie and he is ashamed to tell her. Then she broke the silence.

“Greyson,no job is good or bad.Small or big. A job that gives you stability and peace of mind,you should never be ashamed of it. What people would think of you or how they would judge, is not important.What is important is,who supports you.Who stand by you,even if you can't stand for yourself.” If I was in love with her before,I have fallen in love with her all over again.

She smiled at Greyson and said.“I know you run a strip club”She said.

Our mouth was open wide. “And you don't have any problem with that?”he asked almost emotional,because other than me and Xander,no body in our family were happy,with the choice of his workline.

She bend down and wishpered something in his ears,which I'm sure made his day. Because the next thing we heard is.

“Hell yae babe...Im all yours.”


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