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I can't promise to fix all your problems

but I promise you won't have

to face them alone.”


Maya's POV

After Knowing few things about each other,The boys and me decided to go down to have breakfast. Currently, I'm sitting on the dining table near Katherine.You want to ask Why. Because,when we came down, all three of them started arguing about, who's lap,I was going to sit. Childish I know. So I decided to sit near Katherine, instead of making anyone of them jealous. Katherine wanted to tell me something yesterday, which I didn't forget. So,I asked her.

“Katherine,You wanted to talk yesterday. What was it about? She suddenly recalled and asked me to wait,while she got up and went inside,saying,she would be back. “Maya,You didn't say anything about,who you want to go on a date with first.”said Greyson coming and sitting closer to me. O god,what is this? Why do they want me to choose everytime?

So I told them.“Guys I really hate when you make me choose. Why do I have to anyways? You can decide among yourselfs. Keep me out of this.”

They look at each other back and forth. “Alright then,we will decide and tell you....Umn Maya, there is another thing,we need to ask.”Said Roman. I nod my head for him to continue,but before he could ask, Katherine came back with a small velvet red box in her hand.

“Open it, and tell me how you feel about it.”she said, handling me the box. I looked at the boys questioning. They look clueless too. Xander asked curious.“What is it Nini?”she just raised her hand at him, nodding her head, gesturing him to wait. His eyebrows furrowed,but nevertheless waited for me apparently to open the box. When I opened it,there was a ring inside the box. Actually not one,

it's an antique 3 in 1 ring.

“Wow” is the only word I could utter. Xander took the box from me and his eyes widened. “Nini, isn't this the ring,

mom said was missing?”Asked Roman, taking a close look at it. “Yes, your granddad gave it to me before he....”she paused. “Before he passed away. He said only few people are capable to handle this ring,or in other words,the ring chooses the owner of its own.” We all looked at are like she has grown two horns.

“I know,you live in a modern world but,Your granddad used to believe that,this ring has some kind of spirit magic that brings your solemate or other half together. It was given to his grandfather by a chief of very ancient tribe, who had 4 wives. Their bond was so strong,that when the chief died, their wife too died,the same day or within a week. All of them.”

She continued. “The reason, I'm telling you all this is because,the history is repeating itself and I don't want you to lose Maya,like your great grandfathers had.”she said keeping the ring in my hands. “What do you mean 'Grandfathers'?”asked Greyson curious. A small smile spread on her lips. Then she said.“There are a lots of secrets,you kids don't know about our family.

She sighed. “It's a long story. Your great grandfathers dad,had 3 wives. One legal and two illegal. He had three male child from all the women.Long story short,even if they were mistress's children,your great grand father, considered them as his own brother. And they grew up together, sharing everything in their life, including wealth and property. When they were off age,

unfortunately,they fell in love with the same girl, who I heard was very beautiful.

The brothers were very much in love with her and nobody wanted to share her with the other two,even though they knew,she loved all of them equally. We don't know the actual reason but, after sometimes,the brothers had some kind of conflict,a very big fight,which resulted in separation and property distribution.

Your great grandfather was very much depressed and he decided to break up with the woman,who was somehow the reason for the brothers to separate. Not able to take the harsh words from your great granddad and losing all of her lovers at once,she hanged herself to death.”there was complete silence for few seconds. Not able to stop the curiousity,I asked away.

“What happened after that?”she sighed and continued. “Her death was devastating for all of your great granddads. She wrote a letter to them, before she died and her last wish was, to be buried in a place, where she can see all of her lovers together. Within 3 days from her funeral,your other two granddads also died,reason unknown.

Their grave was also build beside her,as she requested.

Afraid that your great grandfather would do something stupid like his lover,his mother,kept a close watch on him untill,he was married to your great grandmother. He never loved her but,he was emotionally stronger than the others,so he survived but when your Grandfather was 17,he died.Before he died,he gave this ring to your granddad,asking him to keep his life a secret and also pass this ring in his family,to the suitable brides,as a promise or a commitment ring.”

I was quite for some time. Overwhelmed was the right word but I was nervous too, because I don't know if the boys wants to commit to me in that way.....Yet. So I pushed the ring box back to her and without looking at anyone I said.“Kathrine,it's really an honour to know that,you see me that way,but don't you think,it's too soon for us....I mean,I don't know,if...?”

I couldn't utter the word but Xander said,“If we want to commit to you?”

Xander asked looking at me hurt. “O no...I didn't mean it like that?” Its better to lie for now,to avoid the acward question.“Yes you mean it like that Maya.You still doubt us after so much of giving explanation?”Asked Roman. “Maya trust them,child. I see it in their eyes. I know that look.They look at you like you are their only reason to live. Think with your heart, not your brain.” she said,taking my hand and putting it over my heart.

“I'll leave you young love alone to talk it out.”she said getting up and walking out of the room.I kept looking at her untill she was out of the sight. When I turned back,I looked at them surprised. They were trying to break the ring?? “What are you doing?”I asked panicked. If Katherine finds out it's broken, she would be furious. But to my surprise,they,it's not broken.

Greyson laughed at my panicked face.

“Don't worry Maya,it's detachable.”he said. Now that I look carefully, I noticed it's three different rings,put in together to make one. “Wow it's beautifully designed. Wonderful, isn't....What are you guys doing?”I stood up from the chair Alarmed. They were all holding One ring each and bending on their knees, looking at me with an expression foreign to me. I was so shocked, that instead of spitting something out,I opened and closed my mouth dumbfolded.

“Just listen and don't interrupt Maya.

We actually practiced it,but if you,say something in between,I might forget”said Roman. I chuckled but didn't say anything. He looked into my eyes and said. “Maya,the moment,

you step into my life,my life changed. I don't know what my life was before you. I have everything we need in this god damn world but I was never happy. There are many ways to be happy in this life,but all I really need is you.” My heart is already melting.

“Look,I guarantee there will be tough times.I guarantee that at some point, you would find me intolerable,but I also promise I'll always give you a reason to love me back all times. I know you love thrill.So Maya if you are ready to take a risk with me in this life,I promise to love you and only you till my last breath and we can spend this thrilling life together forever by each other's side.”he said waiting for me to take the ring.

“How could I say no...when every cell of my body is saying Yes.”I said smiling at him. He got up from his knees and put the ring in my finger kissing it.Then he hold my face in his hands and kissed me. This kiss was saying a lot of things. But most importantly,A thank you and a promise. A promise to fullfill everything he just said. Our lips parted,when we heard Xander's voice and Greyson chuckling.

“My turn.” he said. Roman came behind me and hold be in a back hug while Xander started speaking. “Maya, I'm straight forward.People call me cold, because they think,I don't like to show my feelings. But the truth is,I wasn't capable of any feelings other than Rage. I was angry at myself because, the man who could read people like a open book,he can't read his own mind. I was a machine,who just know how to work.

I had an emptyness in my heart,which no one could fill. But than you came along and everything around me started making sense, I started feeling things. The empty place in my heart was occupied by you Maya. Call me selfish but I want you in my life Maya. Every minute,every second. I want to merry you and make you mine. I want to go to bed and get up every morning,with you,in my arms.

So, I don't care if it's too early for anyone,but you are the only woman I want in my life and by my side. So,tell me now Maya,will you be mine forever,by trusting your heart to me?”

He said standing up,holding the ring in his hands. I smiled at him and said.

“You have already claimed my mind,body and soul Xander. With ring or without ring, I'm all yours.” hearing my confession,he didn't waste a single second putting the ring in my finger, infront of Roman's,adjusting it.

Then he pulled me from Roman's embrace and hugged me himself. After that ke kissed me. And this kiss shows,how much happy he is right now. It's like I have given him the world. I move my attention to a troat cleaning. Greyson was shifting from foot to foot. Xander sat down on the chair, pulling me down with him. Then put his hand around me,resting his chin on my shoulder.

“Territorial much”said Roman, smirking and took a chair, straddling it. “Come on Grey,we are waiting.”teased Xander. Greyson came and bend down closer to me and took my right hand in his left and said.“Maya I actually forgot,what I prepared.” he said scratching his forehead. I smiled but Xander and Roman started laughing like maniac.

“But you know what”he started with a serious voice and a smile.

“Before meeting you,I never knew,what love was. I was like a wind,that never stays at a place. But in you,I see a place,that I want to call home.You are my Home Maya. I met different women in my life. I had my fare share of women, but I never had the urge of pursuing or cherishing any one of them. They came,they go,they came again,the move on. But the only thing unmoving was me. No one had the power to move my heart untill you my love.

I have fallen head over heels for you and you have ruined me for any one else woman,you know that? You may take you time to love me back and think different ways to know me and understand me. But for now, If you just except this ring, I promise you, no one will work harder to make you happy or cheish you,more than me, I can bet on that.”he said with his panty dropping smile. Not just him, I'm hopelessly in love with him and his honesty too.

So, without getting up from Xander's lap,I did the only thing that came in my mind. I pulled him closer and initiated a passionate kiss with him. He was taken aback for a sec,but then returned it back full force. After pulling out of the kiss, I offered my hand to him saying,“This ring looks incomplete without yours,like I'm without you.” he just look like,he was about to cry. He put the final ring into my finger and kissed the back of my hand, smiling. I hugged him tite and kissed his chest.

“I love you Grey”I said. He went stiff,hearing me calling his pet name and confession.“I love you too princess” he said returning the hug.

“I love you more”I said giggling.

“But I love you most.”He said smiling, pulling back and pecking my lips.

“Shit I'm getting cavities here. It's too sweet.”said Roman chuckling. “Yes, diabetics too.”said Xander getting up and ruffling Greyson's hair.

“Hey not my hair”he said pussing his hand away playfully. He walked away laughing towards the kitchen,to get some water. Roman was talking something with him about his sister.

An idea popped up in my mind. “You know what?” I said getting everyone's attention.

“Let's go on a date together.”

Their face lit up like Christmas tree.

“Great then. Any place in your mind, where you wanna go?”asked Xander.

“Surprise me!!”I said smirking.

See you later.Adious 💕

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