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CHAPTER 29 : Found My BFF

Maya's POV

“Told you. I can judge characters,by just looking at them.”said Katherine, holding my hands in her's. “There is something about you Maya,that makes you different from the others.”

She said looking at me in awe. I shaked my head dismissing her. “Im not making it up my dear. You are someone who is blessed with both beauty and brain. And whoever denies the fact,they are just idiots.”

She said chuckling.

“Anyways,bring her again to meet me.

And drive carefully.”She said to the boys, kissing them and sending us off.

We said our goodbyes to her and hit the road. As usual Xander was driving and I was sitting in between Greyson and Roman. I was holding Greyson's Arm,laying my head on his shoulder while Roman was holding my hands on his lap.

“Did you call Rose yet?”I asked them.

“No. We Don't have much signal at granny's place. It ok. She knows we were in her place.”Said Roman.

I nod my head. It was already four,so we decided to call Rose to let her know that we are on our way back.

Greyson is diling her number. As soon as the call was connected, Rose started yelling. Greyson put the phone away from his ears to avoid it.

After few seconds, when she was calm,he spoke.“There was no signal Rose. And it was just for a night. What's the big deal.”he asked rolling his eyes. She might have said something, which made his eyes go wide.“When?...And you're telling me this now?.....Fine we'll meet you there then.....Yae, yea, yea, I know. We'll handle it.

“What happened? Where is she?” asked Xander. He looked at me instead of his brothers and said.

“Mom and dad wants us to come home....With Maya.”Said Greyson, making me nurvous all of a sudden. Roman turn me to face him,and offer me an assuring smiled.“Don't worry bebe,it was bound to happen. We are well prepared for this. You trust us right?” I nodded my head unsure. He pulled me to his lap and said.

“Maya,they are our parents and they have every right to confront us,but they cannot force us into doing something,that we don't want. No matter what. You are our responsibility now to take care of and you are not answerable to any of their questions,if you are not comfortable. But,we have to go there,and finish this once and for all. So don't panic, we'll be by you side all the times.” said Roman, pecking me on the lips.

“Just be yourself Maya. I know you can do it.”said Grey, interlinking our fingers. I felt a little better now. I knew it was never going to be easy. I mean being in a relationship with 3 men,that too brothers, people still take it as a taboo. But I was destined to be theirs and they mine,so what ever comes our way, we're prepared to face it.

After driving for sometimes,which felt hours,the car came to a halt. All off them stepped out of the car leaving me alone. Where are they going? After waiting for 2 mins,my left side door opened and A woman,I never met, smiled at me cheerfully. “Finally,they made me wait forever to meet you. God you're beauuuutiful. Come down.”she said excitedly.

I don't know who she is,but I already like her. As soon as I stepped out of the car,she engulfed me in a hug. “Hi I am Emily, their one and only sister.” she said pointing at the brothers with her thumb. “Hi, I am...” “ Maya,I know. I was dying to meet you,when Nathan,told me about you.”she said interrupting me.

I looked at her confused.“ O I'm sorry,come let me introduce you to Nathan.” She said pulling me away with her to the boys. They were talking to another decent looking guy.

When they saw us approaching, their head turned. Emily went jogging towards him and holding his biceps,she said. “Nathan,this is Maya. Maya, he is my one and 'only husband',Nathan.” All of us started laughing, to the interior joke,except Nathan.

“What you mean, 'one and only'? Ofcource, I'll be your one and only for eternity. You'll never have second chance wify, because I don't have another brother.”he said pulling her into a side hug and kissing her lips.

All of them started laughing,when I blushed with their public display of affection. He than offered his hand to me with a friendly smile.

“Welcome to the family Maya. I never had a sister,but you can call me brother and my house is always opened for you,if these doofos ever hurt you,or kick you out.”he said shaking my hands. That earned him a punch from Xander. “Ouch!man,that hurts.”he said laughing at him.“That was supposed to hurt,you idiot.”he said. We joked about nothing and anything for sometime.

I found out that,we are 5 minutes away from their parent's house. They wanted to meet us here and then go there together.“You know Maya, although,my brothers and my Mom had choosed those bitches earlier,me and Nathan never liked them. I always had this gut feeling that,they will not last long. I don't know why Mom's still trying to patch them up,even though,my brothers hate them now.”

We all took deep breath and sighed.

“Whatever happens there today Maya, don't forget that, I'm on your side, ok?”she said taking my hand and squeezing it. I said a small thanks and then we all walked away to get into our respective cars. This time,I took the short gun. I need to mentally prepare myself to face my future in-laws. I was looking out of the window,untill Xander put an hand on my knees to get my attention.

I turned towards him,but he wasn't looking at me. He just wanted to comfort me,I guess. We pulled out in front of his parents house,no scratch that. It's a big Mansion. Much bigger than granny, I mean Katherine. One soft hand touched my shoulder,to bring me back from my thoughts.

“We are heading in. Come on.” she said offering me a smile and her hand.

All the boys chuckled. “You got yourself an enoying BFF Maya. Good luck with that.” said Roman. “O shut up. You guys are just jealous that,she isn't giving you any attention since we met.”she talked back putting her tongue out at them. They started laughing at us,when she ignored them and started dragging me towards the entrance. When I was about to go inside,Xander called.

“Em,you go with Nathan.We will be right behind you.” She wanted to object but,Nathan dragged her inside.

We were not far behind. Xander offered me his hands,and I took it without second thought. I looked behind me and found Roman and Greyson's confident and cold face.

“We are different in front of my parents Maya. Don't worry,we are right behind you.”said Greyson and Roman leaned forward to kiss my shoulder.

When we entered inside,I think it was the living room. It was very spacious and bright. The walls were painted white and the ceiling were decorated with very expensive chandeliers. Big glass Windows with pure white and grey curtains. Ever corner of the hall screams experience. Billionaire and their likes,I though. Suddenly, a woman's voice brought me out of my thoughts.

“Do you like it?”she asked. When I turned my eyes to her,I found a middle age woman,in her early 40s maybe,smirking. Mentally I rolled my eyes. She looks like the boys a little bit.Im sure she's their mom. The boys got the smirks from there mama,for sure. She walked toward us with a purpose. I noticed the boys stiffened,but their expression were blank.

Roman came forward and give her a hug with a celebrity kiss, followed by Xander and Greyson.Everything looks fake about her,including her smile too. Then she turned to me and offered me the same fake smile.“I'm Sandra 'Osborne', their 'mother'. And you are Mia,right?” Xander hissed beside me,because she purposely said my name incorrectly and put afford on the word Osborne and Mother,to insult me.

But I pressed his hand a little to say that,it was ok. He immediately calmed down. She was taken aback by my control over them. But covered it with a smile. “Its Maya,Mrs.Osborne.”I said politely. “Pleasure,come in. Boys we need to talk.” she said ignoring us and walked away. I smiled. She reminds me of my biology teacher at school, who used to pick up on me on purpose,due to some unknown reason. But was never successful in bending me,because even if I was shy,I was a brilliant student.

“A penny for you thought”,said Roman,smirking while we walked into the dining room. I forgot,it was almost dinner time. A lot of people were already sitting and waiting on us. I recognized few faces. Thank God Rose is here. Beside Rose,there was an empty space. Then Sandra. Beside her a woman I don't know. Beside her, Sophia. I think,that woman is Sophia's mom and Sandra's best friend. Then it's Desirée followed by a man, I don't know.

On the other side,sat Nathan Emily, talking seriously about something. I was about to go and sit beside Rose when a tall man,very intimidating like Xander,came and took the empty seat near Rose. O no.there is no more seats left,if the brothers take the three remaining chairs. Did their mother do it on purpose? My doubts were clear when I saw the amused faces of women in the room other than Rose and Emily.

Then as if on queue, all three of my men, dragged the chair to sit. I could feel Sophia smirking,as if it was pre planned.But all of their amused face fell,when the boys did not sit. They were looking my way with a smile,offering me their chairs. My heart swell with pride. I returned it and walked closer to them. I know the rule. As if it was a life and death game,they were playing, stone, paper scissors.

Roman won,making the other two sigh. They both offered me a smile and took two chairs,leaving the center one for me and Roman. Roman took the middle one and pulled me slowly on his lap. Once I was sitted,he kissed my back and smiled lovingly. All this time,few faces have surprised look,some were blank and other amused. I'm sure Sophia is grinding her teeth. I don't know,if I should be happy or sad for her. I'm literally sitting on her X's lap, infront of her. Holy cow. No it's very very acward.

I can feel eyes on us,but before anyone could speak, The man on the head table, introduced himself. “Maya,I'm George, Sandra's husband and the boys father,he said with a genuine smile. Aah.Now I know,where did Greyson get his dimples from. I returned the gesture. “Hello Mr. Osborne. It's nice to meet you.” I said as politely as possible.

“You are very beautiful Maya. The way you speak,the way you smile and carry yourself,you remind me of someone,I met a long time ago.”He said thinking real hard. Sandra glared at him sideways,but he was unaware of it.“Are you related to Amelia in any ways?”I was about to answer when Sandra interrupted rudely.“O come on George,Every women looks like Amelia to you.”she scoffed.

“She was some girl George's had his first crush on,but he thought he was too old for her and married me.But couldn't forget her and when our daughter was born,he name her Emily, as a reminder of his first love.”she finished,as if falling in love with someone was a waste of time. Now I realized that he was or is maybe in love with my deceased mother. I was angry now, because,this rude woman is insulting my mother.

Before I could give her a piece of my mind,Rose spoke on behalf of me. I forgot she was her best friends. “Shut up,sis. She was not some random girl,she was my best friend and for your kind information,”she looked my way smirking. This lady is a force really.“Maya is Lia's daughter. And I'm sorry George,but she died,when Maya was only 18 months old.”she said giving him a sad smile.

Roman hugged me from back side. The boys were giving me sad smiles too. Sandra's mouth was wide open and George looked like,he was happy and sad at the same time.“I'm sorry Maya”said George with pity. Sandra cleared her throat and gave me a fake smile.“small world, Isn't it?”she said, looking at everybody. “The food is getting cold,let's eat”said Ben, changing the subject,which I'm glad to.

I could still feel the glares from Sophia and Sandra when the boys tried to feed me in between the food. I wanted to ignore it but they were making sure I could feel it. As if Emily could feel it,she said. “Dad,did you know,Maya and I are now Bff, and I'm planning to keep her by my side forever because, Nathen and Maya has also bonded as BSF,before coming here.”I know she was trying to protact me from her mother. All of us laughed at her comment.

George raised his eyebrow amusingly.

“I have no problem, raising another daughter princess,but what is BSF?” he asked confused. Maya bit her tongue and said. “Brother-sister forever.” He started laughing again including all of us. Emily pouted but smiled when Nathan took her hands and kissed it. “Of course babe.I have considered her my sister,the moment,I saw her. And the other thing is......who want to face their wife's wrath by denying their wish.” he said teasing her.

That resulted in,he crying out loud in pain,when Emily pinched him on his arm and just like that the mood of the room was lifted. I'm really glad,to have someone I could call friend. BFF,as she put in. My first and only Bff. I thought I would tell her that. “Emily?”that made everybody look my way. She smiled and turned acknowledging me. “I'm really glad to have a friend and sister like you. If it makes you feel any better,you are my one and only friend too.”

Her face lit up.“And your Bff too, which you could never get rid of.”she said cheerfully.“Sure,we have no doubt in that Em.”said Greyson, chuckling. She glared at him playfully and muttered a 'jealous much.' Roman and Xander shaked their head and we all resumed eating our food. I don't know,what the rest of the night has stored for us but,for now, I'll celebrate finding a new friend and a brother,with my men beside me.

I hope I get through this dinner,without anymore drama.

Thank you guys for being with me so far.🤗Hope to have you all with me,till the end of this book and the others to come in the future.😘

Stay tuned 💕

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